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Attack on Shimeji - Snk Shimeji Pack DL  Update1.2 by ArminMin Attack on Shimeji - Snk Shimeji Pack DL Update1.2 :iconarminmin:ArminMin 1,067 561
Levi x Titan! Reader Chapter 9
''Right, listen hear you damn brat''
You looked down to the small human and pointed to yourself as if to say ''Me?'' and gave him your best glare as you were still annoyed that your attempt at sleeping was interrupted.  ''Yes you who the fuck did you think I was talking to?'' Levi stated, not fazed by your scary expression. You quietly growled at him, but he continued speaking. 
''There a city through that gate, and you best make sure you don't cause a panic, or I'll slice your ass, so I want you to be as quiet as you can damned be'' He finished, crossing his arms. You just nodded and mimicked him, crossing your arms as well.
''Carry on mocking me and you'll regret it'' 
Levi turned around, trotting back to his comrades and you stuck your tongue out at his back, which caused Armin to give you a shocked look, but you didn't care.
''Alright then are you ready?'' The blue eyed leader spoke, his commanding, yet calming tone reaching th
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RQ: Jealous!LeviXShy!Reader
Fear wasn’t present when she fought the titans. (y/n) would go into battle with no fear in her eyes as she expertly sliced at the back of their necks, ending their unneeded existence. She looked almost like an angel of death when in battle. Her (long/short) (h/c) hair flew behind her like beautiful ribbons, her (e/c) eyes focused and shining, her petite figure easily maneuvered and flew through the air, rivaling even Sasha’s talent on the 3D maneuver gear. She was so gifted, she was titled humanity’s second hope. But that wasn’t the only thing that was special about her. When not in the battlefield, (y/n) was the shyest person around, always looking down at the ground, not being able to bear looking into anyone’s eyes. Although, almost all the guys found this cute and would try to go after her. There was one certain man who had an interest in her, but had too much pride to show it.
It was none other the humanity’s greatest hope: Levi Ackerman.
He wou
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Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan by JxbP Mikasa Ackerman - Attack On Titan :iconjxbp:JxbP 11,091 456 The Ackermans by RyokoSanBrasil The Ackermans :iconryokosanbrasil:RyokoSanBrasil 179 9 Attack on Titan Emblem Tutorial - Survey Corps. by neptunyan Attack on Titan Emblem Tutorial - Survey Corps. :iconneptunyan:neptunyan 635 41
Levi x Reader [Cadet Prom] (part 2)
    AN: This is a sequel, so it might not make much sense unless you've read the first part. ^^'' (If you'd like to read it, the link is in the description)
    "Whaaaaaaaaat?" practically yelled Sasha, causing you to cringe and look behind you at the group of male cadets all gathered on Marco's bunk on the other side of the room.
    "Don't be so loud, Sasha!" You hissed. She, Mikasa, Christa, Ymir and you were huddled together on your top bunk. Annie lay on her bunk below yours, apparently sleeping.
    "But you're going to the prom with corporal Levi! This is big, (f/n)!" Before you could open your mouth, Sasha twisted and yelled across the dormintory,
    "Hey guys! I hope none of you are thinking of asking (f/n) here to the prom with you, 'cos she's already got a date with a certain corporal!"
    As you leaned forward to cover Sasha's mouth before she could say anything else you sn
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Attack on Titan by LadyGT Attack on Titan :iconladygt:LadyGT 5,264 198 Had a Little too Much by annria2002 Had a Little too Much :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,455 134 Shingeki no Kyojin: The Merciless World by Cioccolatodorima Shingeki no Kyojin: The Merciless World :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,035 211 Mikasa Ackerman v1 Wallpaper by JamesxpGFX Mikasa Ackerman v1 Wallpaper :iconjamesxpgfx:JamesxpGFX 717 84 SnK: You can cry and still be a man by Zencelot SnK: You can cry and still be a man :iconzencelot:Zencelot 775 90 Shingeki no Pokemon (Attack on Pokemon) by MetaDragonArt Shingeki no Pokemon (Attack on Pokemon) :iconmetadragonart:MetaDragonArt 637 140 Anime Folder Icon [ Shingeki no Kyojin Pack ] by Aven-23 Anime Folder Icon [ Shingeki no Kyojin Pack ] :iconaven-23:Aven-23 106 31
French Lessons! (Modern! Levi x Reader)
You were perched on the ground sitting in between Levi’s legs with yours in a criss-cross. Today marked the first day of French lessons with the ‘professor’! You struggled to look past the ice pop to look at the text, but honestly, that’s not even logical in thought itself.
“Comment t'appelles-tu?? (What is your name)?” Levi asked, twirling your hair in between his fingers as he laid his head on your shoulder.
“Je m’appelle, _______ (My name is ________).” You replied, muffled by the sound of your ice pop. He hummed in your ear softly.
“Tres bien. Ca va ma chèrie? (Good. Are you well my love?)” He spoke, voice getting gentler. He took a whiff of your strawberry scented hair and closed his eyes to take in the sweet scent of you.
“Ca va bien aujourd’hui, et toi? (I’m doing well today, and yourself?)” You responded, brows creased in concentration, not even minding or taking note the change in
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Attack on Titan - Levi by Welterz Attack on Titan - Levi :iconwelterz:Welterz 978 27 Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan by minibuddy Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 1,477 139 Mikasa Ackerman by JxbP Mikasa Ackerman :iconjxbp:JxbP 6,558 400
Eren x Reader ~ Part 1 ~ Erwin's Neice
    The loud roar of the commander still rang in your ears and gave you a sense of duty and confidence for your first mission beyond the walls. An hour had passed since then, and all had gone according to plan. Flares shot up on all sides around your group, signaling for your uncle to lead you all in a different direction.
    On the horizon you saw an array of dark green trees forming the line of a forest. Anxiety filled your heart as you remembered the plan.
    "Uncle Erwin!?" You shouted up to the commander from your horse behind him. The whistling wind made your soft voice just barely audible. "Commander!?" You tried again. He heard you, making a loud grunt of acknowledgment.
    "Isn't that it, uncle? The forest!?" You yelled. His eyes widened, and he rose one hand in the air, signaling Levi and the others behind you.
    "HEY! SLOW EVERYONE, SLOW!" Erwin growled over the wind, and everyone's hor
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Falling by eruemcee Falling :iconeruemcee:eruemcee 2,266 198 Heichou Levi DRESS UP by 0neehime Heichou Levi DRESS UP :icon0neehime:0neehime 415 247 Attack on Titan by cookiekhaleesi Attack on Titan :iconcookiekhaleesi:cookiekhaleesi 2,185 137