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Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan by minibuddy Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 1,478 139
Yes, Sir (Drunk!Levi x Reader)
A night in New York City. Supposedly the proud parent of romantic encounters around the numerous landmarks, gigantic blow out parties in the hottest night clubs, and the ritziest people found on every high end block.
Now, if someone could explain how that translated to you dragging a drunken Mr. Ackerman home, that would be just lovely.
Beginnings are the best place to start things, so let's roll back a few hours. The annual company bash was in full swing, the windows of the office's lobby reverberating with the noise. You weren't sure if a single coworker was sober outside yourself. Even the sullen Mikasa had a pink tint to her cheeks, and the company's President, Erwin, looked a bit tipsy.
The law-firm of Rose, Sina, and Maria were celebrating their fifth year of being an economic empire. The money couldn't be stopped from rolling in, and said circumstances meant bonuses. Everyone had a reason to celebrate the extra change in their pockets. You had planned for the event for an extens
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which one? -Attack on Titan by minibuddy which one? -Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 1,086 253 Levi/Rivaille -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot by Amena-chaan Levi/Rivaille -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot :iconamena-chaan:Amena-chaan 5,463 4,367 Shingeki no Kyojin v2 (Levi) - Icon Folder by ubagutobr Shingeki no Kyojin v2 (Levi) - Icon Folder :iconubagutobr:ubagutobr 92 3 Eren -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot by Amena-chaan Eren -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot :iconamena-chaan:Amena-chaan 1,924 2,056 SNK - Trash. by Notesz SNK - Trash. :iconnotesz:Notesz 1,740 159
AoT: Embarrassing Heichou [Levi x reader]
You always wondered what could possibly embarrass humanity's strongest soldier. No matter how perfect he may seem, there must have been some flaws in him and something that could make him embarrassed right?
And so that's how you started to think about the possible things that could embarrass Levi. You shared your thoughts with Hanji and she evaluated whether it could embarrass him or not. You carried out the experiments that Hanji told you to do that could embarrass him but none of them worked.
Furthermore, you were the one who always ended up getting extra chores and running laps. How on earth did Hanji not get any of those punishments? You started to think that Levi has this grudge against you for pissing him of for like a million times.
~time skip~
'Damn.. I'm starting to feel hungry...'
You were cleaning the stables and horses after running for 3 hours straight with no lunch. When you were brushing the horses, you looked at it.
"Hmm. I guess Eren was right... Jean does have
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Handcuffed (Cop!Levi x Reader) AU
    Were they starring? They were starring.
    You shifted your hand over the fleshy bruise encompassing your left eye. It was so embarrassing to even be here. You could handle yourself, you didn't need any damn police officer giving you fake sympathy.
    The entirety of the bullpen seemed to be giving you the eye. Hardened criminals were handcuffed to benches, waiting for lawyers to arrive. Witnesses and bail bondsmen chatted with the officers at desks. And here you were, a young woman stranded on a cushy chair, looking like you had been in a bar brawl.
    You ignored the curious looks and concentrated on the desk facing you. Not much to look at there. In fact, almost nothing. It was completely spotless, save a manilla folder positioned dead center. A singular black pen was positioned parallel to the document. If you had a ruler on you, which would be incredibly odd or coincidental, you would find everything spaced by exac
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(Modern AU)Levi x Reader- Dirty Taking- Phone Call
Warning: You're about to read mature and suggesting themes
Story 1: Phone Call
You were currently in your penthouse in New York; with nothing more than one of your boyfriends white cotton button-up shirt and when you say nothing else it means nothing else. You had finally decided to move a month ago and you still weren’t accustomed to the place. It was so… big.
You sighed; you were in the white leather sofa with your legs up reading a book. You hadn’t sighed because the book was bad, it was actually pretty interesting but your mind had stopped comprehending it’s words a few ages back. You sighed again; you wanted Levi to come back. You were missing him too much. You hated his work it always took him away from you. Tired of waiting you sat up in as a brilliant idea come up to your head. A sly smile took possession of your face.
