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Hey everyone, this was the original post for my old TOS guide. It's super duper old and I'm so thrilled to FINALLY update it for good.
Here is the good docs where you locate and read the new Terms of Service and Use.
Here is the old one for you to review, way back from the first draft of like... 2014. Painfully outdated.
[ Older Clover Coin Designs Terms of Service Link on the Clo Wiki ]
This page will eventually be removed in a week or two. I want to make sure everyone has a moment or two to take a look and make sure they are alright with the terms I have placed on my work and if it affects them in any manner of owning my work.
What's changed about the terms of service?
I have been trying to work on updating my Terms of Service since about May of 2018. I aske
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