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dA Guide: Text Formatting
This is just a quick text formatting guide for dA. My goal was to make a simple html guide for easy reference.  Please PAY ATTENTION to where the codes WILL and WILL NOT work!  (Certain codes won't work in comments and deviation descriptions, no matter how hard you try.)  :'D
I provided "working examples," which might make the codes easier to understand because you can see them in action. (Keep in mind that when you type html tags, the effects won't be visible until AFTER you hit "Preview" on your comment, journal, etc. I only made them visible for the purpose of demonstration.) Enjoy!!!

The following codes can be used in
comments, deviation descriptions, journals, and profile page widgets.

This will make bold text.
This will also make bold text.
This will make italicized text.
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Cupcake Calories (Commission) by Disconcere Cupcake Calories (Commission) :icondisconcere:Disconcere 572 4
Character Profile Outline
Okay, before anybody starts to think this is some weird idea, let me explain.
For anyone who knows how to write (and I mean, REALLY knows how to write), you understand that a good story has everything written out on paper first.  You know, stuff like Outlines, Plot Triangles, Character Profiles.  This might be of a challenge to some of you and tie you down, but unless you are capable of keeping every piece of information in your mind, this is a good resource to fall back on.  If you do not need this, then fine—you aren’t required to use it.  According to Science Fiction Writers of America, do character sketches and plot summaries but “do not let yourself be locked in by your planning documents.”
In time, I will devise a website that will help more than just creating your character.  On said site, I will post other outlines that will help YOU with YOUR writing, along with some very useful information. 
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how to make small text by xWolfPackLeaderx how to make small text :iconxwolfpackleaderx:xWolfPackLeaderx 1,217 5,585
Nishinoya x Reader: Goddess Mishap
    "Goddess! You are looking as beautiful as ever!"
    "You cold gaze is fuel for my empty heart!"
    Tanaka and Nishinoya's voices boomed loudly from inside the gym. It was amazing how clear their voices were even when you were just standing outside, waiting for the right moment to enter. Usually this display of affection from the two seniors didn't bother you as much. To be honest you'd find it even weirder if a day had rolled by without their usual high pitched praises for the bespectacled beauty of the Karasuno Volleyball Club, which was of course none other than Kyoko Shimuzu. She was your sister as a matter of fact, which sometimes caused people to either compare you to her or mistake the both of you for the other. It was annoying, constantly telling people that you were your own person and not your sister. You hated being in her shadow but you couldn't bring yourself to hold a grudge against Kyoko herse
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Possessive Instinct (Kaname Kuran x Reader)
The breeze that ruffled your (h/c) hair was warm, and you sighed up at the stars as you sat uncomfortably on the cold stone balcony. It had been a few hours since the Night Class had departed for their night schooling, leaving you wondering why once again.
Why were you the only person in the Moon Dorms that was not a part of the Night Class? Why were you placed into dorms with people you hardly ever saw; when you were in class they were asleep, and vice versa?
It was all confusing to you, but you just remained silent and went with it- it was the Chairman's request after all, who were you to question his choice? You were just the new girl.
You had pored over these thoughts for the past month, never reaching an answer. Every time you had decided to confront the leader of the dorm, Kaname Kuran, your resolve had withered under his gaze. You admitted that you were attracted the boy, but there was something about him- about all the Night Class- that was
Deciding that your seatin
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Huge character profile of completeness TEMPLATE
Huge character profile of completeness
    This character profile template was made by compiling a whole lot of templates made by other artists that I felt were not specific enough and adding many more questions to make everything more specific. The links are in the description, please visit their versions too. This profile is ginormous, not every question may be relevant to your character. The main goal is to have a profile that is as complete as it can get, so not every question will need to be filled in. Add and remove as is needed as there's only few characters every question is relevant for. If you think questions should be added, comment and suggest! There also exists a html file on pastebin for mobile users which can be found here.
Physical information 

Name used: 
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...You're actually in love with me? by TakuyaRawr ...You're actually in love with me? :icontakuyarawr:TakuyaRawr 603 22 Bad Memories by TakuyaRawr Bad Memories :icontakuyarawr:TakuyaRawr 265 14 Delete Her - DDLC by azulmimi99 Delete Her - DDLC :iconazulmimi99:azulmimi99 248 35
Let Me Sleep Pluto X Reader
       Hot breath covered your face a second before a large wet tongue licked your cheek. Without opening your eyes, you wiped off your cheek and rolled over. “Pluto, what are you doing? It's not time to be awake yet, go back to sleep. We can play later.” Hoping he'd listen, you relaxed into your new sleeping position and yawned.
You felt your bed move and shake for a couple of seconds before Pluto dropped his chin onto your shoulder. He gently nuzzled at you, whining quietly into your ear.
Knowing he wasn't going to leave you alone until he'd gotten what he wanted, you rolled over again and stared at him with sleepy eyes. “Plu, it's still dark outside.” You yawned again, so tired you were barely able to see straight. “What in the world do you want?”
He was immediately sitting up and wagging his tail. With a loud bark he jumped off of your bed and drew back the curtains. Panting excitedly he jumped back in your bed, bit the sleeve
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-[DDLC//MMD]- ..: DokiDokiLiteratureClub :.. by OzzWalcito -[DDLC//MMD]- ..: DokiDokiLiteratureClub :.. :iconozzwalcito:OzzWalcito 399 37 Lost Books by autumnsmuse Lost Books :iconautumnsmuse:autumnsmuse 908 87 little red riding hood. by coniro little red riding hood. :iconconiro:coniro 3,812 468
*Let Her Go* Nazi!Germany X Reader
(( Comment please! This is a songfic. Also it's better if you listen to the song during or (if you can't listen and read) before you read. Let Her Go by Passenger if you don't already know.))
Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go

