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Skater Boy by yuumei Skater Boy :iconyuumei:yuumei 15,763 580 Misaki Yata by lau09arts Misaki Yata :iconlau09arts:lau09arts 539 26 K Project - Too cute to kill by Tenshi-no-Hikari K Project - Too cute to kill :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 4,336 379 Yata [draw again] by Cotton-Monster Yata [draw again] :iconcotton-monster:Cotton-Monster 228 10 Neko Shimeji by Rikku-Shiki Neko Shimeji :iconrikku-shiki:Rikku-Shiki 148 20 K by Miyukiko K :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,146 40
Misaki Yata X Reader : Can't Handle This
“,” [Name] purred, trailing a long, slender finger up the length of the auburn-haired male's arm. His body stiffened, every muscle tensing at he close contact with the beautiful female. She had him cornered and, with nowhere to run, he was forced to endure her twisted version of torture. When her hand made it to his upper arm, she gave his bicep a small squeeze and a suppressed squeal escaped her lips. “Ah, you're so fit, Misaki~!”
The blush that had long since plagued Misaki's face deepened, as [Name] inched ever-closer to him. Both of her hands travelled up to the beanie atop his head and quickly removed the obstacle, tangling her fingers in his soft hair. Misaki began stuttering incoherently when [Name]'s body made full contact with his own, her chest pressed firmly against his arm, as she positioned herself beside him. “Mm, and your hair is just wondrous! You're perfect~,” she whispered into his ear, as he slammed is eyes shut, attem
:iconshinoxx:ShinoXx 344 33
Mikoto _Red King by Zetsuai89 Mikoto _Red King :iconzetsuai89:Zetsuai89 729 0 K Project OC - We're HOMRA by FlyingDragon04 K Project OC - We're HOMRA :iconflyingdragon04:FlyingDragon04 316 52 Fushimi by TheCecile Fushimi :iconthececile:TheCecile 647 70 K/No.6/DGM - Comparing by Tenshi-no-Hikari K/No.6/DGM - Comparing :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 4,134 316 .: Kushina Anna :. by AuroraYok .: Kushina Anna :. :iconaurorayok:AuroraYok 212 47 Black Suit set - Yata Misaki by sayuuhiro Black Suit set - Yata Misaki :iconsayuuhiro:sayuuhiro 2,368 85 The Black Suit set - Isana Yashiro by sayuuhiro The Black Suit set - Isana Yashiro :iconsayuuhiro:sayuuhiro 1,377 31 [K/MikoRei] Kiss or Fight by hueyo [K/MikoRei] Kiss or Fight :iconhueyo:hueyo 289 19
Make A Move {Misaki Yata x Reader}
WARNING: Strong Language
     You wrap your arms around the waist of your instantly tensed up boyfriend from behind. "Hey Yata." You hum into his back, nuzzling your face into his sweatshirt. You can just feel him start to sweat at your presence, his form not relaxing in the slightest.
   “C-C’mon (F/n).” He quietly whines to you, embarrassment and nervousness as evident as ever in his voice.
   “What?” You whine right back. “This is what couples do, Misaki.” You lift your head up so that it’s now resting atop his shoulder. You give him a small pout but his discomfort doesn’t allow him to look anywhere else but stiffly forward. Your heart sinks and the playful disappointment you had fades into something more desolate. “You…you still don’t feel comfortable around me… do you?”
   Misaki couldn’t help but feel ashamed at him-self at the sadness in your voi
:iconemmaloon:Emmaloon 208 44
K - Card by Miyukiko K - Card :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 462 13 u ruinin his bar by grangerpixel u ruinin his bar :icongrangerpixel:grangerpixel 191 5 [K] Yin Yang by kuro-mai [K] Yin Yang :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 2,610 118 SaruMi mating dance~ by yuerise SaruMi mating dance~ :iconyuerise:yuerise 484 28 Red King by teralilac Red King :iconteralilac:teralilac 726 100 Yata Misaki by noonkano Yata Misaki :iconnoonkano:noonkano 346 15