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GEORGIA catches JEANNE by jackcrowder GEORGIA catches JEANNE :iconjackcrowder:jackcrowder 20 5 A Vow To Remain The Same by GutsIsBerserk-FB A Vow To Remain The Same :icongutsisberserk-fb:GutsIsBerserk-FB 3 0 Middle School Years by t0tty Middle School Years :icont0tty:t0tty 2 0 Petrus en Paulus - Joan Miro by muzeonline Petrus en Paulus - Joan Miro :iconmuzeonline:muzeonline 1 0 Petrus en Paulus - Pop Art by muzeonline Petrus en Paulus - Pop Art :iconmuzeonline:muzeonline 0 0 Petrus en Paulus - Van Gogh by muzeonline Petrus en Paulus - Van Gogh :iconmuzeonline:muzeonline 0 0 The End Of 8th Grade Speech by DrEggnik The End Of 8th Grade Speech :icondreggnik:DrEggnik 0 0 LaVista School District [LSD] - Ch 1 Pg 6 by LaVistSchoolDistrict LaVista School District [LSD] - Ch 1 Pg 6 :iconlavistschooldistrict:LaVistSchoolDistrict 2 2 Robin And Skite Part 1 by am0urii Robin And Skite Part 1 :iconam0urii:am0urii 4 0
Schooling on the Surface Chapter 2
Asriel was quickly ushered through the main doors by a human teacher, who pointed him towards a small huddle of monsters. He sighed.
"Some things never change," he said under his breath. He watched each of the human children, who were ushered into a much bigger group than that of the monsters. He looked carefully for Frisk's nonchalant gaze. Yet as he was doing so, a Human man who seemed very full of himself walked up in front of the two differently sized groups. He grabbed a small step ladder in lieu of a stage, just to make himself a small distance higher than the students. He wore black robes,and Asriel could see a small tie amidst its folds. All that was missing was one of those caps with a flat top. He wore a pair of glasses with no frames very far down his nose, and his hair was jet black, tucked neatly behind his ears, despite its considerable length. His jaw was so square it seemed chiseled, and it was decorated by a trimmed stubble. He looked out amongst the colorful sea of ch
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Lilly:jr high love story
  Lily woke up to the sound of her little sister,Allie trying to brush her hair.Lily turned over to see the time on the clock next to her bed.7:20 am "well,i better get up".she walks over to her sister,steps infront of her,Allie wouldnt move,Lily stared at her.Allie ran as fast as she could.Lily pulled out her hair straightener and began doing her bangs so it could look emo-ish."7:40!!!" her Mom yelled.''YES MOM I GET IT!!!" Lilly yelled.she walked to her room,picked up her backpack.''damn,8:10 i got to go!"Lilly ran through the house and all the way to her buss stop.''hey lily...are you ok?''andy asked.''ya,why wouldnt i be?'' answerd Lily.5 min later the bus came.Lily walked to her fav seat,# 5.Andy sat next to her.''man,i cant wait to see Sai" said Andy
''i dont know''
''your so domb''
Lily looked out of the window,they were almost at school.Sudenly Andy held her hand.
"w-w-what are you doing?" she asked.
''love you too''
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One More Year
"You can make it," are the words I hear
One day till school registration,nervousness knocks
The tears trace down,the day is near
Seeing my soon-to-be classmates,I duck for cover
The taunts will come back the first day,I know
Days move on,soon I'll discover
First day,this final year better not go slow
The doors open-gulp
Eyes starring at the floor,other eyes look at me
Laughter emerges...
   "I can't write this any more,Mrs.Fellmore," I stated,trying to grasp the tears that were beginning to flow from my precious blue eyes. "Nonsense,my child.All I want you to do is write how you felt once school was approaching and how you felt when you walked straight through those douple doors this morning,confident that you were going to get an A in English this year," my new English teacher laid her palm on my shoulder.Examining my poem she told me to try using a different writing technique.
    Immediately,once she left my desk,I heaved a much needed sigh.I cau
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Lavista School District [LSD] - Ch 1 Pg 1 by LaVistSchoolDistrict Lavista School District [LSD] - Ch 1 Pg 1 :iconlavistschooldistrict:LaVistSchoolDistrict 3 0
fractured finger
Fractured Finger
I got to my best bud's birthday party,
I was so super psyched about the party.
That I slammed my finger in the car door,
The door was a bear trap clamping down on my finger.
My mom murmured to me not to cry,
We went inside to get some ice to soothe the pain.
We hurried to the hospital in hope,
That my finger was not broke.
After the x-rays it seemed the doctor kept us in suspense,
Finally the doctor told me my finger was fractured.
The nurse gave me a cast,
The cast was a jail for my fractured finger.
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Middle School: The comic by DaftPanda Middle School: The comic :icondaftpanda:DaftPanda 2 2 Skite was and still is a weirdo by Skitebyte Skite was and still is a weirdo :iconskitebyte:Skitebyte 1 0