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The clock ticks life away by AF-studios The clock ticks life away :iconaf-studios:AF-studios 5,127 399 the music in my heart. by Bucikah the music in my heart. :iconbucikah:Bucikah 833 127 leave out all the rest by WCS-Wildcat leave out all the rest :iconwcs-wildcat:WCS-Wildcat 547 89 This is the end by AlviaAlcedo This is the end :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 706 33 Dragon Age 2: LESBIANS by o-rlyization Dragon Age 2: LESBIANS :icono-rlyization:o-rlyization 1,408 205 it starts with one by NanFe it starts with one :iconnanfe:NanFe 849 25 Robot Boy WP by axcy Robot Boy WP :iconaxcy:axcy 557 24 Linkin Park 2017 by flamevulture17 Linkin Park 2017 :iconflamevulture17:flamevulture17 56 6 Chester by avvart Chester :iconavvart:avvart 473 22 Post-Apocalyptic Army EDC Belt by NuclearSnailStudios Post-Apocalyptic Army EDC Belt :iconnuclearsnailstudios:NuclearSnailStudios 154 17 Linkin Park 007 by KylieKeene Linkin Park 007 :iconkyliekeene:KylieKeene 419 74 To Lose It All... by NostalgicChills To Lose It All... :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 623 63 Smokeangel by PeppeTi Smokeangel :iconpeppeti:PeppeTi 331 35 Iridescent by Infinite705 Iridescent :iconinfinite705:Infinite705 282 119 Chester Bennington by enigmatic-freak Chester Bennington :iconenigmatic-freak:enigmatic-freak 1,031 627 Chester Bennington by Elnyxa Chester Bennington :iconelnyxa:Elnyxa 416 141 ROBOT BOY by SubjektZero ROBOT BOY :iconsubjektzero:SubjektZero 561 48 Lying from You by chickenMASK Lying from You :iconchickenmask:chickenMASK 739 42 Linkin Park 4 by marvah Linkin Park 4 :iconmarvah:marvah 283 68 Never been perfect by MissHeroin Never been perfect :iconmissheroin:MissHeroin 1,564 255 in pieces by WCS-Wildcat in pieces :iconwcs-wildcat:WCS-Wildcat 702 151 Freeze the time by Ladowska Freeze the time :iconladowska:Ladowska 4,808 247 Linkin Park- A Band. by slvr-eyes Linkin Park- A Band. :iconslvr-eyes:slvr-eyes 880 245 Burn It Down by Chiakiro Burn It Down :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 709 128 Linkin Park Legacy v3 by flamevulture17 Linkin Park Legacy v3 :iconflamevulture17:flamevulture17 43 4
Dumb - Linkin Park : a PARODY
Stop asking me what is two plus three
You know I don’t get it
So why not forget it
I don’t know all of my ABC’s
So stop all the questions
I’m falling out of line
(Call the asylum now,
just call the asylum now)
You know I’m not gonna be
Some great genius just like Einstein
(Call the asylum now,
just call the asylum now)
I’ve become so dumb!
I can’t tie my shoe!
How do you spell cat!?
What is two plus two!?
How do you tell time!?
I sound like I’m ten!
What's this planet called!?
What’s my name again!?
Can’t you see that you’re torturing me
With all of this knowledge
My brain will soon explode
I’m tired of all your useless teachings
How does this affect what I grow up to do
(My brain’s gonna blow
In awhile it will explode)
I just flunked my math test
And I failed English class too
(My brain’s gonna blow
In awhile it will explode)
How much more of this crap will I have to go through!?
I’ve become
:icondark-oblivion:Dark-Oblivion 234 158
In the end by WolfRoad In the end :iconwolfroad:WolfRoad 539 40 Burning In The Skies by Mizu-no-Akira Burning In The Skies :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 949 58 Robot Boy by axcy Robot Boy :iconaxcy:axcy 332 25 CM: Kriddles by serafleur CM: Kriddles :iconserafleur:serafleur 486 13
This is the story of how a band saves a life.
You don’t know when you first see them.
When you first see them, they are a couple boys with weird hair and a band, and at least one of them is potentially gay. When you first see them, you notice the imperfections because humans are judgmental and that’s the way it is. When you first see them, everything is so empty.
And maybe days pass, months, years before they become more to you than another picture of people you don’t particularly care about. Maybe things get better, but chances are, they get worse.
You are looking for a hand to reach out and pull you up from the dark, and no one is coming.
The first time you hear them, maybe you begin to know.
It might not be consciously, and you might have battles to win and lose before you understand. But the first time you hear them, there will be a molten changing inside of you. Something, some part of you will recognize that this moment, this second, the rhythm thrumming in your chest and the drum beat
:iconstarsinthenightsky79:starsinthenightsky79 123 20
Linkin Park - Chester Bennington (drawing) by Quelchii Linkin Park - Chester Bennington (drawing) :iconquelchii:Quelchii 514 145 Linkin Park in Anime form by Fazzle666 Linkin Park in Anime form :iconfazzle666:Fazzle666 1,569 157 Free Love by SenVeBen Free Love :iconsenveben:SenVeBen 1,352 133 Emo Orange by Tlarn Emo Orange :icontlarn:Tlarn 3,407 807 Linkin Park- Iridescent Design by Industrykidz Linkin Park- Iridescent Design :iconindustrykidz:Industrykidz 385 149 the clock ticks life away by iCasseith the clock ticks life away :iconicasseith:iCasseith 231 17 Kill The Habit by Red--Roses Kill The Habit :iconred--roses:Red--Roses 523 82 Little things give you away by FurtiveLungs Little things give you away :iconfurtivelungs:FurtiveLungs 643 104 Waiting For The End by Infinite705 Waiting For The End :iconinfinite705:Infinite705 568 184 .new Divide by masKade .new Divide :iconmaskade:masKade 195 67 Linkin Park Logo by MCRox Linkin Park Logo :iconmcrox:MCRox 1,006 106 Linkin Park by tehrules Linkin Park :icontehrules:tehrules 751 51 Linkin Park TF3 Iridescent by ESPj-o Linkin Park TF3 Iridescent :iconespj-o:ESPj-o 182 43 Link In Park by iNintendo Link In Park :iconinintendo:iNintendo 1,063 201 : Bleed it Out : by F-AYN-T : Bleed it Out : :iconf-ayn-t:F-AYN-T 1,967 349 Link in Park. by Zortegus Link in Park. :iconzortegus:Zortegus 405 82