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#MakeArtBeMagic: Spark your creative revolution

I originally planned to post this only on my website and share it on Twitter and Instagram, but then it struck me - how could I build something with art as its foundation and not share it with DA, the artiest of all arty places? So here it is, #MakeArtBeMagic, the DeviantArt version!


What is magic? Shifting consciousness. Harnessing energy. Recognising your power. Affecting change. Magic is everywhere, all around you and, most importantly, within you. Yes, creative person reading this, I'm talking to you.
Don't believe me? OK, think about the art you create. Whether you're drawing, painting, taking photographs, writing, making clothes, building furniture, dancing, playing music, designing graphics, games or gardens, or doing literall
:icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 39 12
Le temps des cerises by Catlaxy Le temps des cerises :iconcatlaxy:Catlaxy 109 15 Mad as a Hatter by Yuukon Mad as a Hatter :iconyuukon:Yuukon 126 12
Traditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat'' 

In this project I will feature only Traditional Artworks I found on the site.
I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive more exposure here on dA because is the biggest art platform and every day thousands of works are uploaded here . 
Please, support these incredible traditional artists by watching , faving , and leaving some nice comments or constructive critiques !
Hope you will enjoy this feature !




:icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 20 21
F R A G I L E by GeorgeXVII F R A G I L E :icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 159 27 Parachute Heart by Yuukon Parachute Heart :iconyuukon:Yuukon 54 10 Hel by TanyaSimoneSimpson Hel :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 84 17 Teeth and Jewels by TanyaSimoneSimpson Teeth and Jewels :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 48 12 At the Mercy of the Elements by Loffy0 At the Mercy of the Elements :iconloffy0:Loffy0 25 12 Rain and Veins by TanyaSimoneSimpson Rain and Veins :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 22 5 Dancing to Life by TanyaSimoneSimpson Dancing to Life :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 38 17 In Layers of Light and Colour by TanyaSimoneSimpson In Layers of Light and Colour :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 20 6 Happy Daze by TanyaSimoneSimpson Happy Daze :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 39 11 Wishes are Waiting by TanyaSimoneSimpson Wishes are Waiting :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 30 12 Spell Bottle by TanyaSimoneSimpson Spell Bottle :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 31 10 Summer Children by TanyaSimoneSimpson Summer Children :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 44 12 Becoming Roses by TanyaSimoneSimpson Becoming Roses :icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 26 9 Daisies by endag Daisies :iconendag:endag 17 0 Blue beauty by endag Blue beauty :iconendag:endag 15 2 White geranium closeup by endag White geranium closeup :iconendag:endag 15 0 Bee by endag Bee :iconendag:endag 7 3 Plebejus Semiargus 2 by endag Plebejus Semiargus 2 :iconendag:endag 7 0 Small one by endag Small one :iconendag:endag 5 0