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Our child. Severus Snape x reader. Chapter 1.
Our child.
Severus Snape x reader.
Severus Snape had never thought there was even an option for him to ever become a father, but as (y/n) came happily skipping in the door of their home one day, her being his wife for 11 years, that option flew back into his mind. He had asked her what the occasion was, and she had told truthfully and straightforward. “I’m pregnant.”
The teacher lifted both his brows surprised and slowly stood up from his reading-chair, which he had read calmly in a book until she had come inside. “Pregnant?” He asked, slowly making his way over to her with both hands resting on his back. His wife nodded eagerly. “8 weeks. Soon it’ll start to show.” She looked down at her flat stomach before meeting her husband’s dark eyes. “And you are certain of this?” He asked hesitatingly.
“Oh yes, I went to a muggle healer and he made me pee in this cup, muggles are so odd, and yeah well, he said so.” Se
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