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Fate of a Dreadnought by ReneAigner Fate of a Dreadnought :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 2,061 103 Blood Magic by dekades8 Blood Magic :icondekades8:dekades8 271 11 Elite potions 1 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Elite potions 1 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 948 88 Mana runes V2 by MMan222 Mana runes V2 :iconmman222:MMan222 209 8 { ADVENT DAY 16 } Frostbite  [CLOSED!] by manaberry { ADVENT DAY 16 } Frostbite [CLOSED!] :iconmanaberry:manaberry 553 1,230 Bloodmage concept - Sigantium by 2blind2draw Bloodmage concept - Sigantium :icon2blind2draw:2blind2draw 544 28 WIP of Mana Tide by AquaSixio WIP of Mana Tide :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 658 37 Potion adopts 9 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Potion adopts 9 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 2,289 207 5PR1T3 by FelipeNero 5PR1T3 :iconfelipenero:FelipeNero 629 82 Potion adopts 3 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Potion adopts 3 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 1,375 126 Seed - Environment 7 by Justinoaksford Seed - Environment 7 :iconjustinoaksford:Justinoaksford 4,140 144
AtemxReader: Thief to Princess Epilogue
You nervously tugged at the top of your white dress that fell to the floor and trialed behind you. Today was the big day, the day you would marry the love of your life, Atem, and would become the Queen of this kingdom. You felt more nervous then back in the days you were forced to steal bread to survive.
You heard someone giggle behind you. "Stop fusing so much (Name), you look amazing." You turned to face the two girls that were helping you get ready. Mana, Atem's childhood friend, was the one who had giggled at your nervousness. Standing next to her was one of Atem's Priestesses, Isis.
Isis stepped forward, holding a beautiful headdress for you to wear. "Mana is correct, you look beautiful (Name)." She gently placed the headdress on your hair and made sure it was in place. "There that looks perfect."
You smiled at the two. "Thank you both for your help."
"Of course!" Mana exclaimed, beaming at you. "Atem will be speechless when he sees you."
"You really think so?" You touched the jad
:icon13youko:13Youko 235 67
Weekly Doodles - Boss Battle by RandoWis Weekly Doodles - Boss Battle :iconrandowis:RandoWis 408 26 [Summoner Pups] Species Guide - now OPEN species by lithxe [Summoner Pups] Species Guide - now OPEN species :iconlithxe:lithxe 1,031 216 The village gate by DaleComte The village gate :icondalecomte:DaleComte 1,408 58 693 Magic Circle by Tigers-stock 693 Magic Circle :icontigers-stock:Tigers-stock 251 22 Ragnavik's Hall by ReneAigner Ragnavik's Hall :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 465 26 Haunted Forest by ReneAigner Haunted Forest :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 1,316 21 Isometric Elf Tree by Sephiroth-Art Isometric Elf Tree :iconsephiroth-art:Sephiroth-Art 445 2 907 Magic Effect Coloured by Tigers-stock 907 Magic Effect Coloured :icontigers-stock:Tigers-stock 56 0 Last quest by danyiart Last quest :icondanyiart:danyiart 3,354 249 Potion adopts 4 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Potion adopts 4 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 669 78 Potion adopts 7 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Potion adopts 7 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 780 81 Sketch #1 by MorkarDFC Sketch #1 :iconmorkardfc:MorkarDFC 121 4 Isometric Mana Tree Tutorial | Patreon by Sephiroth-Art Isometric Mana Tree Tutorial | Patreon :iconsephiroth-art:Sephiroth-Art 190 4 Feudal Lands by ReneAigner Feudal Lands :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 1,149 20 Asuha Mana | Luck Logic Minimalist Aernime by Lucifer012 Asuha Mana | Luck Logic Minimalist Aernime :iconlucifer012:Lucifer012 9 0 Island by noahbradley Island :iconnoahbradley:noahbradley 1,250 33 Bartley, Villain Progress by django-red Bartley, Villain Progress :icondjango-red:django-red 683 70 Potion adopts 6 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Potion adopts 6 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 877 114 Potions and elixirs commissions by Rittik-Designs Potions and elixirs commissions :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 631 68 friends forever by xShieru friends forever :iconxshieru:xShieru 121 4 Isometric Mana Tree Tutorial | Patreon by Sephiroth-Art Isometric Mana Tree Tutorial | Patreon :iconsephiroth-art:Sephiroth-Art 215 4 Potion adopts 2 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Potion adopts 2 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 1,400 117 Seeds For You by farenheat Seeds For You :iconfarenheat:farenheat 2,209 287 Potion adopts 1 (CLOSED) by Rittik-Designs Potion adopts 1 (CLOSED) :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 750 84 Forge Concept by ReneAigner Forge Concept :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 1,223 32 Source of Mana by lindelokse Source of Mana :iconlindelokse:lindelokse 2,198 97 Road to Elaria by ReneAigner Road to Elaria :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 726 16 The Dragon Princess by Orioto The Dragon Princess :iconorioto:Orioto 241 14 Mana Cycle: Forest Scene by ReneAigner Mana Cycle: Forest Scene :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 873 16 Mana Tide by AquaSixio Mana Tide :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 16,990 572 The Druid by ReneAigner The Druid :iconreneaigner:ReneAigner 517 20 Mana Shore by ShahabAlizadeh Mana Shore :iconshahabalizadeh:ShahabAlizadeh 756 11 Commissions and art-trades by Rittik-Designs Commissions and art-trades :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 420 55 DFH Chapter 4 pg 2 by SacredUndead DFH Chapter 4 pg 2 :iconsacredundead:SacredUndead 84 13 Fairy mana tree by PinkFireFly Fairy mana tree :iconpinkfirefly:PinkFireFly 217 28 Kyori Pixel by KyouKaraa Kyori Pixel :iconkyoukaraa:KyouKaraa 2,288 178