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The Sushi Date
We slip into the night pool, the water laps our pale feet at the edge
blue over the pearls of our toes as we slip our silk nightdresses
down over our breasts
shivering in the naked air
skinny dipping our fingernails over the surface
shimmering scales of silver fish.
Beside the black ocean road,
apartment looming block above in the dark like a ship.
We giggle, naughty little school girls
secrets held in hearts as red and beaten as Mars.
Wish bones broken open, our flesh exposed
under the soft rose gold and pale yellow orbs of lights
casting white the sea foam of us.
You say swimming naked
is the closest thing to flying.
I die
petite deaths
as we slide our fingers into each other
wet and warm
we hush moans and move together
Your bed is our everland
and I wake
beside you
candle burning low
your breathing
lower still.
I’ll always treasure how you taught me
I had gills.
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 15 8
In the face of fear
She'll trudge alone in the shadows without a hand to hold,
while you're safe inside your coffin and oh so close to home.
Then the words that lie unspoken are needles in fragile skin,
for their one and only daughter has loved the perfect sin.
:iconrenoflynn:RenoFlynn 12 5