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Hello,Wendy by Fedini Hello,Wendy :iconfedini:Fedini 6,316 1,049 The City by Night by Mohain The City by Night :iconmohain:Mohain 1,129 175 Fog on Baker Street by aun61 Fog on Baker Street :iconaun61:aun61 577 155 Epcot United Kingdom Stock 8 by AreteStock Epcot United Kingdom Stock 8 :iconaretestock:AreteStock 82 9 Telephone Box by rubylines Telephone Box :iconrubylines:rubylines 258 67 Gloomy street by Stanjamme Gloomy street :iconstanjamme:Stanjamme 84 30 Prison of Desire by Cosmopavone Prison of Desire :iconcosmopavone:Cosmopavone 154 83 The Magic City by Natizilda The Magic City :iconnatizilda:Natizilda 61 19 MMD/MME Kaiko IRL by ChestNutScoop MMD/MME Kaiko IRL :iconchestnutscoop:ChestNutScoop 32 7 The Bridge by theblindalley The Bridge :icontheblindalley:theblindalley 43 3 NAT JONES, LIQUID - AHM pin-up by slickaway NAT JONES, LIQUID - AHM pin-up :iconslickaway:slickaway 31 10 City by Deere City :icondeere:Deere 72 14
11thDoctorXreader: Non-Invasive Methodology
He had much time on his hands - the Doctor - but that didn't mean he wished to spend it whittling away at small insignificant tasks. He needed to be saving worlds, defeating bad guys, saving companions, receiving kisses from his compan-
He slapped his face to get him out of that thought pattern. It wasn't good. Many more fantasies like that and he'd practically be Jack Harkness.
It had been a while since he'd seen anyone that had travelled with him. He still yearned Amy and Rory's presence, and he was still torn up over what to feel about Clara, glad of the free time he had to think whilst she was away.
But he had too much free time, and he needed something to do.
Pacing the streets of darkening London was not on his to-do list.
Away from the hubbub of an awakening night-life in the city centre, the Doctor casually strolled down the pavements of the lesser seen residential London, home to the majority of its population, of which most would be settling down for another eve
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 138 48
Commission: Daniel Blackburn 2 by starca Commission: Daniel Blackburn 2 :iconstarca:starca 81 17 London VII by irem-altan London VII :iconirem-altan:irem-altan 20 4 City of London at night by cody29 City of London at night :iconcody29:cody29 61 13 London Nights by fbuk London Nights :iconfbuk:fbuk 31 2 Nightfall by dandelgrosso Nightfall :icondandelgrosso:dandelgrosso 60 49 Nocturne by barrabash Nocturne :iconbarrabash:barrabash 59 30 Offices at night. by MarioGuti Offices at night. :iconmarioguti:MarioGuti 56 12 52. Weekend by sororicida 52. Weekend :iconsororicida:sororicida 26 38 City construction by SilverButton City construction :iconsilverbutton:SilverButton 24 7