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Kyrie Irving Wallpaper by IshaanMishra Kyrie Irving Wallpaper :iconishaanmishra:IshaanMishra 81 9 Recession by s-rae Recession :icons-rae:s-rae 98 16 Facade 1 by RottenRagamuffin Facade 1 :iconrottenragamuffin:RottenRagamuffin 95 85 Webdesign 4 loans company by lukearoo Webdesign 4 loans company :iconlukearoo:lukearoo 34 12 No Acorn Stamp by 1389AD No Acorn Stamp :icon1389ad:1389AD 26 23 Kyrie Irving Wallpaper by IshaanMishra Kyrie Irving Wallpaper :iconishaanmishra:IshaanMishra 23 0 Interested in Currency? by OrderOfTheNewWorld Interested in Currency? :iconorderofthenewworld:OrderOfTheNewWorld 45 13
It Didn't Reach The Ground...
It doesn't even reach the ground...
The snow just slowly falls around.
It was beautiful, I had to admit,
But it just didn't seem to fit.
The way it fell down in the south;
It didn't even reach my mouth.
It then melted into rain
And I was sad; Left in pain.
A silly thing to be sad about,
But I have never seen the snow throughout.
The first time my eyes set sight
On the rain and snow falling in the night.
Disappointment ran through my veins
And I was just left to hate the rains.
For they expertly wash away everything.
The snow; Something I have never seen.
I despise it when it betrays me so,
For it's melting what I don't want to go.
Now, It's stopped snowing and I go forth,
Yearning to go on straight to the North.
Somewhere where there's everything
And only to the rain, I don't have to cling.
I do love them, Ihonestly do
However I'm longing for something entirely new.
:iconfaded-innocence:faded-innocence 85 7
Perfect money website by lefiath Perfect money website :iconlefiath:lefiath 17 2 Aegis Logo by djonas3 Aegis Logo :icondjonas3:djonas3 18 4 Americans Tricked into WW1 by OrderOfTheNewWorld Americans Tricked into WW1 :iconorderofthenewworld:OrderOfTheNewWorld 25 26 The Cashed and the Usurious by AmericanDreaming The Cashed and the Usurious :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 22 8 Money Is Evil by Phantom-Wolf42 Money Is Evil :iconphantom-wolf42:Phantom-Wolf42 45 7 Anamigo by Jayhem Anamigo :iconjayhem:Jayhem 15 2 IMRL Web Design by Jayhem IMRL Web Design :iconjayhem:Jayhem 14 4 A Career in Slavery by OrderOfTheNewWorld A Career in Slavery :iconorderofthenewworld:OrderOfTheNewWorld 42 5
Strategies to Improve Personal Finances
63% of Americans don't have enough savings to cover a $500 emergency expense without resorting to borrowing or credit.  Sixty.  Three.  Percent.  Many of you reading this are likely in this position yourselves.  It is true that there is not the same level of economic opportunity that their once was, or that there could be.  Jobs siphon into the abyss of sweatshops and automation, wages stagnate, benefits disappear, and the cost of living marches implacably on.  And yet, amid the trends and forces which jostle us against our will, we possess the power to drastically improve our financial situations on our own, wholly apart from legislative or systemic changes.  This essay is not a commentary on the problems of our current economic system, nor about policy solutions that might make it more fair or effec
:iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 16 7
 Blood Debts On The Loans by Rayjmaraca Blood Debts On The Loans :iconrayjmaraca:Rayjmaraca 40 17 Lebron Energy Wave by Madhatterl7 Lebron Energy Wave :iconmadhatterl7:Madhatterl7 11 7 College of Liberal Arts by Conservatoons College of Liberal Arts :iconconservatoons:Conservatoons 45 54 Gotham belongs to the clowns by SmilexVillainco Gotham belongs to the clowns :iconsmilexvillainco:SmilexVillainco 45 5 Kyrie Irving Dark Knight Wallpaper by IshaanMishra Kyrie Irving Dark Knight Wallpaper :iconishaanmishra:IshaanMishra 9 0