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Hangmen by alexiuss Hangmen :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 1,636 351
End The Hate (Gay Rights Poem)
I was walking with my husband,
During the month of May.
His name is Bobby,
And I'm Adam Galloway.
We were holding hands,
We were happy as can be;
And then we met a stranger,
And he said to me:
"Look here at the faggots!
You're ruining my path!
I hate you gay ass fuckers,
Now you'll feel my wrath!"
The man pulled out a gun,
He aimed it at my head;
Bobby jumped in front of me -
Poor Bobby is now dead.
I caught his falling body,
As the stranger ran away.
I lost the love of my life,
All because we're gay.
He risked his life for me,
For Adam Galloway.
His name is Bobby G.
He died for being gay...
I was eating with my wife,
We were on a date.
Her name is Sarah,
My name is Deven Kate.
We got kicked out for kissing,
So we approached our car;
And what we both had seen,
Was pretty bizzare.
Our tires had been popped,
Our windows had been smashed,
The back seat was on fire;
So we both had dashed.
We didn't get that far,
When a girl got in our way;
She said to us, "Now burn!
"We don'
:iconxxwitherxx:xXWitherXx 1,166 2,133
I can see the truth so clear by bealor I can see the truth so clear :iconbealor:bealor 1,708 129 If only I knew by Zolaida If only I knew :iconzolaida:Zolaida 3,390 188
L X Reader ~ Candy
"Hey are you going?" You phone rang the almost to familiar ring tone, it was your best friend Misa Amane texting you.
"Going? Going where??"
"To Light's house tonight! Duhh!" Oh, right, She had told you about Light's party earlier.
"Oh, idk"
"But [name]! You have to go! I heard that Light also invited Ryuzaki~!"
"Okay, okay! Make sure Light knows I'm going.." Of course Misa knew you would agree to go if you knew Ryuzaki was going. You remembered when you first met him, he was amazing, you hated to admit it but you had fallen head-over-heels for him. That strange man had captured your heart like no one else had ever done before.
~Misa's POV
Misa jumped up when you agreed, her plan was working flawlessly! She dialed Light's number as fast as she could. "Light! [name] is coming!" She could hear Light's confused muffling.
"Uh, Misa, what are you talking about?" He asked.
"You're throwing a party! Surprise!" Misa giggled at Light, she had told him that she had a plan but she never told him
:iconwrittenwordoflove:writtenwordoflove 417 608
The Winter Soldier, 'But I knew him.' (wallpaper) by thecannibalfactory The Winter Soldier, 'But I knew him.' (wallpaper) :iconthecannibalfactory:thecannibalfactory 466 27
*What I Wish You Knew* Germany X Reader
(( Comment please! I love all my comments and read all of them even if I don't reply! NOTICE!: This is from the POV of Germany's man diary. ))
June 24, 2013.
I have received a letter from (Name), it has been so long since I last saw her as a child. She was coming to Germany in July and wanted to meet with me. Of course I accepted and even invited her to stay with me. I have mixed feelings of this visit though. When I think about her coming I feel so funny. My heart gets this odd pain and starts to throb... I can't explain it. In any case I look forward to seeing her once more. Who knows what she is like now? Is she anything like the little girl I knew so well. She was so tiny and sweet. 'Luddy' 'Prince' she had all kinds of names for me. I remember when we use to play like I was her Prince and she was my Princess. We were so silly and naive. I regret leaving to join the military when I was just old enough to. I still remember how long she sobbed in my teenage arms when
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