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Our Lady of the Trees by Salix-Tree Our Lady of the Trees :iconsalix-tree:Salix-Tree 256 16 OP- Cuddle Me Too by Mcgooen OP- Cuddle Me Too :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 571 130 Designers love Typography by tom2strobl Designers love Typography :icontom2strobl:tom2strobl 49 13 ME2 - Too Easy by yohunny ME2 - Too Easy :iconyohunny:yohunny 1,512 520
I Love You Because
Sometimes I miss you.
Sometimes I really miss you.
Other times I am craving for you,
And occasionally my heart squeezes longingly so.
Should I dream of you,
I would want you to dream of me too,
To be connected in a way beyond your lovely hands touching my side,
And just maybe, that divine little weight upon my skin.
I used to look for just a girl with a pretty smile,
A beautiful mind and lips that speak sweet things...
And I am still looking for this girl every morning,
Every time I open my eyes in bed, and reaching out to touch, you.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 156 136
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