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TMNT - Like fathers like...? by Myrling TMNT - Like fathers like...? :iconmyrling:Myrling 752 208 TMNT: Remy Gordon-Hamato (RE-DESIGN) by Suzukiwee1357 TMNT: Remy Gordon-Hamato (RE-DESIGN) :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 455 67 TMNT NEXT GEN: Mama Liz by Suzukiwee1357 TMNT NEXT GEN: Mama Liz :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 651 104 TMNT Next Gen - Nudist in training by Myrling TMNT Next Gen - Nudist in training :iconmyrling:Myrling 637 220 Dip N Kiss by Suzukiwee1357 Dip N Kiss :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 522 48 Super Mario Bromance by Kamden Super Mario Bromance :iconkamden:Kamden 2,120 577 Marching Band Drum Majors by featherbrained-flute Marching Band Drum Majors :iconfeatherbrained-flute:featherbrained-flute 602 210 TMNT: Good News And...?? by Suzukiwee1357 TMNT: Good News And...?? :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 494 59 Elizabeth Taylor Doll Tribute by noeling Elizabeth Taylor Doll Tribute :iconnoeling:noeling 1,468 112 Don't Wake The Baby by Suzukiwee1357 Don't Wake The Baby :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 681 115 He's Your Son by Suzukiwee1357 He's Your Son :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 409 50
Death the KidXReader Tutor
     "Son, you have become a great weapon meister. There are a couple of students struggling in Professor Stein's class. As a great meister and as my son, I feel that it is your duty to help and tutor some of these students. A particular student I have already set up for after classes today is ___, she is a meister who works with a sword like Crona," Lord Death said in his squeaky voice. He watched his son sigh and glance at his weapons, the twins Liz and Patty. He rested a hand on the back of his head and watched his father move about. "I guess… "Death the Kid reluctantly agreed.
    Even though Lord Death wore a mask, Kid was sure that he was grinning. Lord Death waved his huge white hands about then gently patted Kid on the head. "That's my son, now go ahead to class and don't be late," cheered Kid's father. Kid turned away from his father. "Liz… Patty, let's go," Kid told his weapons and headed down the steps.
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Bioshock: Infinite - Young Liz final concept by shoomlah Bioshock: Infinite - Young Liz final concept :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 4,573 92 Alfheim Online - Kirito by DennisStelly Alfheim Online - Kirito :icondennisstelly:DennisStelly 281 8 Elizabeth Taylor custom repaint doll by Noel Cruz by noeling Elizabeth Taylor custom repaint doll by Noel Cruz :iconnoeling:noeling 300 17 Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Doll by noeling Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Doll :iconnoeling:noeling 1,398 117 Red Queen - Alice: Madness Returns by yayacosplay Red Queen - Alice: Madness Returns :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 4,279 177 Undertale x Soul Eater by world-dominashunXD Undertale x Soul Eater :iconworld-dominashunxd:world-dominashunXD 946 98 Bioshock Infinite - Young Liz costume development by shoomlah Bioshock Infinite - Young Liz costume development :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 5,901 133 Soul Eater:fading-memories Req by Suguri Soul Eater:fading-memories Req :iconsuguri:Suguri 3,084 137
SE - Death the Kid x Reader - The Party
You hated parties ... the only reason you went was because Maka told you Kid would be there ... you had liked him since you joined the academy ... you saw him several times at the academy and he even said "Hello" to you on a few occasions ... but otherwise, he barely made eye contact with you. You sighed as you stood by the window, staring out of it. Kid's house was really fancy ... and large. You thought it would be really lonely if Kid lived there all by himself ... but he didn't. You were snapped out of your thoughts when your friend Maka came up to you
"Hey, what are you doing here by yourself? Join the party" She said
You smiled at her ... but you had no intention of socialising
"Not right now ..." You mumbled
"Oh come on, even Crona is enjoying himself" Maka said, laughing
You dared to look. She wasn't lying. Crona looked really happy
Oh crap ... if he's happy, how miserable does that make me? You thought
"I'll introduce you to the rest of the gang!" She said
You sighed
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Garfield the human by VampireMeerkat Garfield the human :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 1,367 171 FS: Vulnerability by Suzukiwee1357 FS: Vulnerability :iconsuzukiwee1357:Suzukiwee1357 371 37