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Be Prepared! (Human!ScarxReader): Part 1
~Author's Note: Human Scar. That is all. <3 Enjoy!!~
~Also, animals are considered tribes (i.e. Lion Tribe, Hyena Tribe, etc) and a person's race, though the human versions retain animalistic qualities :)~

The unobscured, merciless African sun beats down upon your bare flesh and yet you’re unfazed as you slink through the burning savannah grass, bone-dagger in hand, and follow the lingering scent of the prey. Your tapered (e/c) eyes flit about you nervously every few seconds—you’re far beyond your tribe’s territory and into another’s, but you were forced to venture farther than ever in search of food. The scent of your prey remains unadulterated by that of unwelcomed hunters. 
Moving with soundless steps, the grass brushes against the exposed planes of your arms, stomach, and legs when you lower to your haunches and fingers to slither across a small clearing behind a fallen log. Just beyond it, you can hear the thick slapping of hair agains
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 395 49
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