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BTLG - Jealous Latin Lover - South Italy x Reader
The air smelled clean and crisp. All around your body you felt a scratchy material that would give you a rash later.
‘Uhh, what is that?’
Your eyes opened slightly. You found that you were actually lying on top of grass.
After widening them up some more you found that there were bright green trees surrounding you. When you looked closer there were little red dots in the trees. Confused you brought your head a little higher to find out that these red dots were actually tomatoes!
‘Wha-? How did I end up in a tomato garden!?’ you thought.
Soon after you heard a gentle humming. Whoever was humming was humming a nice tune. It sounded like a beautiful melody that immediately got your attention to find out who it was.
You were propping yourself on your elbows to raise yourself up when a tomato fell on your head.
“Ow!” The impact of the tomato itself was not enough to mortally hurt you but it somehow set
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