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Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (2017) v3 by DrDarkDoom Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (2017) v3 :icondrdarkdoom:DrDarkDoom 9 0
Realization (Peter Parker x Reader)
Although everything was a complete blur, you could somehow assume, from the report on the news, that the Avengers had some sort of falling out. The government refused to let anything else out, in case of the public turning into some sort of frenzy, but it still intrigued you.
United they stood.
Divided they fell.
You sighed before closing the TV and heading towards the school bus, but not before shouting, “Mom, I’m leaving!”
Your trip to the bus was in silence and on the way to school, you chose not to talk to your friend (f/n), but instead keep your thoughts to yourself.
When you got to school, you had a lot of things to talk about with him.
You had a lot of things to talk about with Peter Parker.
Strangely, he had been gone from school for a couple of days, which, according to his Aunt, was for some funding thing or something from a famous big guy. However, last night, he had just texted you and said how he would be going to school again the next day.
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(Peter Parker X Reader) Bed

Warning: Possible Spiderman Homecoming spoilers?? Also some fluff… if you don’t like fluff read my other fic… I’ll link it below(a/n: shameless self promotion.. sorry) Also may implicate some sexual themes but is still SFW. Also it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a really good/suitable image of Tom Holland as Peter Parker. I don't own Spider-man or the image. 
“(y/n)! Come in, here I’ll take the mail. How are you? How is school? Your mom? Is Peter treating you well?”
You laughed and gave May a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she gave you one.
“I’m doing great. School could be better, and my mom is feeling a lot better too. And yes Peter is treating me well.”
“He better. You two are so adorable!”
You blushed as she made her way into the kitchen, cutting up a slice of her walnut date loaf for herself.
“You want a slice (Y/n)?”
She gestur
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(Peter Parker x Reader) Friend Zone

A/N: still here? Let me know your thoughts on the movie, and if you haven’t seen it…. GO WATCH IT. Also I’m not sure if everything I say about these characters is 100% true, especially Liz Allan. Some of this will obviously be different from the movie. Please let me know what you think down in the comments below! 
Italics- (y/n)’s thoughts
The friend zone. Probably the worst place in the world to be no matter how old you are, where you are, or who you are. Once you're in, there is no getting out. And I know for sure, I, (y/f/n), am never getting out.
Sucks right? It isn’t so bad. It’s not like Liz actually feels anything for Peter… at lea
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Jessica Jones by SunsetRising-Art Jessica Jones :iconsunsetrising-art:SunsetRising-Art 9 0
Hands (Bucky x Reader)
You stormed into the Avengers Tower, tears streaming down your face. Thankfully, you didn't run into any of the Avengers, avoiding having to explain this. You felt angry, betrayed, but most of all, heartbroken.
You ran to your room and slammed the door behind you, before collapsing onto your bed and curling into a ball.
Thinking about what had happened just twenty minutes ago broke you inside. Short sobs escaped your mouth as you lay there. Looking up for a brief moment, you caught your own reflection in the mirror across the room. It almost didn't look like you, eyes red, tear stained cheeks and a puffy face. You couldn't bear to see yourself like this.
The spiral of pain had begun when you walked in your boyfriend's apartment to find him with another woman. The sight had hit you like a bullet, and now your heart had began to bleed every emotion inside of you.
Grabbing the bedside clock, you hurled it at the mirror, resulting in a large shatter. Shards littered the ground as they left
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Spiderman Homecoming! by WANDAKUN Spiderman Homecoming! :iconwandakun:WANDAKUN 120 10 GwenPool Fan Art by Legacy666legacy GwenPool Fan Art :iconlegacy666legacy:Legacy666legacy 135 5 Thor Ragnarok Thor Final by HB-Transparent Thor Ragnarok Thor Final :iconhb-transparent:HB-Transparent 29 0
Steam (Bucky X Reader)
a.n: steamy steamy steamy steamy i can't believe im writing something steamy-ish oops
The steam from the warm water began to fill the air of the glistening bathroom as you sighed and pulled your hair out of its tie. Letting your hair fall, you smiled blissfully as you glanced at yourself in the mirror. The mission with Steve and the 'New Avengers' had tired you out immensely and you needed to relax and have time to yourself. And since you were a little dirtied up from the mission, but luckily no-one was injured too badly, you figured a warm shower would help relieve the stress in your body after using up all your energy in the mission.
But since you were in the tower, and everyone was here, you were hoping that no-one happened to stumble across this bathroom.
Removing your clothes and stepping into the shower, you pulled the curtain open to cover yourself and began cleaning any dirt out of your skin and hair, and applied shampoo and
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Iron Spider by reytz05 Iron Spider :iconreytz05:reytz05 134 8 Tom Holland by meidybob Tom Holland :iconmeidybob:meidybob 16 0 Spider-Man (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWaynee Spider-Man (Marvel Earth-61619) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 201 53 Spideypool by DSirPenguin Spideypool :icondsirpenguin:DSirPenguin 148 6 ghost rider robbie reyes by Legacy666legacy ghost rider robbie reyes :iconlegacy666legacy:Legacy666legacy 91 4 Spider Man : Homecoming and Iron Man 2 by Mushstone Spider Man : Homecoming and Iron Man 2 :iconmushstone:Mushstone 307 29 Captain America by MS225 Captain America :iconms225:MS225 8 1
Villainous Encounters (Carnage x Reader x Venom)
 Carnage/Venom (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself

