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whitebeard and ace by megatruh whitebeard and ace :iconmegatruh:megatruh 1,639 269 Moby Dick by UlaFish Moby Dick :iconulafish:UlaFish 1,063 53 pirates. by megatruh pirates. :iconmegatruh:megatruh 2,315 435 Sport Fishing-1906 by arvalis Sport Fishing-1906 :iconarvalis:arvalis 1,266 61 Moby Dick by toerning Moby Dick :icontoerning:toerning 1,233 138 Moby Dick Shadowbox by Groovygirlsuzy17 Moby Dick Shadowbox :icongroovygirlsuzy17:Groovygirlsuzy17 2,959 225 Moby Dick by alexiuss Moby Dick :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 1,584 366 Tribute to Herman Melville by DustinPanzino Tribute to Herman Melville :icondustinpanzino:DustinPanzino 1,751 463 Moby Dick by scumbugg Moby Dick :iconscumbugg:scumbugg 1,041 142 Words not spoken by Morloth88 Words not spoken :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 486 215 Moby Dick Book Sculpture by wetcanvas Moby Dick Book Sculpture :iconwetcanvas:wetcanvas 1,246 92 Fairies Love Cookies by VPdessin Fairies Love Cookies :iconvpdessin:VPdessin 296 17 White Whale Holy Grail - Mastodon Tribute v 1.0 by Davestator White Whale Holy Grail - Mastodon Tribute v 1.0 :icondavestator:Davestator 864 36 Abyssal Moby Dick Conceptual Art by axlsalles Abyssal Moby Dick Conceptual Art :iconaxlsalles:axlsalles 263 35 The Whale by Zudartslee The Whale :iconzudartslee:Zudartslee 415 16 Mobydick by Smirtouille Mobydick :iconsmirtouille:Smirtouille 854 44 Deadpool Killustrated #2 by deadlymike Deadpool Killustrated #2 :icondeadlymike:deadlymike 496 36 Back on the Front by nicholaskole Back on the Front :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 486 86 Intrepid by hogret Intrepid :iconhogret:hogret 145 28 Makara -Water plane by TamonteN Makara -Water plane :icontamonten:TamonteN 283 84 Judgement Day (or big fat spacewhale) by ActressandOwl Judgement Day (or big fat spacewhale) :iconactressandowl:ActressandOwl 297 26 Moby-Dick : The Antiquarian Bookstore by SamVerdegaal Moby-Dick : The Antiquarian Bookstore :iconsamverdegaal:SamVerdegaal 139 38 MOBY-DICK ANIMATED by lora-zombie MOBY-DICK ANIMATED :iconlora-zombie:lora-zombie 826 183 diamond sea by Tilabgf diamond sea :icontilabgf:Tilabgf 272 57 Monstrous Sea Creature by Hideyoshi Monstrous Sea Creature :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 385 20 Moby Dick by sebreg Moby Dick :iconsebreg:sebreg 682 47 Best Friends by sebreg Best Friends :iconsebreg:sebreg 920 34 The occurrence II by juliadavis The occurrence II :iconjuliadavis:juliadavis 121 16 Call me Ishmael by Galhad Call me Ishmael :icongalhad:Galhad 100 56 Dicky Moe by matjosh Dicky Moe :iconmatjosh:matjosh 90 18 The occurrence by juliadavis The occurrence :iconjuliadavis:juliadavis 243 39 Moby Dick by MumblingIdiot Moby Dick :iconmumblingidiot:MumblingIdiot 466 93
whale meadow
my tongue is a ship & my
teeth are seashells with
conches for fangs, kiss me
& they'll sing in the rhythm
of ocean tides;
“oh, moby doll,
take me to the whale meadows
before my heart
becomes an anchor.”
:iconleukippos:Leukippos 17 16
Ahab's end by 2HeadedMonster Ahab's end :icon2headedmonster:2HeadedMonster 97 31 Moby Dick by dr-phoenix Moby Dick :icondr-phoenix:dr-phoenix 112 20 Deadpool Killustrated #1 by deadlymike Deadpool Killustrated #1 :icondeadlymike:deadlymike 376 39 Moby Dick by MikeMahle Moby Dick :iconmikemahle:MikeMahle 153 4 Lost at Sea by Emma-Fay Lost at Sea :iconemma-fay:Emma-Fay 190 53 Mobiarty Dick by Azymmuth Mobiarty Dick :iconazymmuth:Azymmuth 336 99 Moby Dick-Third Day by Jimmy-Fuzz Moby Dick-Third Day :iconjimmy-fuzz:Jimmy-Fuzz 110 6
We Who Worship the Morning Star
Monuments burn into moments
And moments, to memories;
Memories fade to fiction
And fiction, to muses.
            (I) Sunlight Through Shutters
They, the nephilim rulers,
            Who perceived thriving landscapes
            While perched atop their assumed thrones,
Through adages of the abyss,
Adumbrated the fate of man,
                         For surely they were the fallen ones;
                         They whom devoured knowledge without hesitation;
:iconcarmalain7:Carmalain7 29 74
Moby Dick by AdamHunterPeck Moby Dick :iconadamhunterpeck:AdamHunterPeck 89 26 Ahab by donnybrasko Ahab :icondonnybrasko:donnybrasko 56 11 TumblrDumplr by NE-R0 TumblrDumplr :iconne-r0:NE-R0 204 46 Moby Dick by mikemaihack Moby Dick :iconmikemaihack:mikemaihack 286 36 Go Moby Go by MWuench Go Moby Go :iconmwuench:MWuench 91 35 Ahab the Waterlogged Zombie by Ilari-Grohn-Art Ahab the Waterlogged Zombie :iconilari-grohn-art:Ilari-Grohn-Art 56 14 The Pirates! Fan Art Sketch by The-Ez The Pirates! Fan Art Sketch :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 195 51 The Hunt by TheUnknownBeing The Hunt :icontheunknownbeing:TheUnknownBeing 131 34