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[MMD] How to FIX pmx files corrupted by PMX Locker
Edit: Guess what? The author himself of PMX Locker retired his program.
It seems that newer version of PMX Editor have corrected the BUG (you know what does "bug" mean, do you?) that caused the malfunction when opening PMX files invalidated/corrupted by PMX Locker changing the fourth character in the file header definition. It seems I was right calling this supposed "locking" as "corrupting".

About PMX Model Locker:
What is PMX Model Locker?
It's a simple tool useful to "lock" a PMX file in order to prevent other users opening it and modifying it in PMX Editor. It preserves the original PMX model and makes a "locked" copy of it. The goal of this program is to allow MMD authors to redistribute only the "locked" version (and of course all its textures, spa/sph files, fx and so on), so final users still can use the model in MMD animations but they cannot edit it.
A "minor" issue of the "locked" model is that it won't work if used in
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