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lori got a smoothie by lorikitty lori got a smoothie :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 6 14 Fire Fairy by lorikitty Fire Fairy :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 2 14 rukia art-trade with xaristax by lorikitty rukia art-trade with xaristax :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 1 8 cloud fairy - WIP by lorikitty cloud fairy - WIP :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 0
Being Real - Ch.1 Coming Home
being real
Chapter One - Coming Home
  hometown's never quite the same once you've been gone for seven years.
Mandy had realized this, of course, but had still harbored some secret
hopes, until they'd been slowly slashed to pieces during her first
half-hour after getting off the bus at the local greyhound.
  she should've realized it when she'd seen malls instead of the usual
stretches of flatland-covered-in-grass, though that was easily
dismissed as "we aren't that close yet". Even as she'd seen the station
coming up too quickly, she'd insisted to herself that she had one more
to go, despite the large, familiar re-painted sign that said "Welcome to
Gavingston" which was somehow suspended from sky-hooks or some such, since
it hovered over the roof of the bus-station.
  Now, standing in the light-but-consistant rain outside of an all too
familiar house, she realized this place may look different, but the ghosts
haunting her memories hadn't really changed.
  She'd last stood in this spot
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kitty's journey
mom was in her fight-me mood again.
she was never sure what to do. she tried to not fight back, as hard as she could, but when her mom was in this mood
she'd pick and pick at you until you were suddenly the devil's own spawn, or guilty of all her accusations.
the girl closed the door to her room, sensing her mother's mood.
the door rattled, since the edge around the door had been knocked loose in a previous fight.
"yea?" the girl said, warily, standing directly behind the door.
"you open this door right now young lady! you know your father doesn't like locked doors!"
she closed her eyes, looking for the patience within herself. finding none, she unlocked the door and stood back.
her mother slammed into the room, pregnant belly bulging in ahead of her.
"I'm going to pick up your father soon."
the girl nodded, playing with one of the doilies her mother'd crocheted for her, one that was sitting under the
jewelry box on her dresser.
her mother was meek this time.
"you still t
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lorikitty 2018 by lorikitty lorikitty 2018 :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 0 grayscale human female by lorikitty grayscale human female :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 0 Seras Love - Cover outline by lorikitty Seras Love - Cover outline :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 1 smashing coffee - outline by lorikitty smashing coffee - outline :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 2 Murmur Chibi by skelebrity Murmur Chibi :iconskelebrity:skelebrity 10 13 moonlight sonata by lorikitty moonlight sonata :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 0 Fire Fairy - finished by lorikitty Fire Fairy - finished :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 2 2 Dirky and his Mount by lorikitty Dirky and his Mount :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 3 Dirky and the Princess by lorikitty Dirky and the Princess :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 0 Dirky the Dragonslayer by lorikitty Dirky the Dragonslayer :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 0
Murder In the City - Part 2
After getting Angela registered at the familiar old elementary school of her youth, and then situated in her class, Nina wandered around the school grounds. Everything seemed familiar, causing a slight ache near her heart. Memories of the three of them, Mark, herself and Lenny, chasing eachother all over the playground, flooded her mind. Tears threatend to spill out of her suddenly over-full eyes. The sudden rush of longing caused the ache to deepen. If only things were as simple as they were as a child, when her biggest concern was whether she finished her science fair project in time, or if she managed to make it home without putting holes in her jeans. She and Mark had always been inseperable, and when Lenny had shown up in third grade, he had instantly turned the duo into a trio. They'd been together through so much, through girls and boys and discovering things about themselves. She recalled Lenny's battle with his sexuality, and Mark coming to terms with his best friend's prefere
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in a corner by lorikitty in a corner :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 0
Murder in the City
Nina leaned forward, her foot tapping rapidly on the plush red carpet beneath the cozy table she shared with her boyfriend.
Tom glanced at Nina, tilting his head to one side and raising a brow.
"You're tapping again, Darling. Is something bothering you?"
She lifted her gaze, then quickly focused on her food again. "What makes you think something is bothering me?"
Her bottom lip found its way between her teeth, as she rearranged her mashed potatos.
"I thought the potatos looked better on the other side, to be honest. Maybe you could add some of my peas as decoration."
Abruptly Nina straightened, her fork clattering on her plate as she grabbed the sides of her chair.
"Tom, I can't see you anymore."
Tom's eyebrows raised, almost comically. Considering how close he and Nina had become over the past few months, this was
a huge shock. He slowly placed his fork on the table near his plate, jumping slightly when it banged loudly against his water glass.
"What brought this on, Darling? There ar
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melissa heart by lorikitty melissa heart :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 1 0 blue heart kitty by lorikitty blue heart kitty :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 0 9 lorikitty - aug 2007 by lorikitty lorikitty - aug 2007 :iconlorikitty:lorikitty 1 0