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Too Much Stress by Mephonix Too Much Stress :iconmephonix:Mephonix 3 1
Mephonix/Koka Art Commission
Attention all Bronies, Sonic fans, and Furries. We have ourselves something great just for you. My dear friend, Koka the Cat aka Mephonix, is hosting commissions for everyone.
For Art Commissions the prices come with these 2 styles:
Rough sketch- $10.00
Simple color- $15.00
Shading and highlights- $20.00
Extra Character- $5.00 a piece up to 4 characters
Rough sketch- $13.00
Simple color- $18.00
Shading and highlights- $23.00
And for anyone who want some badges, they're set at the price of $8.00
For more information, contact her at:
Mephonix on deviantart art
Enjoy guys and if you need proof of her skills, go see for yourself, you won't regret.
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Tag your it!!!
I got tagged by Mephonix and I felt like finally doing one of these.
My Questions:
1. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you'd spend it on?
Use it so I can visit all my friends that I've met over the years on YouTube.
2.What is your dream pet?
I want my hamster, Snuggles, back. But, a Joltik or Rockruff from Pokemon.
3. What is your favorite Comic book series?
Sonic, he can really move.
Sonic, he's got an attitude!
Deadpool: -Is not better than Deadpoooooool!
Dammit get out of here
4. Of the Mane 5 in MLP who's your favorite?
Applejack, I love her character in the show. She's a hard worker for her and her family, she shows a lot of dedication for her friends, plus I love hearing her and the Apples sing.
5. Who are your favorite fan characters created by other artists? I would have to say InkSans, mostly because he was created to help bring inspiration to AU creators and artists :3
6. What's your favorite art piece made for you?
SRtheGamer's pic of me and Vivi i
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PRIDE 2018 Koka the Cat YCH Example by Mephonix PRIDE 2018 Koka the Cat YCH Example :iconmephonix:Mephonix 5 0