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Emoticon Meme - Hanako by mysterycycle Emoticon Meme - Hanako :iconmysterycycle:mysterycycle 358 56 Hanako's New Haircut by mysterycycle Hanako's New Haircut :iconmysterycycle:mysterycycle 346 56
Hisao and the Chocolate Factory Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Signing in cherry ink
   “Come along, come along, single file everyone. Or don’t, I’m a candy maker not a cop.” Hisao said with a jovial air as he led the girls towards the factory doors. The group ignored the reporters shouting behind them as they went. Before them stood a set of red double doors that had a remarkable sheen to them. They seemed to open automatically as Hisao tapped his cane in front of them, at which point he stood to the side and allowed the group to pass.
   “After you.” He said to Shizune, who walked past briskly without even looking at him. Hisao looked affronted for a moment, but then straightened as recognition hit him. Hanako giggled.
   Rin walked past Hisao, looking towards the doors behind him. “Oh, not these. They’re coated because otherwise bugs and stuff will get all over them. Anything inside though, the factory is seal proofed.” Rin just shrug
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KS: Hisao and Lilly's Married Life Ch 2 (Revamped)
The voice floated down to the man that was caught in the deep depths of sleep. Five more minutes, he tried to say.
It came out sounding like “Bbllarrr.”
“Hisao, wake up. Please.” The voice whispered again. He felt his hair shift with the soft touch of a hand stroking his head, and he finally opened his eyes and felt himself stir.
Two large empty blue eyes stared into his from inches away. They reminded him of the ocean nearby, and for a moment he thought he could hear the sounds of waves crashing on the shore.
“There you are, sweetheart.” Lilly cooed. “Your breathing sounded off. Are you feeling well?”
He blinked a few times and snuffled. “Yeah,” he said, his throat scratchy. “I’m fine.”
Lilly perked her lips in a pout, stroking his face. “You fell asleep on the couch last night. I think you were still grading papers.”
Hisao looked around him. She was right, there were scatter
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2B Lilly~ by Mskpony 2B Lilly~ :iconmskpony:Mskpony 63 3 Like a fine wine by undertaker33 Like a fine wine :iconundertaker33:undertaker33 1,206 25 Broad stripes and bright stars by undertaker33 Broad stripes and bright stars :iconundertaker33:undertaker33 767 23 Baking with Lilly and Lucoa by undertaker33 Baking with Lilly and Lucoa :iconundertaker33:undertaker33 2,059 38 Big belly dancers by undertaker33 Big belly dancers :iconundertaker33:undertaker33 1,230 23