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Photoshop tutorial- PS basics for newbies
Photoshop tutorials
And I decided to make more useful journals ;P You have to wait for my next tutorial A LOT, so I decided to make short tutorials journals. I'll describe some Photoshop basics for all newbies who try to learn to use Photoshop. So in this article you'll find tutorials: How to make layers, How to change color to a layer, How to make groups/folders, How to change background color, How to rotate canvas and all basics in tool menu on the right side. :la: In this tutorial I used my newest image Mermaid's Wisps, just to show you few things (I just had to open something :giggle:)
If you wish to see images in full resolution then simply click on the images below (they are big as my screen 1920 x 1080px... OK I cropped bar below ;P). I used Photoshop CS6 here, so some things may be different in lower PS versions. I'll make even more tutorials
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Non-destructive Editing in Photoshop
Photomanip Weekend
Photoshop has a great arsenal of tools that let you work non-destructively. Let's take a look at three of the most important options.
1. Layer & Vector Masks

Have you ever cut something out using the eraser only to find out later (when your undos are no longer available) that you cut too much? Use Layer and Vector Masks instead of the eraser! 
A Layer Mask (Layer > Layer Mask > Add Layer Mask) is a raster mask that can go from white through grey to black: anything you paint black will become invisible, anything white is visible and all greys are degrees of opacity. You can use any brush to paint on it or you can use a gradient to get soft transitions. In addition, you can add a layer mask from an existing selection. Layer Masks can be refined using a special tool, too (double click on the mask thumbnail) to help you refine or soften edges.

A Vector Mask (
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PE: How to Animate in Gimp
How to Animate in Gimp
Gimp is a free photo editing software that you can download at You can use it for a lot of different things like photo manipulations, drawing, pixel art, etc. Today though, we will be covering the topic of animation!:la:
Note that this tutorial will only show the basics of Gimp animation. How to make the frames, how to save it and the such.:nod: So let's get started!:la:

Start by making the subject. I just used a random black ball, but the subject can be as simple or as complex as you want, depending on what you're making. Make sure you switch over to the layers tab.
Tip: If you do not already have the layers tab there by default, go to any of the tabs and press that little arrow that the green arrow is pointing at. After you click tab press: Add tab> Layers. After that, the layer tab like in the picture should show up.

After making t
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