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The Winter Soldier Cosplay by OrangeRoom The Winter Soldier Cosplay :iconorangeroom:OrangeRoom 390 45 spider man by Ururuty spider man :iconururuty:Ururuty 241 9 Hulk/Professor Hulk (Avengers: Endgame) by LoganWaynee Hulk/Professor Hulk (Avengers: Endgame) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 91 4 Thanos by Memed Thanos :iconmemed:Memed 835 35 Costume Gamma | Spider-man edition by DuckLordEthan Costume Gamma | Spider-man edition :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 1,597 53 Higher, further, faster. by sophiecowdrey Higher, further, faster. :iconsophiecowdrey:sophiecowdrey 266 32 Thor vs Toaster by Star-Jem Thor vs Toaster :iconstar-jem:Star-Jem 1,017 254 winter soldier II by Ururuty winter soldier II :iconururuty:Ururuty 209 19 Scarlet Witch by erlanarya Scarlet Witch :iconerlanarya:erlanarya 583 32 Carnage by chimeraic Carnage :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 1,172 56
Loki x Reader: Sleeping Beauty
:bulletgreen: Loki x Reader: Sleeping Beauty :bulletgreen: 
Your breathing was heavy as you crouched behind a giant pillar in the underground facility. You'd just fought upwards of fifteen guards (all of which had guns) and had taken a beating by the last chump. 
Since when do they have the hired help learn special techniques, you wondered in annoyance as you placed a somewhat shaky hand to your rib cage. During the excitement, you'd definitely cracked something- but you pushed past the beginnings of pain and continued to move forward. You had an objective, and you wouldn't be leaving this hole in the ground until you had succeeded.
Peeking around the column where you were currently hiding, you found that the coast was clear. And stalking forward on the balls of your feet, you moved towards the door at the far end of the chamber.
As you crept across the expanse, you made sure to be as silent as possible- though as the sounds from outside
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Venom by chimeraic Venom :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 694 30 Marvel Avengers sketch by dustsplat Marvel Avengers sketch :icondustsplat:dustsplat 4,057 116 Spider-Man Homecoming by chimeraic Spider-Man Homecoming :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 775 40 thanos the c-c-c-combo breakeeer! by nebezial thanos the c-c-c-combo breakeeer! :iconnebezial:nebezial 3,463 233 Torsor Avengers by JPRart Torsor Avengers :iconjprart:JPRart 878 25 Marvel Collection Folders - Phase 2 by limav Marvel Collection Folders - Phase 2 :iconlimav:limav 44 1 Newt Scamander by Ururuty Newt Scamander :iconururuty:Ururuty 168 14 Deadpool by Ururuty Deadpool :iconururuty:Ururuty 635 39 Iron Man by nicollearl Iron Man :iconnicollearl:nicollearl 1,562 119
A Cure For Insomnia (Pietro MaximoffxReader)
(y/n) always wondered why her floor had to be the farthest away from the main common area, or the “I actually want to be social” floor, as Clint called it.
It made midnight snacking a real risk, especially when you were prone to falling asleep standing up.
The door slid open at the top floor. She didn’t bother with any lights and walked straight into the kitchen. She had been making this trip almost every night for the past month.
The fridge door clicked open illuminating the room for a moment as she removed the carton of milk.
She opened the carton and placed it to her lips, tilting her head back and closing her eyes as the cool liquid hit her tongue.
“Aha!” The light’s flashed on, startling her into a coughing fit when she choked on the milk almost dropping the carton in the process.
“So you’re the one who drinks straight out of the carton.”
(y/n) blinked away tears as she tried to stop coughing. Standing in front of her was the s
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Domestic Avengers - Bear Cub by caycowa Domestic Avengers - Bear Cub :iconcaycowa:caycowa 921 103 Boku No Marvel Academia art 4 by DuckLordEthan Boku No Marvel Academia art 4 :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 2,150 107 Venom by chimeraic Venom :iconchimeraic:chimeraic 770 52