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Laughing Gas ItaSaku
First of all, I got the idea of the fanfic while I was at the dentist in Aprilish or early May. I was sitting there getting a hole drilled in my teeth as laughing gas was being pumped into me and I thought, “Haha WOW it would be pretty funny to see Itachi on laughing gas DING fanfiction idea!” Then again….anything seemed to be funny with so much laughing gas being pumped into you that the room starts spinning and you can’t focus….haha I tried my best to fight of the gasses affects and the dentist could tell, AND I SUCCEDED MWHAHAHAHA! Well…kind of.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto….or any laughing gas for that matter. If I did own both however, that would be great. Ha ha.
Laughing Gas
Sakura Haruno was a twenty year old pink haired emerald eyed beauty. She had finally grown out her hair to her waist and had fi
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Laughing Gas by HalfHeartedHa Laughing Gas :iconhalfheartedha:HalfHeartedHa 40 9
Forever. Chapter III
III Laughing Gas
Four days later...
Hey, "The Big Apple" is excellent place for strolls! I didn't think that here's so cool. And local subway is really super, finally from Brooklyn to Manhattan is a long way... Fortunately on the way from station to station I found Wal-Mart (you know, there was cheaper than in this near us!) and I bought some jellies (and what!) as well as water.
The weather was like on summer, warm day in The Beskids Mountains or customary in England (but drier): as heat, but one has to walk in a sweatshirt. I wore the cap – I don't like to part with them even in summer – and my favourite red sneakers.
Joe (my poor beloved) rumbled at morning, that he can't tell me goodbye sufficiently long, 'cause in order to don't need to become covered with a sleeve or a bag before reporters, I applied the fluid and the mascara (and now as in the commercial, I have the biggest eye-lashes in the city! Finally I'm in NY). Without exaggeration, I don'
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Laughing Gas
As Ariadne entered the warehouse for another day at work, she started sketching the buildings quickly. She didn't even greet Arthur whose eyes were locked to his laptop. Yusuf looked up from his experimenting table but then got back to work. Eames was sitting around, doing nothing.
The scratching of her pencil echoed through the giant room. Eames raised his eyebrows in curiosity. What was she doing? He walked over to her work station.
"You haven't said a word since you came here darling." He cooed.
"I'm working." She told him firmly, not even nudging her eyes off the paper.
"Working awfully fast." He observed. "How can you draw that quickly and still make it look nice?"
"Eames, I'm trying to get my work done here. I have to make a concert hall, ok? So get a coffee or something."
"Bloody hell, what has your panties in a bunch?"
Ariadne dropped her pencil on the desk.
"If you must know, I have to leave early today to get a cavity removed." She didn't sound too thrilled. Eames sensed some
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Laughing Yourself to DEATH! by SuperSonicGX Laughing Yourself to DEATH! :iconsupersonicgx:SuperSonicGX 43 9 Kodak moment by Edokage Kodak moment :iconedokage:Edokage 21 6