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Delicate (Bucky x Pregnant! Reader)
Delicate (Bucky x Pregnant! Reader) for AstroCanine
The clock ticked away as you were lounging on the couch, walking your fingers along your swollen abdomen. Late in your third trimester, you couldn’t wait to see your baby, to hold him, cuddle him, and call him your own. A sudden thud against your fingers caused a smile to grow on your face. You called out to your husband, Bucky, who was currently drying his hands from washing the dishes.
“Bucky, honey?”
“Yes, (y/n)?” He walked out of the kitchen and sat beside you on the loveseat.
“The baby’s kicking,” you whispered, cradling your bowed middle.
“Oh,” he said sheepishly, avoiding your gaze as he shuffled away from his spot. You were confused by your husband’s strange behavior, feeling a bit hurt by his neglect. He'd been acting this way ever since you first announced that you were pregnant; avoiding contact with either you or the baby and even going as far as sleeping in
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Loki and Sigyn - Punishment by Aicosu Loki and Sigyn - Punishment :iconaicosu:Aicosu 1,339 74
Like Father, Like Daughter~ Tony x Child!Reader
She sat quietly on her bedroom floor, quietly building what in her eyes was a masterpiece. Brick by brick, the young girl licked her lips. She was determined to finish her work.
"(First name), Honey. Are you-- SON OF A-!" Tony cut himself off, jumping in the air and crying out in pain. The billionaire was trying his hardest not to curse up a storm around his baby girl, but it was kind of tough when he had one of those god awful Lego's crammed into the sensitive flesh of his foot. 
"Daddy?" The little girl asked, looking up at her father with fear in her little (eye color) orbs. "A-Are you okay?" 
Tony bit his lip and took a seat on her bed, brushing the Lego away from his foot and rubbing the sore spot. "I'm... I'm fine. Don't worry baby girl." 
She crawled her way towards her father, her creation in her small hands.
Tony smiled, "Whatcha got there, Kiddo?" 
As she held up the Lego blob, a small smile played at Tony's lips. 
"Did you build this for Daddy?"
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Marvel Avengers sketch by dustsplat Marvel Avengers sketch :icondustsplat:dustsplat 3,872 112 [Steve/Tony]International Kissing Day by shadowfree99 [Steve/Tony]International Kissing Day :iconshadowfree99:shadowfree99 2,325 120 Torsor Avengers by JPRart Torsor Avengers :iconjprart:JPRart 870 25 Carnage by chimeraic Carnage :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 566 46 Captain America #1 by crymeouts Captain America #1 :iconcrymeouts:crymeouts 2,990 318
Child! Loki x Child! Reader |Meant|
There are few things in life that a young prince is prepared for. Countless, colossal events to attend, when you’re hardly a few feet tall. Endless hours of studies and tutors when there are brilliant days full of promise and play. Rarely ever, are youthful, happy children ready for the stressful, time-consuming events that take control of their everyday lives.
For Odin’s youngest son, he was about to experience the third of the day.
Loki receded further into himself the closer they got to the throne room. His expression was an odd combination of fear and longing; fear, because he was about to meet someone who would drastically change his life forever (so he was told), and longing, because he was supposed to be pulling pranks with Thor on the various members of the council.
Such a tragic, tragic loss of opportunity it was. His father didn’t seem to notice too terribly, leading the youngest down the stretching corridors by a gentle hand, and his mother was painfully aw
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Badness Level (Bucky x Child! Reader)
Badness Level (Bucky x Child! Reader)
"What a strange man," you thought as you looked over at the man making his current residence on your couch, your older sister having picked him up as he wandered the streets. At first she shook her head, thinking you were crazy as you remembered your parents saying to always help people in need, no matter what. Reluctantly, you convinced her otherwise, offering him some shelter and food until he could get back on his feet. So here you were after a few weeks of settling in with you, alone with the man as your sister had to go to her job, much to her dismay but couldn't afford to miss work again. You were easy to take care of, though your curiosity was getting the better of you as you began to connect the dots about who he was; his worn-out, scruffy face, the night sweats from when he slept on the couch, mumbling things about something called 'Hydra', and finally, through the crack of the door as he was getting dressed, you saw hi
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Loki x Reader: Sleeping Beauty
:bulletgreen: Loki x Reader: Sleeping Beauty :bulletgreen: 
Your breathing was heavy as you crouched behind a giant pillar in the underground facility. You'd just fought upwards of fifteen guards (all of which had guns) and had taken a beating by the last chump. 
