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Delicate (Bucky x Pregnant! Reader)
Delicate (Bucky x Pregnant! Reader) for AstroCanine
The clock ticked away as you were lounging on the couch, walking your fingers along your swollen abdomen. Late in your third trimester, you couldn’t wait to see your baby, to hold him, cuddle him, and call him your own. A sudden thud against your fingers caused a smile to grow on your face. You called out to your husband, Bucky, who was currently drying his hands from washing the dishes.
“Bucky, honey?”
“Yes, (y/n)?” He walked out of the kitchen and sat beside you on the loveseat.
“The baby’s kicking,” you whispered, cradling your bowed middle.
“Oh,” he said sheepishly, avoiding your gaze as he shuffled away from his spot. You were confused by your husband’s strange behavior, feeling a bit hurt by his neglect. He'd been acting this way ever since you first announced that you were pregnant; avoiding contact with either you or the baby and even going as far as sleeping in
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(Peter Parker X Reader) Bed

Warning: Possible Spiderman Homecoming spoilers?? Also some fluff… if you don’t like fluff read my other fic… I’ll link it below(a/n: shameless self promotion.. sorry) Also may implicate some sexual themes but is still SFW. Also it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a really good/suitable image of Tom Holland as Peter Parker. I don't own Spider-man or the image. 
“(y/n)! Come in, here I’ll take the mail. How are you? How is school? Your mom? Is Peter treating you well?”
You laughed and gave May a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she gave you one.
“I’m doing great. School could be better, and my mom is feeling a lot better too. And yes Peter is treating me well.”
“He better. You two are so adorable!”
You blushed as she made her way into the kitchen, cutting up a slice of her walnut date loaf for herself.
“You want a slice (Y/n)?”
She gestur
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That's cheating, Thor by ShamsArts That's cheating, Thor :iconshamsarts:ShamsArts 2,437 284
Like Father, Like Daughter~ Tony x Child!Reader
She sat quietly on her bedroom floor, quietly building what in her eyes was a masterpiece. Brick by brick, the young girl licked her lips. She was determined to finish her work.
"(First name), Honey. Are you-- SON OF A-!" Tony cut himself off, jumping in the air and crying out in pain. The billionaire was trying his hardest not to curse up a storm around his baby girl, but it was kind of tough when he had one of those god awful Lego's crammed into the sensitive flesh of his foot. 
"Daddy?" The little girl asked, looking up at her father with fear in her little (eye color) orbs. "A-Are you okay?" 
Tony bit his lip and took a seat on her bed, brushing the Lego away from his foot and rubbing the sore spot. "I'm... I'm fine. Don't worry baby girl." 
She crawled her way towards her father, her creation in her small hands.
Tony smiled, "Whatcha got there, Kiddo?" 
As she held up the Lego blob, a small smile played at Tony's lips. 
"Did you build this for Daddy?"
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Loki x Sick! Reader |Sneak|
When told by Tony the two of you would be alone in the Tower, Loki could’ve cared more or less. However, when Tony added that you were sick and he had to look after you, his grump levels skyrocketed.
‘The woman’s more than capable of taking care of herself. She killed off an entire battalion of invaders with a “cold”, whatever that is.’ Loki thought, grumbling to himself as he reached your floor. “(Name), you better be dying in there! Lest you be faking it and then you’re really in for it.”
Though he didn’t expect seeing your body completely crumpled under the bed sheets, the blankets curled around your shivering form in the darkness. He stared at you for a second, brow furrowing.
“...Alright, perhaps you shouldn’t be dying.” He said lowly, walking into the room with a frown. “What in Hel’s name happened to you?”
“Flu season happened.” You sniffed, voice hoarse and
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A Cure For Insomnia (Pietro MaximoffxReader)
(y/n) always wondered why her floor had to be the farthest away from the main common area, or the “I actually want to be social” floor, as Clint called it.
It made midnight snacking a real risk, especially when you were prone to falling asleep standing up.
The door slid open at the top floor. She didn’t bother with any lights and walked straight into the kitchen. She had been making this trip almost every night for the past month.
The fridge door clicked open illuminating the room for a moment as she removed the carton of milk.
She opened the carton and placed it to her lips, tilting her head back and closing her eyes as the cool liquid hit her tongue.
“Aha!” The light’s flashed on, startling her into a coughing fit when she choked on the milk almost dropping the carton in the process.
“So you’re the one who drinks straight out of the carton.”
(y/n) blinked away tears as she tried to stop coughing. Standing in front of her was the s
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Spideypool by DSirPenguin Spideypool :icondsirpenguin:DSirPenguin 241 8 Torsor Avengers by JPRart Torsor Avengers :iconjprart:JPRart 875 25 It's SPIDEYPOOL! by BitchPantsMcCrabby It's SPIDEYPOOL! :iconbitchpantsmccrabby:BitchPantsMcCrabby 1,311 109 Doctor Who/Avengers mashup by flatbear Doctor Who/Avengers mashup :iconflatbear:flatbear 215 18
Loki x Reader: Sleeping Beauty
:bulletgreen: Loki x Reader: Sleeping Beauty :bulletgreen: 
Your breathing was heavy as you crouched behind a giant pillar in the underground facility. You'd just fought upwards of fifteen guards (all of which had guns) and had taken a beating by the last chump. 
Since when do they have the hired help learn special techniques, you wondered in annoyance as you placed a somewhat shaky hand to your rib cage. During the excitement, you'd definitely cracked something- but you pushed past the beginnings of pain and continued to move forward. You had an objective, and you wouldn't be leaving this hole in the ground until you had succeeded.
Peeking around the column where you were currently hiding, you found that the coast was clear. And stalking forward on the balls of your feet, you moved towards the door at the far end of the chamber.
As you crept across the expanse, you made sure to be as silent as possible- though as the sounds from outside
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