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Youth in Alger by Orpheelin Youth in Alger :iconorpheelin:Orpheelin 1,843 112 Princes of Arendelle by Cuine Princes of Arendelle :iconcuine:Cuine 482 37 Nature's Kawaii, Baby sloth by Psithyrus Nature's Kawaii, Baby sloth :iconpsithyrus:Psithyrus 808 202 Begging for hope by k-fer Begging for hope :iconk-fer:k-fer 1,088 209 Love Comes First by AlphaMoxley95 Love Comes First :iconalphamoxley95:AlphaMoxley95 486 142 Snow Children by Cuine Snow Children :iconcuine:Cuine 463 47 Sketches Everywhere by Narcotize-Nagini Sketches Everywhere :iconnarcotize-nagini:Narcotize-Nagini 310 98 Kissing for Two by saintcosevent Kissing for Two :iconsaintcosevent:saintcosevent 287 43 nerds by estivador nerds :iconestivador:estivador 273 98 . Kid and Chrona Doujinshi 4 . by aidmoon . Kid and Chrona Doujinshi 4 . :iconaidmoon:aidmoon 188 114
sunsets and car crashes
there was five days until winter and i could see spring rains, frozen beneath your eyelids. underneath your irises and waiting to escapse, they were there.
they were the pretty kind of rain, that would make flowers grow and throw rainbows across a grey sky.
i counted down the days until spring came in big black numbers on the back of my hand.
your parents always thought something was wrong with you, when you were just a child.
your teachers would try and get you to learn the colours of the rainbow, and they'd shower you in pictures of yellow raincoats and green cars
when your teacher would ask you what colour they were, you'd always reply with
'starlight' or 'envy'
there wasn't anything wrong with you though,
you couldn't help but see in shades of sunsets and car crashes.
there was three days until spring and i spent my time wishing your eyes were green or blue or maybe even both, like that boy i remember from primary school.
i wished that spring rain would come and make forget-me-
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Adventure Lav by CubeWatermelon Adventure Lav :iconcubewatermelon:CubeWatermelon 389 29 Death the Kid purple ID by NyxZeta Death the Kid purple ID :iconnyxzeta:NyxZeta 436 31 This feels awkward by resizer This feels awkward :iconresizer:resizer 258 340 Seme-Uke Meme: Prussia by MrLudwigBeilschmidt Seme-Uke Meme: Prussia :iconmrludwigbeilschmidt:MrLudwigBeilschmidt 93 95
I Know You Don't Love Me
I know you don't love me.
I know you probably barely remember my name...even the fake one. Now that you've picked Mello and Near to be your heirs, you'll probably never come back here to see somebody as unimportant as I'm never gonna get the chance to say this to your face.
Even if I did, I probably wouldn't take that chance...I know because I've wanted to say it out loud many times. When you're around, though, I feel like I can't talk.
I feel like I can barely breathe.
My heart pounds and words don't come when I open my mouth.
I get too hot suddenly...and I can't say it. I know it makes no sense—I've barely even talked to you before--but that's how I feel. I know you're probably never gonna come back...I'm not asking you to come back. I just wanted to say it, finally. I've got to say it.
I love you, L.
That's it. That's all I wanted to say all this time. I know you think I'm just a kid, so you're never gonna like me back, and it's stupid to feel like this, but I guess
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Soul Evans X Reader part 2
       "Honestly, I don't have a reason. I just felt like stopping by," Kid shrugged. Tsuki tilted her head as one ear twitched. "Uh.. Alrighty then. Well.. ___ -chan and I were going to go out for lunch. Want to join us?" Kid smiled softly and nodded. You laughed and got up, motioning for the two of them to follow you out the door. You slid down the stairway's banister and Tsukiko followed quickly behind you. Kid, keeping his air of professionalism, walked down the stairs in the normal fashion.
