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One of Those Fat Making Notebooks - EXTENDED CUT by BSWriter, literature

Wedding Belle (AE/BE/HG) by appleyolo, literature

Caitlyn's Crush (A female muscle story) by JDTUFTS, literature

POV: Your Busty Blubbery Barber by Itsqwet, literature

How Are These Not Big Enough? by gregbissell, literature

Don't use knock offs. (Longer Version) by TheStoryTeller120, literature

The Year 3024 is Fattening for Model (Weight Gain) by bobiscool18, literature

Super Pochaco's visit to the Chocolate Factory pt4 by Cloudywolf66, literature

Not So Different Part 8 (Male Weight Gain Story) by lahalahala, literature

Flandre's Shrunken Prisoners - Part 1 (Touhou Gts) by idunnow, literature

The Feeder's Dream, Ch 2: SSBHM, FFA, XWG, feeding by Charlizzle, literature

The muscle experiment (request) by ElsieGuen, literature

Megan's Growing Interests - Part 1 by dtao10, literature

American Appetite, Dutch Temptation by Meeper07, literature

COMM: Bernies Bad Weight Loss Plan [XWG MILF SSBW] by WeightGainLit, literature

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Flurry Heart, Princess of Gluttony Ch 4 by CollinthePoodle, literature

One week to change her mind by Nowe333, literature

The Soda War of 2072 by JBonly, literature

Corpulent Critique by chickenshack, literature

The dragon god wife part two by Alexnicu, literature

Unspoken by EAJEM, literature

Lucy Mod Life Mobile by Expandingstories, literature

Kidnapped For The Birthday Girl #1 (Femdom POV) by StarryLilDemon, literature

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