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March For Our Lives by WarriorCat3042 March For Our Lives :iconwarriorcat3042:WarriorCat3042 90 22 #MarchForOurLives 3.24.18 by World-Hero21 #MarchForOurLives 3.24.18 :iconworld-hero21:World-Hero21 21 0 #MarchForOurLives by daanton #MarchForOurLives :icondaanton:daanton 30 0 March for our lives by Angelfun222 March for our lives :iconangelfun222:Angelfun222 18 4 Marchforourlives 1 of 4 by makepictures Marchforourlives 1 of 4 :iconmakepictures:makepictures 12 9
The Failure of Gun Control
The so-called march for our lives is more like a march for death. The left are using people like the so-called survivor of the Parkland shooting as their shield to push for the elimination of gun rights. Plus this little whiney SJW brat cares nothing for life and in fact, he only makes a big deal out of life when it suits his political agenda and as one who is too young to vote and he cries about it, he sounds just like the jerk that I was. I had to live with not being able to vote and live under the Obama regime so Hoggwash is just going to have to deal with it.
Plus people at his age and even at my age when I was first able to vote were and are too young to understand the world which is why I personally believe that I shouldn't have been allowed to vote at age 19. But back to the topic at hand, this brat really doesn't care about life except when it is in schools but life in general, he couldn't give two cents on that. On a reddit post when someone asked if there was a benefit to the
:iconmissouripatriot:MissouriPatriot 10 3
Marchforourlives-3 of 4 by makepictures Marchforourlives-3 of 4 :iconmakepictures:makepictures 10 4 Three Percent of Americans Own Half of all Guns by MoralisticCommunist Three Percent of Americans Own Half of all Guns :iconmoralisticcommunist:MoralisticCommunist 6 7 Marchforourlives- 4 0f 4 by makepictures Marchforourlives- 4 0f 4 :iconmakepictures:makepictures 9 2 Marchforourlives-2 of 4 by makepictures Marchforourlives-2 of 4 :iconmakepictures:makepictures 8 1 hallmark-illustration-emma-gonzalez by eeemily209 hallmark-illustration-emma-gonzalez :iconeeemily209:eeemily209 6 1 March for Our Lives by AshleyWass March for Our Lives :iconashleywass:AshleyWass 6 0 #MarchForOurLives by Wordgirlserenity67 #MarchForOurLives :iconwordgirlserenity67:Wordgirlserenity67 9 5 Emma by DecentWeirdo Emma :icondecentweirdo:DecentWeirdo 4 0 Crying Peace Dove by UnicornBaby Crying Peace Dove :iconunicornbaby:UnicornBaby 5 12 March For Our Lives Signs by maxwestart March For Our Lives Signs :iconmaxwestart:maxwestart 3 1 Drawing-naomi-wadler-adesina by ArtByAdesina Drawing-naomi-wadler-adesina :iconartbyadesina:ArtByAdesina 3 0 March For Our Lives by FFF66 March For Our Lives :iconfff66:FFF66 3 1 Zazu Fears For This Country by Sner2000 Zazu Fears For This Country :iconsner2000:Sner2000 2 0 March for Life??? by LewisLiberman March for Life??? :iconlewisliberman:LewisLiberman 2 0 Crying Dove Enough Is Enough by UnicornBaby Crying Dove Enough Is Enough :iconunicornbaby:UnicornBaby 2 2 hallmark-illustration-dont-shoot by eeemily209 hallmark-illustration-dont-shoot :iconeeemily209:eeemily209 1 0