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Lonely Soldiers II. by Kara-a Lonely Soldiers II. :iconkara-a:Kara-a 336 17 Lonely Soldier by SummerRayn Lonely Soldier :iconsummerrayn:SummerRayn 172 21 Comm: Aesha Gorani by SicilianValkyrie Comm: Aesha Gorani :iconsicilianvalkyrie:SicilianValkyrie 82 10 Lonely Soldier by SabbathPhotography Lonely Soldier :iconsabbathphotography:SabbathPhotography 91 28 Lonely Soldier by halo-monk Lonely Soldier :iconhalo-monk:halo-monk 13 44
Little Soldier
The lonely little soldier on top of the hill
knows he must fall; it's part of the drill.
He appears so lost, and doesn't know what to do...
so he looks with searching eyes up to the great blue.
He thinks and he ponders about what may come,
and while the heavens are uncaring, the wind starts to hum.
A spirited dirge on fluttery wings
is the only clue of what the future brings.
Its whispers tell of ages past,
and how the time has flown so fast.
The little soldier closes his eyes,
letting his heart say its last goodbyes.
Wrinkles tell of experiences taking their toll,
and wearily speak of the years they stole.
Fragile, leathery skin with holes and cracks
show how the little soldier's taken too many hacks.
His comrades have fallen one by one,
each of their landings like fire from a gun.
A crack is heard and he's over the edge, falling.
As he tumbles, his soul answers a calling,
rising above and looking upon the shell that once held him.
The limbo between life and death fades and becomes di
:iconquirkybrainiac:QuirkyBrainiac 13 66
Robotech the Movie - Poster 1 by exokopaka Robotech the Movie - Poster 1 :iconexokopaka:exokopaka 40 22 Cliffs of Dover by SabbathPhotography Cliffs of Dover :iconsabbathphotography:SabbathPhotography 20 4 Lonely Soldier by X75TIGER75X Lonely Soldier :iconx75tiger75x:X75TIGER75X 13 2 A Lonely Soldier by XxPantherNovaXx A Lonely Soldier :iconxxpanthernovaxx:XxPantherNovaXx 9 6 The lonely soldier by bittersweetvenom The lonely soldier :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 6 1 lonely soldier in the dark drawing by me by naruXhinata lonely soldier in the dark drawing by me :iconnaruxhinata:naruXhinata 5 13 Lonely Soldier by ramondomingos Lonely Soldier :iconramondomingos:ramondomingos 4 4 Eden prime by Gnigi Eden prime :icongnigi:Gnigi 4 2 lonely soldier by EisNeXuS lonely soldier :iconeisnexus:EisNeXuS 4 6 War Peace by DifferentArtist War Peace :icondifferentartist:DifferentArtist 3 10 Lonely Soldier in Moonlight by Sun2DustART Lonely Soldier in Moonlight :iconsun2dustart:Sun2DustART 3 2 Lonely Soldier by onDstick Lonely Soldier :iconondstick:onDstick 2 0
Broken but not loved
Unforgiven but forgotten
Lonely Soldier
Fall and be Forgiven
Bow and be Broken
Scream Defiance
Forgiven but never Forgotten
:iconfireyfreedom:fireyfreedom 2 12
awol.. by jc-ashleigh awol.. :iconjc-ashleigh:jc-ashleigh 2 1 The Lonely Soldier by Marcel94afca The Lonely Soldier :iconmarcel94afca:Marcel94afca 2 2 Lonely soldier by chibiclem Lonely soldier :iconchibiclem:chibiclem 1 0 The Lonely Soldier by ladymisha The Lonely Soldier :iconladymisha:ladymisha 1 1
Lonely soldier in the rain
In the rain I try to overcome my doubts and sorrow so I can go on,
Even though this life is hard I stay strong.
I wash away what seems to be my desperation,
But it might be the plea that calls for restoration..
I keep asking myself this: a life of eternal bliss or a life filled with tears and reminisce
A soldier in the rain walking all alone, wondering where the times went that somebody would phone..
He tries to keep his hopes up but he will fail without a doubt
The cries around him he can't hear, not even if they shout…
He tried to keep believing, but he went too far out,
Now they only see him dreaming, not responding to the crowd…
A soldier struggling in the rain his head up high marching once again
This time he did respond when somebody called his name.
An angel with a smile so cute called out through the rain.
He looks at her in wonder, wondering what to say
She just said I loved you and kept repeating that phrase
His face went up to hers and they stare at each others gaze.
:iconthe-thunder-emperor:The-Thunder-Emperor 1 1