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Human!Scar x Reader (Lion King)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
Mufasa the king of pride rock had recently passed, the females of our tribe took the time of no reign to kick me out of the tribe. There was no real reason, they just didn't like me because of my refusal to 'mate' with our king.
So i walked the desert alone no food, no water and only rags too cover myself, with whereas in the tribe i'd have a dress with jewellery for being in the king's harem despite ever having any relations with him, due to my refusal. But Mufasa was a good man so he never forced anything on me if i didn't want to.
I sighed wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my forearm, in any moment i could have a heat stroke, and if this was a story of some sort i probably would.
My vision began to grow blurry and i saw triple of everything, not that there was much to see. My legs dragged through the sand a
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