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Babysitting by CaptBexx Babysitting :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 1,179 62 Tone Depth by Inyuo Tone Depth :iconinyuo:Inyuo 5,094 363 Lullaby for a Princess: part 1 by RussianKolz Lullaby for a Princess: part 1 :iconrussiankolz:RussianKolz 1,282 98
Luna's Reply
How my deeds pain me as time stretches long
How could I have hurt them this way?
So rest easy now, my punishment’s mine
The weight of my crimes are my own
But into that stillness you brought me your song
With your voice my company kept
For your tired eyes and sweet lullabies
In exile I pay you my debt
Once did a pony who gleamed like the moon
Look out on her kingdom and sigh
Dejected she cried, “Surely there is no pony
“Who loves me, or finds any love in my night.”
So great was her pain, she rose in rebellion
Against those who cared for her most
She let the Nightmare fall on those she ruled
And threatened to grip them in permanent cold
Lullay, dear Tia, good night sister mine
Rest now in starlight’s embrace
May this cool lullaby reach you in dreams
And ease you your passage of days
May my apologies find you this night
And may my sorrow in kind
Tia, you loved me much more than I knew
Forgive me for being so blind
Soon did her sister do what was demanded
:iconswords-and-bandages:Swords-and-Bandages 296 89
China x Child!Reader
China dragged his feet back home and slouched as he was walking. He was sick and tired of all this squabbling between the Europeans and they treat him like a servant since he lost the Opium Wars. To make matters even worse, he had lost his little brother Hong Kong to England and hasn't seen him in a little while.
There was one thing he was grateful about though. He discovered a new nation fairly recently, ___________________ who was a sweet timid little girl that he adored and he tried his best to be a proper big brother. He couldn't be happier that the other nations such as France or Russia didn't try to take her away. It broke China's heart if he saw her cry and could very well imagine little _________________ would cry for weeks if she was separated from China because she loved him so much.
As he walked through his garden, he noticed how beautifully the birds sang. It was the right touch he needed to perfect this little piece of a serene sanctuary. As he was walking over the small a
:icontealhikari:TealHikari 636 142
Lullaby by sandara Lullaby :iconsandara:sandara 9,192 527 Lullaby for a Princess part 2 by RussianKolz Lullaby for a Princess part 2 :iconrussiankolz:RussianKolz 957 108 FREE Bouncy Jigglypuff Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Jigglypuff Icon :iconkattling:Kattling 3,696 351
Coraline Dreaming lyrics
Sailing thunder, misty morning
Speaking, telling, singing strange story
Listen to my messenger
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of another world
Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of another world
Dreaming, freezing, (so festive) turning upside down the world
Freezing, drawing (like a jester) dream on as the story turns
(Any day, anyway, I may come to you You know I love you, so you love me too)
Every every star now looks down anyone and more Many many stories are told, raindrops on the floor Someone knows all better than you Don't go through the door  
(humming part)
:iconanatahana:AnataHana 30 19
Lullaby for a Princess: Finale by RussianKolz Lullaby for a Princess: Finale :iconrussiankolz:RussianKolz 1,260 341
Dipper Pines x Reader: A Lullaby for Adventurers
Part 1: You Were Made for This

I should've stopped them from going into the bunker, I should've at least been there!
Your thoughts raged on as you rushed into Dipper's dreadful dream. The environment was twisted, oozing with flames and darkness, monsters and fangs with blood on their claws. You could feel the terror and anxiety bleeding from his nightmare like an open, infected wound. 
        "Dipper! Dipper, where are you?" You called out in the nightmare. You, being the daughter of Bill Cipher and a legitimate dream demon, allowed you to visit the young boy in his dreams and thoughts. You'd become quite fond of him overtime. Your presence, albeit non-human and mystical, soothed Dipper and comforted him. He knew you were there, he knew who and what you were, and he accepted you as a genuine companion. 
        And as such, you needed to help him. Clearing your mind you focused all
:iconholyheroine:HolyHeroine 231 38
Autumn Lullaby by Nelleke Autumn Lullaby :iconnelleke:Nelleke 1,028 57
Lull Me To Sleep- Clear x reader-kun
You drew the covers over your head, hoping to finally fall asleep.
