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Epona anthro by d0m0a Epona anthro :icond0m0a:d0m0a 13 6
Zelda OC: Epona (OC type)
Name: Epona
Nickname: Hero of Time's horse.
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Race: Horse (or anthro horse/Mazura)
Height: 7'5''
Weight: Better not ask that to a female, even when not being human.
Build: Muscular
Breast size: G-cup
Hair Color: White 
Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color: Red
Family: ??? 
Friends: Malon, Link 'The Legendary Hero'
Rivals: ???
Enemies: The people who turned her into an anthro horse/Mazura
Weapon: Hammer
Weapon Classes: Heavy Hammer(Thunder), Battle Hammer(Thunder), Golden Hammer(Thunder), Volcanic Storm (Thunder-Fire)
Power(s): Great strength and stamina.
Story 'Hyrule Warriors': Epona, nicknamed as 'Epona of Time', was, for who knows the story, the horse of the Hero of Time that fought against evil. It was supposed to happen as always, seven years after of their first meeting and when the hero grew. But, somehow the events
:icond0m0a:d0m0a 5 0
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