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Closeup for my Ellygator by zayday Closeup for my Ellygator :iconzayday:zayday 28 17
RTV S1E1 - To Start a Show
  Now, it all began. The host, Justin Winderflake, the handsome man with a great stubble and beautiful wavy hair that looked windblown at all times stood infront of a modern New York Mansion, smiling a sparkley smile right at the camera. He then began speaking in a rather sexy to himself voice,
  "Yo! I'm Justin Winderflake, a famed sexy model, singer, and actor from Los Angelas here to bring New York's biggest Reality Show, REALITY TELEVISION! Or, just RTV for short. We have brought Thirteen of the craziest, dumbest, smartest, meanest, and sometimes even most violent people you can imagine! No discipline, no rules, and a Million Bucks! All of them have to live under one roof, and deal with challenges and food cooked by our Southern Granny who can't cook until only one is left standing, who will obviouslt win the Million! There is also the Head of Household, who essentially runs the place, and if Eliminated a new HoH must be elected to replace that one, but the good
:iconempire-of-the-east:Empire-of-the-East 4 22
Reality TV (2012) - LaTonya by Empire-of-the-East Reality TV (2012) - LaTonya :iconempire-of-the-east:Empire-of-the-East 5 11 Definitive - LaTonya by DeForrest Definitive - LaTonya :icondeforrest:DeForrest 2 0 Nautica Nero BW by soulessrobin Nautica Nero BW :iconsoulessrobin:soulessrobin 2 0 Lana Lake BW by soulessrobin Lana Lake BW :iconsoulessrobin:soulessrobin 1 0 Latonya - Passport Photo by Simon-Corbishley Latonya - Passport Photo :iconsimon-corbishley:Simon-Corbishley 1 1 SPB in 3D by DeForrest SPB in 3D :icondeforrest:DeForrest 0 0 Tonya by Gothicthundra Tonya :icongothicthundra:Gothicthundra 3 4 LaTonya VS Keeya by DeForrest LaTonya VS Keeya :icondeforrest:DeForrest 0 0 Team Blax by DeForrest Team Blax :icondeforrest:DeForrest 0 0 Street Pedal Black Episode II by DeForrest Street Pedal Black Episode II :icondeforrest:DeForrest 0 3 LaTonya/Ped/Kini - #BlueInk Project Char. Design by DeForrest LaTonya/Ped/Kini - #BlueInk Project Char. Design :icondeforrest:DeForrest 4 0 SPB II Shirt Designs by DeForrest SPB II Shirt Designs :icondeforrest:DeForrest 2 1 Lost in the skye by Puddingfire Lost in the skye :iconpuddingfire:Puddingfire 3 5 Street Pedal Black 10th Anniversary by DeForrest Street Pedal Black 10th Anniversary :icondeforrest:DeForrest 0 0 Friendship by Puddingfire Friendship :iconpuddingfire:Puddingfire 5 8 Street VS Virtuo by DeForrest Street VS Virtuo :icondeforrest:DeForrest 0 1 Pedal Alliance by DeForrest Pedal Alliance :icondeforrest:DeForrest 0 0 Doppelgangin - Team BLAX by DeForrest Doppelgangin - Team BLAX :icondeforrest:DeForrest 0 0 Streak VS Steeler by DeForrest Streak VS Steeler :icondeforrest:DeForrest 1 0 Cosine Ringblad VS The Hood Bros by DeForrest Cosine Ringblad VS The Hood Bros :icondeforrest:DeForrest 1 0