"You're so blind Ludwig! People are DYING!" (Name) yelled at her husband for the hundredth time. What happened to him? To THEM? He had been so kind, so loving. Now he was a monster. Proudly showing off the red piece of death fabric tied around his bicep. They were the perfect couple. Walking their dogs in the park, sharing ice cream, now they did nothing but fight. " For a better tomorrow! Don't you understand woman!? You're the blind one! Don't you see how wonderful this could be for us!? For the world! Who cares if a f
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Mistborn: Vin and Kelsier by DjamilaKnopf Mistborn: Vin and Kelsier :icondjamilaknopf:DjamilaKnopf 1,394 141
Abridged Character Sheet
     - Book, Chapter
     General Characteristics
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Written descriptions are fine.)
Other Names: (Nicknames, pen names, pet names, etc.)
Titles: (Prefixes, suffixes, etc. Wikipedia has a great list of these here.)
Alternate Forms: (What can your character turn into, voluntarily or involuntarily, while retaining control over that form or not? Descriptions are fine. An entirely new character sheet would be best.)
Theme Song: (What song best describes you character?)
     Personal Characteristics
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Death Date: (Leave this blank if you don't know when they will die. You can alwa
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Sayori by Kechuppika Sayori :iconkechuppika:Kechuppika 393 26
Norway x Reader Trolling~
Norway x Reader
               A large smirk appeared on your face. You had a playful glint in your (e/c) eyes. Everything was about to fall into place.
"I can't wait to see his reaction," you snickered to yourself.
"It'll be priceless!"
You wiggled your fingers above the keyboard, and clicked send.
"Now, I wait…heh-heh….." you put your fingers together, as an evil mastermind would.
"BWAHAHAHAHA-" your evil laughter was interrupted by your friend, who was at the moment, one of your victims. He probably wouldn't care that much, since he enjoyed pranking and trolling others with you.
"__________? I heard THAT laugh….what are you up to this time?" Mathias asked, while entering the room.
You turned dramatically in your swivel chair to face him. Your lips curled up in delight.
"Why don't you take a look?" you purred.
He walked over to your computer, and you pressed play. The YouTube video loaded up and
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Eclipse - A constructive review by Senzune by Senzune Eclipse - A constructive review by Senzune :iconsenzune:Senzune 84 83
How to Submit Literature on DeviantArt (3 methods)
If you want to submit literature on DeviantArt, you have three choices:
(1) submit it directly through dA through "submit art"
(2) submit with a .pdf (I tried submitting with a Word doc and it didn't work like it should).
(3) submit it through Sta.shWriter
If you choose to directly submit it through "Submit Art", it's pretty simple (I know this looks like a lot of steps, but they're necessary to make this easy):
Hover over the "Submit" link at the top of your DeviantArt page. This will give you the option of "Submit Art" or "Stash" as your first 2 options. Select "Submit Art". This will give you a "Submission Screen". You have the option of clicking on "Choose a file to upload" or dragging and dropping a document onto the screen where it says "drag and drop your art here". If you use these options, you can use a Word document, but like I said, it doesn't work like it should. You must add a preview pic and your readers will only be able to see the preview pic, and in order
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The Original List of Themes
1. Introduction
2. Complicated
3. Making History
4. Rivalry
5. Unbreakable
6. Obsession
7. Eternity
8. Gateway
9. Death
10. Opportunities
11. 33%
12. Dead Wrong
13. Running Away
14. Judgement
15. Seeking Solace
16. Excuses
17. Vengeance
18. Love
19. Tears
20. My Inspiration
21. Never Again
22. Online
23. Failure
24. Rebirth
25. Breaking Away
26. Forever and a day
27. Lost and Found
28. Light
29. Dark
30. Faith
31. Colours
32. Exploration
33. Seeing Red
34. Shades of Grey
35. Forgotten
36. Dreamer
37. Mist
38. Burning
39. Out of Time
40. Knowing How
41. Fork in the road
42. Start
43. Nature's Fury
44. At Peace
45. Heart Song
46. Reflection
47. Perfection
48. Everyday Magic
49. Umbrella
50. Party
51. Troubling Thoughts
52. Stirring of the Wind
53. Future
54. Health and Healing
55. Separation
56. Everything For You
57. Slow Down
58. Heartfelt Apology
59. Challenged
60. Exhaustion
61. Accuracy
62. Irregular Orbit
63. Cold Embrace
64. Frost
65. A Moment in Time
66. Dangerous Territory
67. B
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