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La Tigressa

Name: La Tigressa (Raquel Guerrera)
Height: 5’9”
Weight:  150
Age: 31
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Alignment: Face
Bio: Raquel was born into a wrestling family the Legendary Guerrera family but the thing was that it was always the men of course who would become wrestlers. Raquel was the only child to her father Jesús who was wrestling under the mask El Rey Tigre jr. El Rey Tigre is passed down to the eldest son of the family, but as time went on Raquel was the only child that born to the Guerrera family. Her father decided to go against tradition and start to teach his daughter how to wrestle. Her grandfather supported it because he knew that times were changing and also he saw how Raquel loved professional wrestling so they would start to train her with her cousins. Raquel would catch on to wrestling pretty quickly as she was able to keep up with her cousins and even surpassed her older cousin as she started to do top rope moves a
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