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Dirty Pair By Smolb by Kenkira Dirty Pair By Smolb :iconkenkira:Kenkira 163 5 the original dirty pair by CD007 the original dirty pair :iconcd007:CD007 164 15 It's not our fault by davenported It's not our fault :icondavenported:davenported 95 32
Kei and Yuri: Yuri
"What do you mean you're seeing someone else!?" hollered Yuri at the third man to turn her down that week, "Fine, then I don't need you!" Yuri slammed the phone on the receiver and a waterfall of tears escaped her eyes. A sleek body flung out upon the bed shook and heaved continuously. Kei, returning from a night of drinking and cavorting, head immediately Yuri's cries.
"Suck it up!" Kei bellowed to the clump of long luxurious purple hair on Yuri's bed, "You gotta accept that some guys don't like you!"
"That's easy for you to say, no guys want you." Sobbed the clump of hair to Kei.
"You little baby! I'll have you know that there are a lot of guys willing to kill for me!" Kei stood waiting for some response, but the only sounds given were that of more sobbing and heaving. "Whatever," said Kei as she rolled her eyes, "I'm going to take a shower and I expect you to not be crying like a spoiled brat when I get out."
Kei entered the bathroom and began to shed her clothes. Earlier in the nig
:iconchibot1:Chibot1 76 26
New Alien Friend by FriedSoup New Alien Friend :iconfriedsoup:FriedSoup 37 2 The Dirty Pair by quotidia The Dirty Pair :iconquotidia:quotidia 39 11 KP of the WWWA by Godzilla713 KP of the WWWA :icongodzilla713:Godzilla713 14 4 Dirty Pair Fan Art 001 by L-Lokakuu Dirty Pair Fan Art 001 :iconl-lokakuu:L-Lokakuu 1 0 Lovely Angels -- Kei and Yuri by L-Lokakuu Lovely Angels -- Kei and Yuri :iconl-lokakuu:L-Lokakuu 3 2 Sketchdump by TheREALRoseBride Sketchdump :icontherealrosebride:TheREALRoseBride 1 0 Dirty Pair Lovely Angels INKS by Warhound-CMP Dirty Pair Lovely Angels INKS :iconwarhound-cmp:Warhound-CMP 5 3 Fallenpair by kitsunepixie Fallenpair :iconkitsunepixie:kitsunepixie 2 1 Dirty Pair with guns by Arak-8 Dirty Pair with guns :iconarak-8:Arak-8 3 0 Angels with Dirty Halos by DrRiconius Angels with Dirty Halos :icondrriconius:DrRiconius 22 7 First shot by davenported First shot :icondavenported:davenported 3 2 Dirty Pair Flash by Inspector97 Dirty Pair Flash :iconinspector97:Inspector97 146 18