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Papa!Austria x LIttle!Reader-Part 7-Babysitter
(__f/n__) was playing with her doll, Roderich smiling as he watched her. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, (__f/n__) watched as her Father got up and went to answer it.
(__f/n__) listened as she heard her Father opening the door and talking to someone. She wondered who it was, maybe it was one of her Uncles or Big Brothers. But as Roderich made his way back to the room, (__f/n__) was confused by the two people following behind him. She's never seen them before. There was a light blonde haired man with green eyes and a young girl who couldn't be older then 12 with bows in her hair following behind him.
Roderich went over and picked (__f/n__) up, bringing her over to them. "(__f/n__) I'd like you to meet Vash and his little sister Lili, they've agreed to vatch you vhile I go out for a vhile."
Lili smiled at her "It's very nice to meet you."
Vash simply nodded "Yeah....nice to meet you."
(__f/n__) shyly smiled at them, head resting on her Father's shoulder. "H-Hello."
Roderich put h
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