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Stronger Than You (Sans Parody) Lyrics {UNDERTALE}

The above work was made by me. Art by the rest of the community below.
It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
On days like these, kids like you...
Should be
burning in hell.
Verse 1
Turn around kid, it'd be a crime,
If I had to go back on the promise that I made for you,
so don't step over that line,
Or else, friend, you're gonna have a bad time.
But kids like you don't play by the rules,
And guys like me,
it ain't easy to be played for fools,
So let's go, let the room get chiller...
Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able,
Guess you've figured now that mercy's off the table.
I can tell you're getting really sick of trying,
But I think you're just mad you keep dying.
You're not gonna win, we'll be here together,
Fighting in this judgement hall forever.
I know you just reset each time I
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[UNDERTALE LYRICS]Stronger Than You (Flowey Cover)
Verse 1
Just give it up kid, you're gonna die.
Determination's never gonna get you anywhere in life,
So don't continue to try,
I am a GOD, so why should I lie?
You really think that you can beat me?
You idiot, just step forward and you'll see
That I'm more than a piece of botany.
Go ahead and try to hurt me if you're able,
Six souls absorbed, you must defeat and disable,
And now you're dead, only your bad skills are to blame,
I will never let you beat the game.
This is where it ends, where the last bird sings,
You gave me lots of time to finish the king,
That mad look on your face, boy do you look sour!
You just got defeated by A FLOWER.
You are a fool!
Verse 2
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Magnet English lyrics
In the deepest part of me, a tiny flame was lighted
And before I knew it, my whole heart became ignited
Wand’ring as a butterfly, I aimlessly took flight, and
Found myself falling apart alighted in your palm
Let go of my hands entwined around your own
And instead I’ll press my lips against yours
Even if they say that what we have is wrong
When you’re with me, I burn up all the more
I want you to hold me tight
And reassure me every night
Make me believe that no matter what they say, we’re in love, baby
Kiss me in the dark
Like we could never come apart
Intoxicated by you, I am consumed, wanna drown in this fantasy
Need you to restrain me, I need you to need me more and more
If you love me, show me, and know me further than you’ve gone before
Call it “weird”, but this love is something that I simply can’t ignore
Let’s just run until we find somewhere to run to
If it seems I’ve let my heart lead me astray
It’s because I’ve melted
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Before the Dawn Texture Pack #10 by LilithDemoness Before the Dawn Texture Pack #10 :iconlilithdemoness:LilithDemoness 568 32
Puppet (Mary's theme) - Ib lyrics
Welcome to my world that's painted with sadness
There's no light of sun There you can't hear any sound at all
Here I'm waiting silently for you, father
Why you were so cruel to left poor Mary alone?
Please take me away, I desperately promise to be a good girl, to be worthy of your love
I don't need the paint books, the dolls and the dresses,
Just tell me, why you've left your pictures and gone?
Who are you, stranger with a red rose in your hand
I liked you from the first sight, I wanna be your friend, Let's play
I've never asked for this place that's called my home,
But hope, you will be staying with me until the end
Please, don't be scared of me I'm a good girl
I just want to be with you to forget my sorrow
I'm tired of being the puppet of this world
Oh, tell me, why do you want to go with this man?
Is he your true knight in the shining armor?
Who'll sacrifice himself just for your sake with no fear But then
Why he resembles the one, who created
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Music by faestock Music :iconfaestock:faestock 788 183
Alice of Human Sacrifice
"Aru tokoro ni, chiisa na yume ga arimashita. Dare ga mita no ka wakaranai,
sore wa chiisa na yume deshita. Chiisa na yume wa omoimashita.
Kono mama kiete iku no wa iya da.
Dousureba, hito ni boku o mite moraeru darou.
chiisa na yume wa kangaete kangaete, soshite tsui ni omoitsukimashita.