Since when do they have the hired help learn special techniques, you wondered in annoyance as you placed a somewhat shaky hand to your rib cage. During the excitement, you'd definitely cracked something- but you pushed past the beginnings of pain and continued to move forward. You had an objective, and you wouldn't be leaving this hole in the ground until you had succeeded.
Peeking around the column where you were currently hiding, you found that the coast was clear. And stalking forward on the balls of your feet, you moved towards the door at the far end of the chamber.
As you crept across the expanse, you made sure to be as silent as possible- though as the sounds from outside
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A Cure For Insomnia (Pietro MaximoffxReader)
(y/n) always wondered why her floor had to be the farthest away from the main common area, or the “I actually want to be social” floor, as Clint called it.
It made midnight snacking a real risk, especially when you were prone to falling asleep standing up.
The door slid open at the top floor. She didn’t bother with any lights and walked straight into the kitchen. She had been making this trip almost every night for the past month.
The fridge door clicked open illuminating the room for a moment as she removed the carton of milk.
She opened the carton and placed it to her lips, tilting her head back and closing her eyes as the cool liquid hit her tongue.
“Aha!” The light’s flashed on, startling her into a coughing fit when she choked on the milk almost dropping the carton in the process.
“So you’re the one who drinks straight out of the carton.”
(y/n) blinked away tears as she tried to stop coughing. Standing in front of her was the s
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Ultron by GENZOMAN Ultron :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 3,893 83 Marvel-come on Spidey by Athew Marvel-come on Spidey :iconathew:Athew 2,776 86 thanos the c-c-c-combo breakeeer! by nebezial thanos the c-c-c-combo breakeeer! :iconnebezial:nebezial 3,345 230
Loki x Pregnant! Reader |With a Bang|
It wasn’t hard to see that you were very, very pregnant. With every few hours resulting in you returning to the bed, or a chair, or wherever you could sit and not kill your ankles, you were probably bigger than the Hulk, at this point.
“And we’re down for round thirteen.” You sighed to yourself as you eased onto the couch, having mastered the ability to maneuver places without your husband. Loki had been particularly busy these last couple weeks, which was a bother considering it meant he barely made Christmas and his holiday break from SHIELD had ended sooner than expected.
Not that you were bitter, or anything.
Rubbing your swollen belly with a little affection, you switched on the TV. It was almost twelve in the afternoon, which meant you were twelve hours away from the new year. Considering the size of your baby bump (deemed baby mountain by Tony), you hoped there would be an extra addition or two to the family, very soon.
“Are you even capable
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Black Widow by BrittanyRo5e Black Widow :iconbrittanyro5e:BrittanyRo5e 570 76
Loki x Sick! Reader |Sneak|
When told by Tony the two of you would be alone in the Tower, Loki could’ve cared more or less. However, when Tony added that you were sick and he had to look after you, his grump levels skyrocketed.
‘The woman’s more than capable of taking care of herself. She killed off an entire battalion of invaders with a “cold”, whatever that is.’ Loki thought, grumbling to himself as he reached your floor. “(Name), you better be dying in there! Lest you be faking it and then you’re really in for it.”
Though he didn’t expect seeing your body completely crumpled under the bed sheets, the blankets curled around your shivering form in the darkness. He stared at you for a second, brow furrowing.
“...Alright, perhaps you shouldn’t be dying.” He said lowly, walking into the room with a frown. “What in Hel’s name happened to you?”
“Flu season happened.” You sniffed, voice hoarse and
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Thor: FOUND YOU!!! by Kibbitzer Thor: FOUND YOU!!! :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 2,953 118
Cap's Girl
“Uh slight problem, I can’t seem to find her.” Steve ran his fingers through his blonde hair avoiding eye contact with you.
You sat crossed legged on the couch peeking over your book to look at him. He’d look over at you and anxiously smiled.
“What do you mean you can’t find her? Have you looked for her? You could feel a smile pulling at your lips but you kept your face stern.
