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GET REKT DEKU!!! by TheatricalPlacenta GET REKT DEKU!!! :icontheatricalplacenta:TheatricalPlacenta 1,582 86
Unusual Errands (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)
Warning: Strong language because it is Bakugou after all.
"Huh? Idiot! I'm not fucking doing that," Bakugou yelled at you through his phone, getting a few offended looks from passersby.
"Please, Katsuki! It's really important! I don't know what I'll do if you don't," you whined back, a pained groan following your pleading words. Bakugou could hear the rustle of blankets through the phone as you re-adjusted your nest. "It'll only be this one time! Please! This is my time of need! And you're my boyfriend!"
"And? That doesn't mean I have to get you shit when you're on your period. Can't you do that yourself?" Bad move, he realized a second too late.
"...Huh??? Katsuki, do you want to die? I ask you to do one little favor as a good boyfriend and that's your answer? Hmm?" Your voice had gone low, angry, and Bakugou ran a hand through his hair for forgetting how sensitive you were during your period. Before he could say something to soothe you, your sniffles reac
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Couples by NatcoNatco Couples :iconnatconatco:NatcoNatco 150 13
Hourglass. (BnHA 1A Boys x Reader)

A bunch of fluffy one-shots revolving around different times of day for the lovely BnHA boys of 1-A.
Dedicated to my dear itbeajen, who has been feeling stressed out lately.
Hope this makes you feel at least a little better, love! <3
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
- Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married

{ Midoriya Izuku | Dawn }
When he quietly pushes the door open, he sees that the sunlight is already filtering through the windows.
He sees your form tangled in pale cream sheets and smirks-- at least you're on your side of the bed this time.
He peels back layers of costume and clothing, exhausted from the job he just completed. Work has left him little time to sleep recently, as the mission his office is carrying out runs at night.
The sheets rustle, and a smile creeps onto your face. He knows you're pretending to sleep, but can't w
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BNHA postcard - Kirishima by Evil-usagi BNHA postcard - Kirishima :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 1,311 26 My Hero Academia: Age of Ultron by edCOM02 My Hero Academia: Age of Ultron :iconedcom02:edCOM02 228 24 kiribaku by NatcoNatco kiribaku :iconnatconatco:NatcoNatco 270 32
Lazy Saturday (Kirishima Eijirou x Reader)
'Another week over,' you thought, satisfied. Stretching backwards, you felt your spine pop, the tension draining away. Aizawa-sensei hadn't assigned anything too difficult this week, but it was still a relief that it was over and you had the weekend to relax. First up though, you needed a shower because hero training was sweaty work.
Reaching into the shower stall, you turned the water on, undressing as you waited for it to warm up. Slipping in, you sighed as the warm water washed the dirt and sweat away.
"This feels so good!!!" Mina squealed from the stall next to yours.
"Doesn't it?" You heard Momo reply.
"Even though it's a communal bathroom, it's surprisingly nice." Ochaco this time.
"That's U.A. for you!" If it weren't for the uneven fall of the water, you would have thought Tooru's stall was empty.
"I wonder if the boys' shower is as nice as this?- ribbit."
"Probably. Eijirou hasn't told me otherwise," you replied, lathering soup through your hair, smiling unconsciously at
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