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''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Lucina (Fire Emblem) by MAST3R-RAINB0W ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Lucina (Fire Emblem) :iconmast3r-rainb0w:MAST3R-RAINB0W 809 33 Lucina After Battle by Adam-Gilbert Lucina After Battle :iconadam-gilbert:Adam-Gilbert 316 15 Radiant Ascent by Metagaim Radiant Ascent :iconmetagaim:Metagaim 130 8 The little shop of Smash by RayDango The little shop of Smash :iconraydango:RayDango 508 52 Easter Lucina by AngieLaura Easter Lucina :iconangielaura:AngieLaura 360 18 Can I keep it? by RayDango Can I keep it? :iconraydango:RayDango 606 34 Lucina - Fire Emblem Awakening by Adam-Gilbert Lucina - Fire Emblem Awakening :iconadam-gilbert:Adam-Gilbert 311 17 Lunette/Peachcina by RayDango Lunette/Peachcina :iconraydango:RayDango 417 22 Lucina by nayuki-chan Lucina :iconnayuki-chan:nayuki-chan 594 36 Bunny Lucina by Geeyolo Bunny Lucina :icongeeyolo:Geeyolo 208 7 Lucina (including Bride Models) for XNALARA XPS by Ambros489 Lucina (including Bride Models) for XNALARA XPS :iconambros489:Ambros489 156 6 Fire Emblem: Heroes by Kimkun06 Fire Emblem: Heroes :iconkimkun06:Kimkun06 137 16 PIRANHA PLANT PIPES UP! by CinSensura PIRANHA PLANT PIPES UP! :iconcinsensura:CinSensura 161 32 Beach Day by RayDango Beach Day :iconraydango:RayDango 372 25
Smash! || Levi x Reader || AU
“I swear to god, don’t you-fuck you [Name]!”
Ah yes, just another typical Saturday. 
You began to laugh, cheering in victory as your Lucina slapped Levi’s Sheik into the sky, the screen filling with your win. 
Your fourth victory. 
“My fingers fucking slipped, it didn’t count!” Levi growled, slamming the 2 button repeatedly. 
“Yeah, yeah.” 
Levi Ackerman had never played video games in his life. 
He hadn’t seen the point of them, and only after you complained about how lonely it was playing by yourself, did he reluctantly agree to begin playing with you on Saturdays and when he had time. 
That was two weeks ago. 
Now? He was addicted as hell, smirking triumphantly, as he picked a fuzzy, blue and black character, the name Lucario flashing on screen. You had picked Meta Knight, changing it’s appearance to dark silver with red eyes. 
“I’ll bea
:iconmarwissa:Marwissa 218 55
Mage Lucina by Habibanono Mage Lucina :iconhabibanono:Habibanono 397 25 Lucina by KyzaCreations Lucina :iconkyzacreations:KyzaCreations 229 10 Lucina (FEW) for XNALARA XPS by Ambros489 Lucina (FEW) for XNALARA XPS :iconambros489:Ambros489 99 6 I'm Going to Cherish Every Moment by xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx I'm Going to Cherish Every Moment :iconxx-mr-no-name-xx:xX-Mr-No-Name-Xx 441 82 Small Angel of Death by RayDango Small Angel of Death :iconraydango:RayDango 1,187 67 Lucina's Judgement - Lucina + Grima Robin by Eldervi Lucina's Judgement - Lucina + Grima Robin :iconeldervi:Eldervi 152 21 Lucina by 01nu Lucina :icon01nu:01nu 401 47 Happy Halloween 2018 by RayDango Happy Halloween 2018 :iconraydango:RayDango 335 10 Lucina / FEA (2) by kazeplay Lucina / FEA (2) :iconkazeplay:kazeplay 182 8