 "(Y/N)!" J. Jonah Jameson shouted as he banged his fist down on the table, nearly breaking it. "Where is that typed interview you had with Spider-Man?! I told you I wanted it here on my desk the minute you walked in!"
 "I have it right here!" you said, calmly as you can as you walked into Mr. Jameson's office.
 Jameson snatched the paper out of your hands and skimmed through the writing. "Good," he said. "Wait a minute! I told you to ask him the hard questions. One of them is missing. I told you to ask him why he's being such a menace to the city?"
 "It's the same answer as always, Mr. Jameson," you said, shrugging. "He says he's not a menace. He's just fighting crime and doing his job in protecting the people. It's the same answer like he told me in our first interview."
 "Well, next time, pull his strings!" Jameson barked, slamming the paper down. "We need to expose this guy if he thinks he's still
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Heart's on Fire // Bucky x Steve x Reader / 4

“I think love is stronger than habits or circumstances. I think it is possible to keep yourself for someone for a long time and still remember why you were waiting when she comes at last.” ~ Peter S. Beagle

“Hello, Bucky,” you said, careful to keep your distance until he at least acknowledged you. He was tense, you could see it from here, the way his tight muscles strained beneath his shirt and how he gripped the counter with white knuckles but he was clean, you noticed. His shirt and jacket were new, probably purchased within the last few days given how clean they were and he'd been wearing a hat, you could tell from his hair. At least he looked like he'd been taking care of himself. “Bucky, it’s me. It's [Name].  I’ve come for you.”
“To take me back,” his voice sounded so strained, low like a whisper, but he also sounded so tired. So exhausted. It broke your heart. You wanted to see his face, you desperately wa
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AVENGERS INFINITY WAR 2018 FAN ART by tycustoms AVENGERS INFINITY WAR 2018 FAN ART :icontycustoms:tycustoms 18 0 Yondu, Kraglin and Peter by CaptBexx Yondu, Kraglin and Peter :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 262 8 The Defenders by JackNapierlauching The Defenders :iconjacknapierlauching:JackNapierlauching 28 3 Symbiote Scarlet-MJ by JeyraBlue Symbiote Scarlet-MJ :iconjeyrablue:JeyraBlue 181 27 Silk - Marvel by Marysaura Silk - Marvel :iconmarysaura:Marysaura 15 1 Avengers Assemble by SpiderGuile Avengers Assemble :iconspiderguile:SpiderGuile 135 24 Thanos (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWaynee Thanos (Marvel Earth-61619) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 142 38
Possession (Dark!Doctor Strange x Reader)
 Doctor Strange (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself
 Does not contain spoilers for the movie. Warning of characters though and other related material. NOTE: Please read at your own caution as this story contains mild violence but is still subject to sensitive materials. WARNINGS HAVE BEEN GIVEN OUT!