“Of course I did,” He got really worried now, “I looked all over the house and I can’t find her!” He started pacing.
“Calm down, she’s around here somewhere. You know what you have to do.” You closed your book and set it on the coffee table.
“Anything but that, can’t you please help me look for her?” He held onto you, pleading with his eyes and you couldn't help but smirk.
“You just have to say it Steve.” He stared at you seriously. He looked away and let out a sigh before turning to face you again.
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The Avengers - Chibi Loki figurine by Nko-ennekappao The Avengers - Chibi Loki figurine :iconnko-ennekappao:Nko-ennekappao 1,463 176 Venom by chimeraic Venom :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 360 27
Tony x Reader |Resting Place|
She’d heard rumors about him not sleeping after New York. After the President was taken six months later, it happened even less so. Then Pepper left, and it was like he’d forgotten how to do it. And when he started working on the so called “Ultron Program”? He didn’t even know the meaning of the word.
(Name) knew in the back of her head that he wasn’t alright. She could tell. He’d been a lot less coordinated, spending a lot more time on his own, and everything about Tony just seemed off. But they’d only been together a few months; She wasn’t about to press into him and find out what was wrong with him.
At least...directly.
She sighed, sprawled across their “shared” bed as nearly a dozen holo-screens floated around her. JARVIS had done her a solid and hacked into SHIELD, hooking her up with all sorts of information relating to Tony Stark. Including his background, relationships, health and wellness.
And his recent records
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fusion issue 2 cover by nebezial fusion issue 2 cover :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,308 89 Venom by chimeraic Venom :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 402 44 Marvel Avengers Alliance - Phoenix by beethy Marvel Avengers Alliance - Phoenix :iconbeethy:beethy 1,969 154 The Vindicates on planet LV-426 - concept poster by Amalgamation100 The Vindicates on planet LV-426 - concept poster :iconamalgamation100:Amalgamation100 931 153 Captain Marvel III - Marvel Comics by FioreSofen Captain Marvel III - Marvel Comics :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 599 39
Static (Pietro x Reader) (Drabble)
Static (Pietro x Reader) (Drabble)
The quick shuffling of feet against the carpet alerted you slightly to an approaching figure as you sat quietly on the couch, reading a book, before looking over your shoulder, the figure revealing himself as your boyfriend, Pietro Maximoff.
"Pietro, what are you doing?" You asked, a brow raised as you closed your book and turned to face him.
"Nothing," Pietro retorted, shaking his head before poking your cheek and sending an acute electrical shock through your system. Goose bumps formed along all your skin and your hair frizzed out as the static ran along your body, causing you to clawed your nails deep into the couch cushion.
"Oww, That hurt," you grumbled, rubbing your cheek as the shock finally dissipated.
"Sorry," Pietro sighed, chuckling at your pain, "I'll be right back."
"Weirdo," you muttered under your breath, brushing your hair back as you tried to relax your tense muscles but you had little time to do so as your boyfrie
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Hulk vs Wolverine by KangJason Hulk vs Wolverine :iconkangjason:KangJason 692 14 Loki Cosplay -Dressed for Jotunheim by Aicosu Loki Cosplay -Dressed for Jotunheim :iconaicosu:Aicosu 1,380 85 Winter Soldier by luleiya Winter Soldier :iconluleiya:luleiya 1,324 21
Loki x Reader |Tallest|
It was no secret you and Loki got along for a variety of reasons, the main being you shared a deep  love for mischief and magic. However, you tended to lean more to the former, causing trouble for your friends and "family" (you didn't like to think of them as such), as often as you could. However, there was one thing about your friendship, and eventual relationship, that bothered Loki and you absolutely adored.
The height difference.
"Loki!!" You cried, hurrying for your future-fiance with a skip in your step. Loki glanced up at you from the library book he was reading while walking -a skill you never had-, giving you a small smile. It quickly dissipated when you purposely got in his personal space, and stood over him. Yes, over him. 
