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Rolling Girl~English Lyrics (zoozbuh)
A rolling girl is always far away
In her dream world she longs to stay
So much noise buzzing round inside her head
All the worries never end, all the worries never end...
"No problem" is so easily said
but now, is there any meaning left?
She fails once more, fails once more
After searching for the odd one out in the crowd,
she starts spinning again...
One more time, one more time
"I think I will keep rolling on today too"
And so she says, so she says
Making sure that each of her words is sincere
"Are you okay? No, I'm in a daze
Trying to escape but I just don't see the point.
Maybe I should just stop breathing."
A rolling girl feels she has reached the end,
The colours blend and can't be felt
All these voices are fighting to be heard
They're all merging into one, they're all merging into one
"No problem" is so easily said
but now, those words have no meaning left
and how will I stay on the right path?
Even the hill's tempting me to stray from what's right;
make mistakes I'll regret
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Lonely Girl...
Lonely girl against the cold stoned wall.
Her life changed from rise to  fall.
She cries through the night, trying to hold on,
But no one can see or hear her, she's on her own.
This lonely girl needs a tender touch or hold,
Someone to love and protect her,
And hide her from the cold…
Lonely girl, please don't cry.
Your pain hurts we know, but please don't hide.
Wipe those tears away and put on a smile…
A smile upon your scared face,
…added with a warm and angelic embrace.
Little girl, it will all be ok.
We promise to care and treasure you,
For what it's worth "we are protecting you"
I know its hard, to see through the dark
But remember those good times down at the park.
With your mother pushing your swing at six-months old,
And your father calling you his little princess at seven years old.
They may not be here now, but remember the good times,
As these are the memories we need to live on with,
Lonely girl, please don't cry,
us angels are watching… with us
:iconjessicakgowdy:JessicaKGowdy 71 69
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Lonely Girl
That lonely girl over there is a misfit.
She cannot do anything without
Making a mistake.
Everyone thinks she's trash
To be thrown away and
Be forgotten like trash.
Always lonely, always lonely.
Why doesn't anyone help her
from her darkness?
"I'm fine," a lie through
Clenched teeth.
No one asks her how
She feels at all.
Just alone, just alone.
There's nowhere she can
Go at all to be safe.
There's nothing she can
Do to be praised for at all.
Why can't she be saved at all?
Forever alone, forever alone.
"Can I please speak no--?"
Shut up stupid girl,
Shut up stupid girl.
You're not even worth listening to!
"Why are you living?"
"Is your life worth it?"
There's nothing I can do
Without a cruel remark of my life.
Forever alone, the misfit girl is.
There's nothing she can be seen
In a good light.
Why does everyone ignore and
Continue to hurt her?
"I'm just fine," is a
Lie through clenched teeth.
Nobody praises her for anything.
Why doesn't anyone help her
To stop her crying?
Will someone ple
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