 All adaptions of the characters are free to use!
 You ran as far as you could, hearing Wong's cries of help that alerted you to just dare turn around and save him. But you couldn't. If you dared did, there was no telling that you would be pulled into the horrors that you would see happen to Wong repeat to you.
 "(Y/n)! We have to go!" Your friend tugged onto the sleeves of your cloak and pulled you away, dashing down through the endless corridors of the Sanctum. "I'm sorry to say but Wong's gone now. No doubt he tore him apart."
 "Yeah," you agreed, sadly flowing a tear down your eye.
 Your friend sniffed too. "I know," she mumb
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Night Chase (Doctor Strange x Witch!Reader)
 Doctor Strange (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself

 "Easy there, kitty," the security guard cooed as he backed away from the vicious black panther. The panther roared and steadied herself, ready to pounce onto the guard. The guard was frustrated. He didn't know whether to dart out of there or put up a fight with the cat. Judging by how huge she was, she could easily maul him apart.
 The cat growled and raised her claws, prepared to rip him apart. In horror, the guard yelled and scrammed out of the jewelry store, screaming out for help. Ain't no way was he going to be food for the panther! How the heck did the panther get in the store anyway?
 As he dashed off though, he wasn't aware of the panther's transformation as a young woman appeared in (f/c) cloak and (l/c/h) and (c/e). The woman snickered as she grabbed onto the diamond standing in front of her, carefully placing it in her bag. She then proceeded to collect the other shiny beauties she saw, adding to h
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Thor Ragnarok Thor by HB-Transparent Thor Ragnarok Thor :iconhb-transparent:HB-Transparent 13 0 Prelude Spider-Man Homecoming by LaxXter Prelude Spider-Man Homecoming :iconlaxxter:LaxXter 22 6 Spider-Man / Spider-Gwen | Minimalist by Sephiroth508 Spider-Man / Spider-Gwen | Minimalist :iconsephiroth508:Sephiroth508 34 0 sailor moon knight by m7781 sailor moon knight :iconm7781:m7781 232 33
Loki x Baby Reader: Silver Bells

:bulletblue: Loki x Baby Reader: Silver Bells :bulletblue:
It was Christmas Eve and the temperature had dropped well below zero, as the sun began to set in the pale periwinkle sky. Along the quiet streets and lanes, large icicles hung from every tree and homestead; with countless snow banks happily covering the ground in fluffy white sheets. To most, this would have been reason enough to stay indoors with a piping cup of cocoa and sit beside a blazing fire. But to the God of Mischief it was the perfect inspiration to go out.
For the longest time, the Trickster had watched the cream-shaded horizon from his window, gauging the time and distance he needed to travel, before his mind was made up. With warmed blue-green eyes, he looked down at the small figure sleeping in his arms. (F/n), his precious daughter who had just turned one, was a beautiful little girl. And as she gently breathed in a state of slumber, the child was even more enthralling to her father. With ea
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Bad Dreams (Doctor Strange x Pregnant!Reader)
 Doctor Strange (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself

 Though a combination of the movie and comics, all adaptations of the characters are free to use!
 You were lost, alone in darkness as you fought your way around to see where in the world you were. "Hello?" you called out as you trenched through the murkiness. You glanced around frantically, horrified by the lack of illumination to guide your way through. There was no light anywhere. You barely couldn't even see anything popping up, no matter how far you walked.
 "Please, wake up," you muttered to yourself as you began to run. You hated being in the dark as you couldn't find your way around anywhere. Plus, you couldn't cast a spell.
 It was the same dream as it was before. You were trapped in the world of pitch blackness, swarming your way around and finding nothing to see what was going on. Add to the fact that no matter how much energy you constructed between your hands for so
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 48 8
Strangelove (Stephen Strange x Shy!Nurse!Reader)
 Stephen Strange (c) Marvel
 You (c) yourself
 Does not contain any major spoilers for the movie but beware as there are still some certain aspects upon if you see the movie, you will understand some stuff. So in a way though, SPOILERS BEWARE!
 Never seen a Stephen Strange x Reader aside from him being becoming Doctor Strange but as in before how he became to be practiced in the mystic arts. So let's give him some love. :D (All adaptions are free to use too!)

 You smiled as you happily unhooked the IV stem inside your patient's arm. The patient, a little girl by the name of Ilyna, winced at this but her eyes curiously widen at the sight of the hole in her arm. You then cleaned the wound and wrapped it up with a cotton ball with tape. "All right, you'll all set to go," you grinned. "You'll be heading home now."
 "Thank you, Ms. (y/n)!" Ilyna bubbled. "You're an awesome nurse."
 You blushed. "And you were d
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 146 9
My Baby (Dad!Bucky x Daughter!Reader)
"You can't go to the dance," your father sighs.
"But daaaaaad!" you whine. Sitting next to him on the couch, you attempt to coax him, "Peter asked me, and I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important. Please?" You hit him with the sweetest pair of puppy-dog eyes you can muster.
He doesn't see them as he flips through a book. "No."
You groan in frustration.
"I've met that kid," he explains. "He hangs around Tony Stark all the time. The kid's practically his son! He's bound to be trouble."
Shocked, you reply, "He's not trouble! Peter Parker is the cutest, nerdiest little sweetheart to ever set foot in my high school."
"You still can't go."
Before you can whine or reply, the front door opens. Steve walks in with Sam.
"Steve! Sam!" you call as you race to hug them. You whisper, "Help me out. I wanna go to the dance with Peter next week, but the Winter Soldier over here won't let me."
"Just because I'm old doesn't mean I'm deaf," your father announces as he walks up to embrace his friends. "So
:iconmelmalone:MelMalone 38 7
SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING! by NakedMazaFaker SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING! :iconnakedmazafaker:NakedMazaFaker 133 4 Bucky Barnes Sketch by awanqi Bucky Barnes Sketch :iconawanqi:awanqi 113 21 Spider Man: Homecoming / Shawarma by Mushstone Spider Man: Homecoming / Shawarma :iconmushstone:Mushstone 161 13 Fanart: Cecil from Gwenpool by adelhi Fanart: Cecil from Gwenpool :iconadelhi:adelhi 10 0 Baby Groot by p1xer Baby Groot :iconp1xer:p1xer 184 8 Daredevil (netflix) character design by bigoso91 Daredevil (netflix) character design :iconbigoso91:bigoso91 99 1 Spider Man: Homecoming / Hello Kitty by Mushstone Spider Man: Homecoming / Hello Kitty :iconmushstone:Mushstone 138 8 Silk - Cindy Moon Cosplay by Kath Dragons by kathdragons Silk - Cindy Moon Cosplay by Kath Dragons :iconkathdragons:kathdragons 14 0 Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (2017) v4 by DrDarkDoom Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (2017) v4 :icondrdarkdoom:DrDarkDoom 14 3 Spiderman by WeijiC Spiderman :iconweijic:WeijiC 184 26 Spider-man by GODDAMN-ONI Spider-man :icongoddamn-oni:GODDAMN-ONI 129 8 The Hulk (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWaynee The Hulk (Marvel Earth-61619) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 173 40 Carnage by DVSmallville Carnage :icondvsmallville:DVSmallville 108 4