As you can see, the prince had yet to hit a growth spurt. You, however, managed to grow an entire two inches taller than him. It was a fact you liked to rub in your dear soon-to-be-hundreds-of-years-from-now husband, Loki, while he d
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Black Widow by Finch and Walden Wong by Kristherion Black Widow by Finch and Walden Wong :iconkristherion:Kristherion 634 20 Phoenix 5 Jean Grey - Marvel: Avengers Alliance by yayacosplay Phoenix 5 Jean Grey - Marvel: Avengers Alliance :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 4,036 225 annihilators - earthfall 01 by johntylerchristopher annihilators - earthfall 01 :iconjohntylerchristopher:johntylerchristopher 260 14 Thor and Loki by eleathyra Thor and Loki :iconeleathyra:eleathyra 1,860 274 The Dark World by eleathyra The Dark World :iconeleathyra:eleathyra 1,183 140
Daddy's Little Girl (Thor x Reader)
Daddy's Little Girl (Thor x Reader)
Lemon scented cleaning products and bleach filled your nostrils as you took in a deep breath. Today was cleaning day; the one day out of the year where your house didn't look like a complete mess due to the two children that wrecked the house the other 364 days; your husband Thor and your daughter (d/n). You just love them to death but boy, did they make a mess of things such as blowing up electronics, causing small fires, overflowing the sink, and the list goes on. So after the last time where both Thor and (d/n) managed to blow up the neighborhood water main, you gave them jobs that they would be the lease likely to screw up while you took on the heavy chores. So here you were.
After cleaning out the kitchen of its strange mold monsters hiding in the fridge and the burn marks that littered the ceiling, you finally made your way to the living room. Your hopeful smile instantly turned into a frown when you saw the Asgardian hammer, oth
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Phoenix Force - Marvel Avengers Alliance debut by yayacosplay Phoenix Force - Marvel Avengers Alliance debut :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 3,258 266
Rescue (Quicksilver x Reader)
Rescue (Quicksilver x Reader)
Your eyes snapped open, jolted awake by an unknown noise. Straining your ears, you listened for anything that might have woken you up. Was Isaac in the bathroom? Had your dog been snoring? You listened. Silence met your ears.
With a sigh you rolled over, burrowing into the covers and closing your eyes.
You say up. That definitely wasn't Isaac.
"What the--" you heard your landlord  yell from down the hall, the floorboards creaking as he barrelled out of his room.
You froze, horror settling like a snake in the pit of your stomach.
You jumped out of bed, grabbing the metal baseball bat you kept behind your dresser. The sound of heavy footprints on the wood floor echoed through the house, and you grabbed your desk chair, wedging it under the doorknob.
You grabbed your cellphone off your nightstand, cursing softly at the black screen, and the empty battery image. You felt years of frustration and fear prick at your eyes, and you but your l
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hawkeye merida by briannacherrygarcia hawkeye merida :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 11,945 789
Loki x Teen Reader: Hacked
:bulletgreen: Loki x Teen Reader: Hacked :bulletgreen: 

(Full name) had always been on the mistrusting side; but who could blame her when so much of her life had gone down the tubes? She had been used, she had been broken, she had lost everything she held dear and had been forced to start again . . . and now she was being pushed aside by a Panty-Waste of a Norse God.
The teenager of some 15 odd years currently shrugged a leather jacket about her shoulders and let her (e/c) eyes regard the space she was inhabiting one last time. The Avengers Tower, owned by the one and only Tony Stark, was truly a wonder to behold. With every possible electronic appliance and device known to man (some made from Tony’s genius) and the best furniture and décor that could be bought- the Tower was like a dream. . . A very posh and disturbing one. Everything was so perfect, so unbreakable- upon first coming here (F/n) had felt completely out of place. This wa
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Lift me up, please by MZ15 Lift me up, please :iconmz15:MZ15 1,419 217 Romanova by gillykins Romanova :icongillykins:gillykins 536 26 Black Widow . [03] by HiniTsuburagi Black Widow . [03] :iconhinitsuburagi:HiniTsuburagi 915 148 Thor: Lady Loki II by yinami Thor: Lady Loki II :iconyinami:yinami 3,253 405 Loki Cosplay - Sorcerer Prince by Aicosu Loki Cosplay - Sorcerer Prince :iconaicosu:Aicosu 2,828 161 Avengers High by forte-girl7 Avengers High :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 4,476 377