In a fast movement you were up, the rolled up sleeves came undone and they come passed your hands. The shirt was humongous but t
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AoT: Levi's Cute Hiccups [Levi x Reader]
."[f/n]!!!!!!" Hanji yelled across the hallway.
You sighed and turned around, dead panning her as she ran down the hall like a headless chicken. She's been bugging you a lot for the past week telling you all about her little children. Correction, her Titan children.
"What now Hanji, I swear if you're here to tell me one of your titans was being a bad boy again I will slap--" you got cut off by her loud voice.
"HAVE YOU SEEN SHORTY HICCUP BEFORE?" She stopped right in front of your nose and grinned.
"Wait... What." You looked at her and processed what just happened. All you heard was Levi and hiccups. You gave a small smile and said "No."
"OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! COME ON" she grabbed your arm and dragged you down the hallway, earning looks of pity from your friends.
For once you didn't regret being dragged with Hanji because you will see an extremely rare sight.
Hanji stopped at a corner and motioned you to look. She covered up her mouth and nose, going all red in
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Mud by Vissepopje Mud :iconvissepopje:Vissepopje 706 156
Levi x Reader- Christmas Game
Warning: You're about to read mature and explicit content
“Awww common!”
Shouted Connie obviously trying to convince Mikasa to play a stupid Christmas game. He and Sasha had been going around getting people to agree to play the silly little game to commemorate the day before Christmas.
Mikasa just frowned. She glared at him obviously pissed for all the begging he had been doing for the past ten minutes or so.
“Mikasa! Everybody is playing!”
He began debating with her once more. Tired of his presence she turned around determined to leave the room before she saw Eren coming in. Her eyes sparkled as he headed towards both of them. He smiled at them before asking.
“So are you playing Mikasa?”
She nodded before he could even finish the question. You giggled at this image. Mikasa was one of your closes friends and to anyone who even saw her knew that she had a humongous crush on Eren. Eren smiled brighter oblivious to her feelings. Co
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~Kissing You Better~ Erwin x Reader Chapter 3
This was an absolute nightmare. You stood high up in a ridiculously tall tree at the entrance to a forest of even larger trees, looking down at the grotesque faces of titans, all too eager to tear you limb from limb. What the hell was going on in the forest, where Erwin's group had entered not to long ago, followed by Squad Levi and most lately by that Female-type titan?
After a single glance at her, you were immediately unsettled and confused. Why did she look so familiar to you?
Snarling as an aberrant titan began climbing between two trees to say hello to you and eat you for dinner, you surveyed the surrounding area. After seeing no other titans in the immediate vicinity, you lunged downwards with your gear and a slashed a wide chunk out of its neck. It fell to the ground with a dull thump!
You maneuvered your way closer towards a group of people. Soldiers were supposed to stay with their squads, but considering yours was dead, you'd have to make do. Being placed on the right flank
:icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 230 35
~Who to Betray~ Bertholdt x Titan-Shifter!Reader
No. Nononononono. This isn't real. "Shut up," you said, breaking out into a cold sweat. Standing mere meters away from Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt, you heard their entire conversation. They wanted Eren to run away with them. Not exactly uncommon, considering the state of the world at the moment. It was their reason for asking that chilled you to the bone. Reiner had just proclaimed himself to be the Armored Titan, and revealed Bertholdt, sweet, shy Bertholdt, to be the Colossal Titan.
Stepping towards them hesitantly on the top of wall rose, hands shaking and lips tight, you stared at Bertholdt with wide, (e/c) eyes. He was your friend, no matter how odd and quiet he was. But he was more than that to you. Unspoken words had lingered in the air about you two, as clear as day, yet never expressed. Was everything a lie? Did you fall in love with a master manipulator who only pretended to care? Looking away, feeling somewhat ashamed, you thought of your own
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Levi x Child!Reader: Language barriers
''Levi the girl has no where to go'' Erwin followed in pursuit of the short statured man ''I don't give a damn shitty eyebrows send her to an orphanage'' The blonde haired man was not going to give up easily ''You know we can't do that Levi the girl barely knows any English!'' The man turned his he still kept his stoic face ''Send her to shitty glasses'' Erwin shook his head ''She's too busy to deal with a young girl'' 
''So am I!'' the taller man sighed ''If you take her I will give you some time off'' 
Levi was apart of the crime unit him and his team along with the leadership of Erwin successfully took down a sex trafficking ring most of the females were older with the exception of the girl she knew near non English with the exceptions of a few words from what Hanji found the girl was Swedish. He walked into the room which the girl was currently being held for the time being ''Levi it's only until we can locate her parents till then enjoy your week off'' Erwin smiled at yo
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 652 85
Feelings (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language, as always.  I mean, it’s Levi, what’d you expect?)
