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ME2 - Too Easy by yohunny ME2 - Too Easy :iconyohunny:yohunny 1,512 520 The Aquatic Dinosaur by AlbinoOctopus The Aquatic Dinosaur :iconalbinooctopus:AlbinoOctopus 304 51 Our Lady of the Trees by Salix-Tree Our Lady of the Trees :iconsalix-tree:Salix-Tree 299 17 Designers love Typography by tom2strobl Designers love Typography :icontom2strobl:tom2strobl 49 13
I Love You Because
Sometimes I miss you.
Sometimes I really miss you.
Other times I am craving for you,
And occasionally my heart squeezes longingly so.
Should I dream of you,
I would want you to dream of me too,
To be connected in a way beyond your lovely hands touching my side,
And just maybe, that divine little weight upon my skin.
I used to look for just a girl with a pretty smile,
A beautiful mind and lips that speak sweet things...
And I am still looking for this girl every morning,
Every time I open my eyes in bed, and reaching out to touch, you.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 157 136
:choose me choose me: by sensei-pao :choose me choose me: :iconsensei-pao:sensei-pao 109 38 Scott With Wrestling Promoter 2 by 09tuf by korak225 Scott With Wrestling Promoter 2 by 09tuf :iconkorak225:korak225 71 18 Inktober - Day 19 by Mari945 Inktober - Day 19 :iconmari945:Mari945 221 4 I really need to get this off my chest by FluffyKyubey42 I really need to get this off my chest :iconfluffykyubey42:FluffyKyubey42 91 30 :choose me: by sensei-pao :choose me: :iconsensei-pao:sensei-pao 57 13
Your tongue hits your teeth like a drum
in time with your heart,
in time with mine.
Your words trip fast like fists
beating out of your skull
our hurt as plain as headstones
that we stake deep between the ribs of our earth.
We are tiny satellites
spinning, hidden in this sky.
Broadcasting pain in the vast dark
unfolding our truth in a battlecry that
rips us red and open.
Supernova stars exploding blood
eons and light years apart that will echo and echo.
We will be picked up and felt
for generations down.
I hold space for you and you for me.
We see each other and say
we are enough and we always will be.
I hear you and I love you
the shame and pain you carry was never yours.
Let it be swallowed down through black holes
back to those it belongs to.
We are quasars and vortex -
our power is immense, beautiful, bright
in this moment we are whole and powerful.
We fall and others have fallen before us
their pieces orbit the skies and guide our healing.
Eyes raised to the heavens see sparks of
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 29 6
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