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[K]Merry Christmas by fylus [K]Merry Christmas :iconfylus:fylus 236 12
Game Over! Replay? {Misaki Yata x Reader|RQ}
Yata growled when the screen turned black and the two words he hated to see came into view.
“Game over”
It was maybe the third time he lost the same level of this game and it started to irritate him almost as much as Saruhiko.
He would’ve probably burnt the controller and throw it to the screen if [Name] didn’t enter the room and stop him.
He was usually really shy with girls, but he knew [Name] ever since he can remember himself, and then either of them knew the difference between a boy and a girl.
“Misaki, stop acting like a five year old! Now that you lost – again – will you come to study?”
He growled once again at the sound of his first name.
“Argh! Don’t call me like THAT!” he said/screamed, not moving from his seat.
[Name] sighed and tried to drag him out of the small living room.
“Fine, fine, I’ll stop! Come on now, you’re the one who needs to learn English, not me!”
:iconreinachan22:ReinaChan22 161 11
K Anime Folder Icon by Kiddblaster K Anime Folder Icon :iconkiddblaster:Kiddblaster 24 2
Kissing in the rain {Fushimi Saruhiko x Reader}
I was so sad when Saruhiko left from HOMRA to join Scepter 4...
I was sad and angry at him at the same time! How could he betray Mikoto-san? How could he
just leave us?!Leave me...?
That traitor...
One night, while we were walking together he promised me that he'll never leave me alone… Where is he now?! Now that I need him? Now that I want him...?
I was walking alone while thinking all these stuff… I wasn't really going anywhere, I was just walking...
I suddenly stopped when I felt raindrops falling to my cheeks, or was it teardrops?!Maybe I started crying but didn't want to admit it, or maybe it was both the rain and my tears falling...
"What are you doing outside alone this late at night?" I heard a familiar voice from behind me.
I turned to see who it was...
Saru?! Was it really you? Or was I seeing illusions?
"Uh...I-I was just walking and..."
"Got attacked by the monster called emotions?" he said in a teasing tone.
"Shut up Fushimi..." I said while looking down...
:iconreinachan22:ReinaChan22 121 10
Mikoto Suoh : K Project by step-on-mee Mikoto Suoh : K Project :iconstep-on-mee:step-on-mee 72 25 type b by boketan-p type b :iconboketan-p:boketan-p 77 19 Hogwarts AU by Gurvana Hogwarts AU :icongurvana:Gurvana 39 24 k - our time. by MadH k - our time. :iconmadh:MadH 28 9
Such a nice scenery {Totsuka Tatara x Reader}
Everything is black, black and white.
That’s the only colors I feel like watching after he left…
After he left from life…
I still remember that night, that night he told me he loved me, the night that I told him I loved him as well…
My life felt empty before meeting him!
When he came to my life I felt like everything went brighter, happier, and prettier!
He sat one day next to me, randomly, on a bench down town. I looked at him thinking that he didn’t realize that someone was sitting next to him when I heard him saying:
“Hello there!”
I turned to look at him again, since I had already turned my eyes direction on the ground
“My name is Totsuka Tatara, you are?”
I blushed. Did he really notice me?!I couldn’t words to speak for a moment! Maybe because he was cute (REALLY cute)? Maybe because I had years to speak with someone like him? Or maybe he was holding a camera right in front of my face?
“Emm, [N-Name]…[Full
:iconreinachan22:ReinaChan22 24 3
Mikoto  Yata by Gurvana Mikoto Yata :icongurvana:Gurvana 16 2 k - snowy day. by MadH k - snowy day. :iconmadh:MadH 22 4 Yata by Gurvana Yata :icongurvana:Gurvana 19 4 Axent Wear by Gurvana Axent Wear :icongurvana:Gurvana 20 5 Yata Anna by Gurvana Yata Anna :icongurvana:Gurvana 16 2 Chibi by Gurvana Chibi :icongurvana:Gurvana 23 8 Halloween Group by Gurvana Halloween Group :icongurvana:Gurvana 20 21 Sketch Anna by Gurvana Sketch Anna :icongurvana:Gurvana 21 6 Sunset by Gurvana Sunset :icongurvana:Gurvana 19 9 Pastel by Gurvana Pastel :icongurvana:Gurvana 15 0 Yata by Gurvana Yata :icongurvana:Gurvana 12 0 Updo by Gurvana Updo :icongurvana:Gurvana 12 7