The two of you grabbed your cell phones and keys, and stuffed them into your small handbags. You both grabbed money and stood beside the door. Kid finally joined you and out you went. The group leisurely strolled down the sidewalk through Death City. Tsuki loved to people watch, and did so as she walked. Finally you made it to your favorite café. You chose to take a small table on the outside. Not a minute after everyone had sat down, Tsuki's number one
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Dragon Junior by RohMah1 Dragon Junior :iconrohmah1:RohMah1 49 10 Commission 6 nyah-m by aidmoon Commission 6 nyah-m :iconaidmoon:aidmoon 128 14 feel my heart by lawless-glamour feel my heart :iconlawless-glamour:lawless-glamour 110 27 Mermaid yourself contest by LordMcWhiskers Mermaid yourself contest :iconlordmcwhiskers:LordMcWhiskers 37 29 title by Reuie title :iconreuie:Reuie 136 33
Soul Evans X Reader part 3
        After everyone had finished eating, there was a unanimous vote to continue wandering through the city to see who could be found. As the troup headed to the park, you caught a glimpse of Soul and Maka with Black*Star , Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty. You felt butterflies in your stomach and you nudged Tsuki with your shoulder. "Eh? What is i- Oh. I see. Let's go over and say hey," she smiled reassuringly at you. You nodded and made the journey over to them. "Hey guys!" you chimed, having reached the group first, with Kid and Tsuki following behind. Your eyes didn't leave Soul until you were right in front of him.
Soul looked over to you and grinned. "Well hey there ___-chan!" As Tsukiko went to talk with Maka, you took the chance to be close to Soul. "Uh… Hi Soul-kun." You said, suddenly feeling shy. Shoot. Now is not the time to get all quiet. Only Soul can turn my thought process into a disaster, you thought, feeling flustered. He
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kiddo maka Reup by IwannaPissInYourBed kiddo maka Reup :iconiwannapissinyourbed:IwannaPissInYourBed 258 43 Death The Kid Wallpaper by GreyBeardLegend Death The Kid Wallpaper :icongreybeardlegend:GreyBeardLegend 228 60 Happy Children I by PendulumPhotography Happy Children I :iconpendulumphotography:PendulumPhotography 54 38 Flying at the 42 by Dogsfather Flying at the 42 :icondogsfather:Dogsfather 27 4
KidXMaka fanfic ch1
"What is it?" Kid asked Maka.  She paused for a second like she was debating with herself.  Then she smiled, "Oh, nevermind.  It's nothing."  She rolled over in the bed to where her back was facing him.  "Goodnight," she said.  "Yeah, goodnight."  he layed down next to her.  Was what she was going to say important?  Kid discarded the thought almost immediantly.  He then began to think of if they got caught.  Maka had been sneeking into kids room every night for the past six months.  They were afraid that no one would approve of them being together, so they kept it a secret.  They never 'did anything' except for that one night, but they promised each other not to do it again unless they were married.  If what she had to say had anything to do with that...  Kid shook his head and closed his eyes.  If it was then she'd tell him. Ri
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Merry Christmas by Reuie Merry Christmas :iconreuie:Reuie 83 16 LOCK3D by gartier LOCK3D :icongartier:gartier 26 0 Rockabye Baby by DougNZ Rockabye Baby :icondougnz:DougNZ 65 50 BoO by vi-ol-et BoO :iconvi-ol-et:vi-ol-et 65 52 Neon in the Dog park. by LordMcWhiskers Neon in the Dog park. :iconlordmcwhiskers:LordMcWhiskers 29 32 What He Wanted by hopelessromantic721 What He Wanted :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 100 111
KidXMaka fanfic ch3
Maka hated being at home all day.  She even had to stay in bed!  It was good that she could go to school tommorrow.  She really wanted to see Kid.  Even if she couldn't talk to him, she wanted to see his face.  
There was nothing to do at home except to hang out with Blair who is as annoying as hell!  She kept asking Maka questions about Kid, like she even wanted to answer them!  The one question Maka hated the most was:  "Was he GOOD?"  This question always made Maka become flustered and Blair would laugh and ask it again.
Suddenly ,Blair jumped as the sound of a door slamming filled the apartment.  Maka watched Blair as she slowly crept toward the bedroom door.  When she opened it slightly, she sighed in relief.  "It's just Soul," she said.  Afterwards, she left the room, purposely leaving the door cracked for Maka to hear what was going on.
Soul voice obv
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The Family by GarbageBat The Family :icongarbagebat:GarbageBat 105 66 The Back Alley by BibiannaLanana The Back Alley :iconbibiannalanana:BibiannaLanana 21 5