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Visible Millard Nullings (mphfpc) by jhasthedeathnote Visible Millard Nullings (mphfpc) :iconjhasthedeathnote:jhasthedeathnote 123 46 Emma Bloom  by Elisabethianna Emma Bloom :iconelisabethianna:Elisabethianna 92 19 Peculiar Girls! ~ Fiona, Emma and Olive ~ MPHfPC by FeanorFeuergeist Peculiar Girls! ~ Fiona, Emma and Olive ~ MPHfPC :iconfeanorfeuergeist:FeanorFeuergeist 58 24 Miss Peregrine by peculiar--star Miss Peregrine :iconpeculiar--star:peculiar--star 24 1 Peculiar! ~ Enoch and Olive ~ Tim Burtons MPHfPC by FeanorFeuergeist Peculiar! ~ Enoch and Olive ~ Tim Burtons MPHfPC :iconfeanorfeuergeist:FeanorFeuergeist 29 8 inktober #4 - peculiar  by hatoola13 inktober #4 - peculiar :iconhatoola13:hatoola13 22 0 Enoch  by Elisabethianna Enoch :iconelisabethianna:Elisabethianna 50 9 Miss Peregrine by Raindete Miss Peregrine :iconraindete:Raindete 13 2 Dia 8 - Miss Peregrine by Hedgar-Miranda Dia 8 - Miss Peregrine :iconhedgar-miranda:Hedgar-Miranda 13 3 Miss Peregrine's children: groups photo by DragonCarly Miss Peregrine's children: groups photo :icondragoncarly:DragonCarly 14 2 Hugh by acakewithsugar Hugh :iconacakewithsugar:acakewithsugar 5 0 Emma Bloom the movie WIP by SooozaBell Emma Bloom the movie WIP :iconsooozabell:SooozaBell 4 0
Jacob/Emma - Peculiar Love
I raced upstairs to where I knew Emma would be – sifting through some of my stuff again and wanting to know what it was, how it worked, what it did, all of that jazz. Even after two years of first starting this, it still felt so surreal to me. The fact that this amazing young woman, technically older than her outward appearance and able to control fire, needed to be taught such things that I had taken for granted was so odd to me. Yet it only seemed fair, after teaching me how to be peculiar like she was, but in my own way.
I found her sitting on the edge of my bed, a small and seemingly transparent object in her hands. Upon closer inspection, I found it to be my old iPod that, if memory served, was still full of all the songs that my dad had recommended to me.
“What does this do?” Emma held it out for me, and I explained as I took it and re-activated it. Still a full battery too – imagine that.
“It’s called an iPod. You remember
:iconwesker007:wesker007 4 8
ms peregrine by toxoplasma-gondii ms peregrine :icontoxoplasma-gondii:toxoplasma-gondii 3 0 Miss Peregrine by Eschei Miss Peregrine :iconeschei:Eschei 3 0 Miss Peregrine [Movie Fan Art] by Reminisce-Tomorrow Miss Peregrine [Movie Fan Art] :iconreminisce-tomorrow:Reminisce-Tomorrow 3 3 Miss Peregrine by annalenaly Miss Peregrine :iconannalenaly:annalenaly 3 2 Hollowgast by Meritaz Hollowgast :iconmeritaz:Meritaz 3 7
Claire Saves the Day! (A MPPC Fanfic)
We all made it back to the loop safe and sound. There we found Bronwyn and Enoch at the entrance, all of us were safe. But when we entered the loop, we realised something was going on. Arriving at the house, we found the children having some sort of celebration outside, singing and dancing, Claire being lifted up in the air like a champion who won a football game although she herself looked a little sick.
Emma got curious and walked over to Horace. "What's going on?" Emma asked Horace. Horace turned around in surprise "Look! I knew you guys were alive!" He said relieved. But his mood quickly changed. "Where did you run off to? You should be ashamed of yourself for leaving without permission! Especially because of what just happened."
Emma still looked confused, and so were Bronwyn and Enoch.
"And what happened? Are you all alright?" I asked.
"Fortunately, yes, we are." My spine hairs stood up at the sound of that voice. It was Miss Peregrine, and she wasn't going to be happy that we le
:iconmeritaz:Meritaz 2 3
Hugh and Fiona pt.2 by teenagecomplexity Hugh and Fiona pt.2 :iconteenagecomplexity:teenagecomplexity 2 0 doodle of the day : dramatic Enoch by ammaAckerman doodle of the day : dramatic Enoch :iconammaackerman:ammaAckerman 2 0 Finlay Macmillion (Enoch o'connor)  by ammaAckerman Finlay Macmillion (Enoch o'connor) :iconammaackerman:ammaAckerman 2 0 Emma shoes wip by EyilinArt Emma shoes wip :iconeyilinart:EyilinArt 2 0 {MPHFC OC} Clara Fenn by R0SEART {MPHFC OC} Clara Fenn :iconr0seart:R0SEART 0 0 Always on my Mind by FeatherWhite Always on my Mind :iconfeatherwhite:FeatherWhite 5 0
Clara Fenn {MPHFPC OC}
Full Name: Clara Ruth Fenn
Nicknames: Fenn
Gender: Female
Species: Peculiar
Age: 16 inside the loop 17 outside (since she's fairly new)
Personality: Quiet, bookworm, gloomy, anxious
Voice Actor: Anika Noni Rose
Theme Song: Rainy Song / Yuri on ICE
Weapon of Choice: Running
Crush/dating: ? ? ? (I admit, maybe. M a  y b e Millard oops)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair colour: Dark brown, nearly black
Hair style: back in a bun
Skin tone: Fairly dark
Eye colour: Grass green
Body shape: Hourglass
Clothing description: Usually a green parka (with neck floof), jeans and navy converse's. Also dangly black earrings
Likes: Books, her friends, quietness
Dislikes: Wights/Hollows, loud noises and mud.
Background: Clara's Grandmother, Theodosia would always tell her stories of Miss Peregrine and the children, eventually she stopped believing them. Her mother died when she was 13 and her father past away at the age of 15, for a short while she lived with her Grandmother who became ill and past away when
:iconr0seart:R0SEART 0 0