Your whole body was yearning for sleep, yet your brain was rebelling relentlessly. You could feel your eyelids sliding closed, yet your mind buzzed like a swarm of bees inside your head. "Would it even be possible to calm them?" you wondered, your thoughts muffled by the screeching voices nestling in your mind, forcing you to stay half-asleep; half-awake. 
Unable to do anything else, you stared up at the bare ceiling. 
The open window blew gusts of fresh, crisp night-air into your bedroom, sending shivers all over your bare skin. The hairs on your arms stood on edge, as you reached for the blanket on the floor, searching with your hands. It was cold, freezing... yet the blanket was no-where in your reach.
"Oh well, " you sighed under your breath, rolling up into the duvet, eagerly trying to cocoon your warmth around your body, in an attempt to provoke sleep. Your eyes slid shut and you relaxed, releasing your
:iconsushidino:SushiDINO 45 10
Lullaby (Baekhyun) by e11ie Lullaby (Baekhyun) :icone11ie:e11ie 378 40 Sweet Lullaby: HTF style by Shivita Sweet Lullaby: HTF style :iconshivita:Shivita 1,148 239 Sweet Lullaby Ch.3 Animation by Yudhaikeledai Sweet Lullaby Ch.3 Animation :iconyudhaikeledai:Yudhaikeledai 420 400 TLH - LaLn - Comfort Lullaby (Dig) by Thuledrawer09 TLH - LaLn - Comfort Lullaby (Dig) :iconthuledrawer09:Thuledrawer09 133 56 itouch lullaby by angryangryasian itouch lullaby :iconangryangryasian:angryangryasian 4,633 373 No Valentine for You Pikachu: Animation by Bubonicc No Valentine for You Pikachu: Animation :iconbubonicc:Bubonicc 664 255
Papa!Scotland x Child!Reader - Scottish Lullabies
They're fighting again, you thought watching your Papa, Scotland, and your Uncle Arthur argue at the kitchen table again. This was not new to you; in fact, it happened often. Your Uncle Arthur would visit, and every time, they would get into another stupid fight about the smallest thing.
Noticing you at the doorway, your Papa said a final "F' you, Arthur" before walking over to you and crouching down to your level.
"I thought ye would be asleep by now," he said, frowning.
"I was asleep. You two woke me up."
Scotland and England both looked embarrassed. Arthur muttered a quick apology while Scotland looked at you sadly.
"I'm sorry. But ye know how your Uncle and I can get."
You nodded silently. Scotland sighed. "Come on, (f/n), let's get ye back to sleep." He paused and turned to his younger brother. "And Arthur, I want you out of my fuc-"
"There's a child present, you asshat!" Arthur screeched.
Your papa looked at you, blushing. "Sorry, (f/n). But seriously, Arthur
:iconresistance33:Resistance33 395 132
Lullaby by ranonus Lullaby :iconranonus:ranonus 129 20 Inuyasha - Lullaby by YoukaiYume Inuyasha - Lullaby :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 4,662 419 this lullaby by ethe this lullaby :iconethe:ethe 9,737 757 Hunger Games - Rue's Lullaby - no.7 by lizzomarek Hunger Games - Rue's Lullaby - no.7 :iconlizzomarek:lizzomarek 1,735 225 Flowers Lullaby by JennyLe88 Flowers Lullaby :iconjennyle88:JennyLe88 295 91
Parents!England x Reader: Time for Bed
Bedtime at the Kirkland Household always started with a bath. Arthur and his wife (y/n) took turns bathing the twins; tonight was his. The four year olds played with their tub toys. Their splashing and laughter floated down the hall to their bedroom, where (y/n) currently searched through the dresser. She smiled as she picked out two sets of pajamas, one for David, the other for Clara.
"Alright, you two," (y/n) heard Arthur say as he entered the bathroom. "Put the toys away."
"But Daddy!" cried David. "I'm not done!"
"Sorry, lad. It's time to get out."
David protested again, only to be silenced by Arthur's threat of there being no story if he didn't stop. (y/n) chuckled. It worked every time. She scanned the picture books for said story.
As (y/n) pulled a book off the shelf, she heard a loud splash, followed by an equally loud groan from Arthur. Her worries were confirmed by what came next.