You cringed as the sound of oversized nails scraping along tree bark echoed in your ears.  Scooting your back further into the trunk of the tree, you pulled your knees in and glanced below the high, thick branch you were currently perched upon.  A small horde of titans that had been growing in size for the past few hours were gathered around your tree, making feeble attempts to reach you.
Well, you and the other person stuck here as well.  And it just had to be him.
Pulling your scouting cloak closer to your body, you nervously asked your annoyed looking corporal a question that had been nagging at you.
“The titans can’t climb, right Levi?”  He shot a glare at your sitting form at the use of his name instead of ‘sir’, but answered nonetheless.
“Tch.  Considering the fact that they’re dumb as fuck, I’d say we
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 669 110
Take-up (Levi X Reader)
Part 1: Breakup
Levi took long, heavy strides away from the building he once called home. His steel-gray eyes dulled without the gleam of the moon to bring light to them. Or maybe there was another reason behind their lifeless look. As he continued away from the small house, he heard laughter a short distance away. Dark, cynical, evil laughter.
“What a spectacle you two made,” a man hidden by the shadows of a tree, commented as he tried to contain himself, “Not you, really, but her? Priceless.”
Levi didn’t stop for a moment and his apathetic expression didn’t change. He continued to walk with his duffle bag strung over his shoulder and his hands in his pockets, passing the man who was leaned against a tree.
“Oh, come now,” the man chuckled, mockingly, “Why the long face? You saved her life, you know!”
“So I’ve been warned,” was Levi’s only response, still walki
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Levi X Reader: My Pervy Cadet Comedy Series
My Pervy Cadet
WARNING: If you couldn't tell by the smexy title, this fanfic has SLIGHTLY VERY suggestive themes. Mild but still spicaaay.
"Look! There she is! The Ice Queen!"
"Shhh, you idiot! Do you want her to kill us with her glare?!"
You sighed. That one expiration drew a heavy tension in the cafeteria hall as fellow recruits paused, food trays trembling in hand.  To all the others, it looked like you sighed in annoyance, and when you turned towards the person who claimed you could "kill with a glare," he fell to his knees, begging for forgiveness.
You sighed again as he took this as a sign to get the fuck away before you murdered him. But the truth was, you were sighing in dejection.
It was absolutely hopeless. No one would ever understand you.
You were the shyest, girliest member of the Survey Corps, but to everyone else, you were the strongest, most ruthless, emotionless  Cadet. Even Corporal Levi was only able to
:iconvipop:ViPOP 1,456 1,513
Mission success- Levi x Reader
The winter chill had slivered into your dorm; lacing its icy tendrils throughout the air, skulking under the thin blanket you shivered under. Wrapping yourself into a tighter ball, you desperately tried to muster some heat- rubbing your feet, which felt positively glacial, with the doomed intent of warming them with the friction. It didn’t work. Shoving your hands under your armpits, you scowled, regretting your earlier act of kindness.
Christa had been freezing, even with all her blankets earlier in the night. You’d listened to her teeth chatter for hours, till you could bear it no longer. You slipped out of bed, grabbed one of your two blankets, and slid it on top of her. Her shivering had stopped soon after.
Only now, you were freezing. You watched your breath curl slowly upward above you, mildly amusing yourself, trying to find shapes in the ghostly swirls. Small flecks of white fell passed the window, growing in intensity but falling gently, with no wind to drive them.
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Ereri by Kazuyo49 Ereri :iconkazuyo49:Kazuyo49 723 36