Ningen o jibun no naka ni mayoikomasete, sekai o tsukurasereba ii to."
ichibanme ARISU wa isamashiku ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.
ironna mono o kirisutete, makka na michi o shiite itta.
sonna ARISU wa, mori no oku.
tsumibito no you ni tojikomerarete.
mori ni dekita michi igai ni, kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi.
nibanme ARISU wa otonashiku uta o utatte, fushigi no kuni.
ironna oto o afuresasete, kurutta sekai o umidashita.
sonna ARISU wa, bara no hana.
ikareta otoko ni uchikorosarete.
makka na hana o ichirin sakase minna ni mederare karete yuku.
sanbanme ARISU wa osanai ko. kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.
ironna hito o madowasete, okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta.
sonna ARISU wa, k
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RESTRICTED - Burnt Music Sheets PNG by frozenstocks RESTRICTED - Burnt Music Sheets PNG :iconfrozenstocks:frozenstocks 2,838 511
Build Our Machine LYRICS
They have sent you a letter
To come back home to play
But to your dismay, this isn't your day
For the happy fun time
Has begun to fade
Watch as we reanimate
Our corpses you abandoned
We're dismantled
We're mishandled
But we won't be skipped and swayed
Trapped within these walls
You left our souls to drip away
The ink decays
The walls at bay
But the reckoning has come today
(You say)
Borris has no guts 'cause you
Replaced it with mechanical strain
We've been tortured
But we move forward
This disorder kills your day!
I am alive
You're the creator, you traitor
There's no vaccine
To cure your dirty needs
For now you must
Build up Our Machine
You DIE tonight
Build up Our Machine
You die tonight
-Vocalizing continues-
Build up Our Machine
You die tonight
So you found all the pieces
To initiate the pain
Our venom stains
The night remains
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iNSaNiTY English Lyrics
Everything is said and done
Everyone has had their fun
Time to make my exit from this
My departure was foreseen
From the very beginning
Assume life of iNSaNiTY
Hello nice to meet you seem familiar have I met you before
Goodbye sweetie nice to see you
Haven't talked in quite a while
iNSaNiTY, the weight of the air is torture
Psychopathy, don't know who I am anymore
iNSaNiTY, the illusion of ignorance
Captivity, why don't you take a chance?
iNSaNiTY, the weight of the air is torture
Psychopathy, don't know who I am anymore
iNSaNiTY, the illusion of ignorance
Captivity, try to stop it from corrupting
I was never meant to be
This paintings main centerpiece
Hidden in a corner
My outlines are fading
The Days have turned into Night
Darkness has consumed the light
Assume life of iNSaNiTY
Hello nice to meet you seem familiar have I met you before
Goodbye sweeetie nice to see you
Haven't talked in quite a while
iNSaNiTY, the weight of the air is torture
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Zelda's Lullaby (Original Lyrics) by Emmierald Zelda's Lullaby (Original Lyrics) :iconemmierald:Emmierald 784 79
1925 - Ashe - English Lyrics
A calm and cooling motion
It's shaking off my tension
Surprise, surprise
It's called being alive
The answers to my questions
Repeating; Have I mentioned
I lied? Don't like the way I'm being tried
A lonely heart is what I'm slowly aiming for
Forget what you see; leave it to me
I'll lead you there
It's not about the money
But the world doesn't agree
A bribe, a lie, a trick
We'll hide the truth
And they won't see
As long as you have changed your mind
Your soul belongs to me
We have got no pride
And no honor to be seen
"A little; just a little"
A lie or just a riddle?
Appeal, I feel
But only if it's real
"It works in this direction;
Let's take another exit"
You cheat, I see
You're not the one for me
The happiness of people
Is such a fickle thing
To bend and break
The give and take
Is too much for me
Love is just the gum
That we replace without a care
Had your heart forever
Now another day is here
The puzzle pieces
Of our life will rarely make a fit
But we take our chances
And go along with
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Abstract Big Bang by BenHeine Abstract Big Bang :iconbenheine:BenHeine 116 15