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It only takes one kiss (Steve x Reader) One shot
You were walking through the mall, constantly looking over your shoulder. You had lost your guns along the way, but they wouldn’t do any good in such a crowded place. Steve’s steady breathing was only a few steps behind you. You had been able to lose the men that had been chasing you for over 15 minutes, but you knew they would find you again eventually.
It was supposed to be a simple mission, but it had turned out rather differently. There had been no bomb underneath the mall, only several men waiting for you with guns. Steve had saved you from the first ray of gunfire and now you were walking through the mall, trying to find a way out of this mess. Fury wasn’t answering his phone and Tony said the rest of the Avengers were away on another mission.
In other words: you were completely alone.
‘We need to find a disguise,’ you whispered to Steve. ‘People are staring at us.’
He nodded, taking you by the hand and pulling you into one of the clothin
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