"David!" Arthur yelled as he gave chase to the naked, dripping wet and still soapy boy. The chil
:iconautumn-maple:Autumn-Maple 185 51
His Lullaby by Haylizbeth His Lullaby :iconhaylizbeth:Haylizbeth 178 16 lullaby by darkmello lullaby :icondarkmello:darkmello 2,944 338 Lullaby for a Baby by GamblingFoxinaHat Lullaby for a Baby :icongamblingfoxinahat:GamblingFoxinaHat 255 8 Lullaby by CryingDresdenDoll Lullaby :iconcryingdresdendoll:CryingDresdenDoll 59 22 Piper's Lullaby by Artgerm Piper's Lullaby :iconartgerm:Artgerm 4,741 581 Poppies by maruhana-bachi Poppies :iconmaruhana-bachi:maruhana-bachi 493 26 Harley's Lullaby by Rivan145th Harley's Lullaby :iconrivan145th:Rivan145th 1,306 53 Another Ghost Story by MoOnshine90 Another Ghost Story :iconmoonshine90:MoOnshine90 525 106 close your eyes.. get some sleep.. by tiny-fallen-angel close your eyes.. get some sleep.. :icontiny-fallen-angel:tiny-fallen-angel 42 16 Sweet Lullaby ch.1 fanmade by Yudhaikeledai Sweet Lullaby ch.1 fanmade :iconyudhaikeledai:Yudhaikeledai 356 160 Ocarina Song Stickers by OhRogan Ocarina Song Stickers :iconohrogan:OhRogan 61 6 A Lullaby in Cider by Pony-Berserker A Lullaby in Cider :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 2,067 382
Papa!China x Child!Reader - Chinese Lullabies
"Kaoru! Put (f/n) to bed, aru!" your father, China yells.
"Noooooooooo! Don't leave me alone," you beg.
"It's late."
"But Paaaappppppppaaaaaa!"
Just then, Japan walked into the room. "Kaoru went to go see Iceland. He left a few hours ago."
China sighed and lifted you up. "Okay, aru, I will, then."
Japan nodded and went back to work.
China carried you up to your room. He placed you onto your bed and lifted the covers so that you could crawl under. After you did, he tucked you in. He turned to leave, but your arm shot out and grabbed his sleeve.
He looked over at you. "What is it, (f/n)?"
You looked at him, fear in your eyes. "I don't like the dark."
China gazed softly at you and sat on the edge of your bed. "Do you want me to stay here, aru?"
You nodded. "Can you sing?"
He was surprised. You would usually have Hong Kong or Japan sing to you if you needed it. You hardly ever asked him to sing.
"Yeah, okay, aru."
China cleared his throat.
:iconresistance33:Resistance33 252 85
Chibis [02] by ikr Chibis [02] :iconikr:ikr 1,613 46 Lullaby by manapi Lullaby :iconmanapi:manapi 101 41 Sweet Lullaby Ch.2 Fanmade by Yudhaikeledai Sweet Lullaby Ch.2 Fanmade :iconyudhaikeledai:Yudhaikeledai 277 130 Old friends by elsevilla Old friends :iconelsevilla:elsevilla 2,675 103 Lullaby for a Princess Base 1 by Eagle-Bird Lullaby for a Princess Base 1 :iconeagle-bird:Eagle-Bird 11 3 Poisoned Lullaby by JenniferHealy Poisoned Lullaby :iconjenniferhealy:JenniferHealy 1,370 164
The Piper (2p!Magic Trio x Magic!Reader)
Up the close and down the stair,
In the house with Burke and Hare.
Burkes the butcher, Hares the thief,
Knox, the boy who buys the beef.

Artie bounced happily in his seat as the plane. The Magic Club was chosen for an all expense paid trip to Scotland, well, one of the islands. They were going to land in Edinburgh and from there take a ferry to Cramond Island where they’ll stay in an old manor for a few nights as a part of a haunted Scotland tour. There were four members of the club, Artie, who could cast curses and summon demons, Lukas whose specialty was ancient dark spells, Vladimir who also did dark magic but had a vast knowledge of folklore, and then there was __________, who specialty was light magic and an empathic psychic ability. She was the newest member and had somehow gained the boy’s respect at school, which was hard because they didn’t accept just anyone. It’s been a year and with their training, she was becoming better at her magic, much to
:iconsilver-kitsuneneko:Silver-KitsuneNeko 236 137
Whiskey Lullaby by YoukaiBabe Whiskey Lullaby :iconyoukaibabe:YoukaiBabe 32 27 The night lullaby by FlashW The night lullaby :iconflashw:FlashW 337 33