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Kizuna Ai x Male reader
K-A.I xM{O-s}
Recently, a certain Japanese YouTuber grew popular the past month. She first started three months back, back when her channel was fairly smaller, having at least two thousand subscribers. Her name is Kizuna Ai, A.K.A, A.I. Channel.
Today she now has at least 290k subscribers. One of the biggest milestones she had ever accomplished. She couldn't do it without her friend from school, (Y/n) (L/n). He was the camera man and video editor for Kizuna's channel. He was man who knew his stuff for technology and films. In fact, he used to be in the film club in his freshman and sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately, he left the club on his junior year(currently attending with Kizuna). The first video she ever posted had a few errors, so editing wasn't her thing. With her cute appearance, Kizuna managed to convince (Y/n) to becoming her personal video editor. He hesitated at first, but she made him say otherwise.
Kizuna and (Y/n) were sitting by the table from the cafe
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