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Super Saiyan Day by LadyGT Super Saiyan Day :iconladygt:LadyGT 4,247 456 More anatomy tips by moni158 More anatomy tips :iconmoni158:moni158 25,106 920 ANIMATION ZoroxSasuke Ballet by LadyGT ANIMATION ZoroxSasuke Ballet :iconladygt:LadyGT 4,816 1,059 Shonen Jump Hanami by LadyGT Shonen Jump Hanami :iconladygt:LadyGT 4,935 359 Bleach: Silly Shirosaki by Mizashi Bleach: Silly Shirosaki :iconmizashi:Mizashi 2,568 484
A Lovely Misunderstanding (Ichigo x Reader)
Isshin Kurosaki knocked on his sons door with a determined look on his face as he tried to figure out why his son had locked himself in his room for two whole days. Rukia was back now so he didn't see the point in his son acting like what the "youngsters" called an "emo".
"Go away dad! I don't want to be bothered."
Ichigo's voice reverberated through the door as Isshin ruffled his hair in frustration as he thought to himself kids were a handful. 
"Are you sure? We can talk about it-"
Suddenly a loud scream like that of a girl was heard as Isshin kicks down the door to see a sad sight.
Rukia continued to shake the pale and sad ichigo senseless as she was scared he was now dead.
"Wake up ichigo! Don't die! You can't die! (Name) needs you!"
"(Name)? Who is that?"
Isshin questioned the petite girl as she continued to smack ichigo left and right.
"A classmate of Ichigo's and his girlfriend."
Suddenly Ichigo had his color back and his eyes wavered in sadness.
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Strawberries - Ichigo X Reader
It hurt. It hurts you so much. Your best friend likes your crush?
No, no, this can't be true. Orihime can't be meaning this, can she?
From inside, you were torn apart and shattered in pieces.
From outside, you managed to express a smile for her.
Tatsuki, Rukia and the other girls were extremely happy for her.
So were you, but... you had deep feelings for Ichigo, ever since you were kids.
It was love at first sight, but you never had the guts to tell him.
It seems you were too late. ''(Y/N)?'' Orihime looked at you.
Seems you were lost in thoughts for quite a time. Oops.
''Eh, that's amazing, Orihime! We got your back!'' you cheered for her.
Rukia smiled at your positive reaction. She knew. She knew you loved him.
And that only happened two months ago, since Orihime told you.
Even now, it's burned into your memory, never fading away.
On the way home, you were lost in thoughts once again.
The image of Ichigo and Orihime together hurted. It made you want to cry.
Of course, you would never
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