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Gaster's by Bunnymuse Gaster's :iconbunnymuse:Bunnymuse 2,281 232 Hey there Bone Head! by JJJMadness Hey there Bone Head! :iconjjjmadness:JJJMadness 187 697
Girl for the Day TG TF

You see that picture up there? That’s me, second from left. I know, I look super uncomfortable, and unhappy. That’s Hailey on the left, then me, then Caitlyn, then Amy. But really, that was a great day. I’ll get to that, don’t worry. Just let me explain…
Ever since day 1 of high school, I had the closest group of friends. I don’t really know how, and I guess I should consider myself lucky, but I guess it just seemed like what happened. I didn’t consider it odd that I was a single guy hanging out with 3 girls.
Sure I heard the rumors about my sexuality. I didn’t care about them, I was as straight as a nail, no matter what they said. Few people understood how great it was having a group of 3 girls as best friends. They were pretty popular: I mean, their social media was always blowing up, all the other girls either loved them or hated them.
Me: I was just kind of jealous. I was almost their pet, in a way
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Velocirooster Mongoliensis by Nambroth Velocirooster Mongoliensis :iconnambroth:Nambroth 741 88 Dinosaur Riders WIP by uncannyknack Dinosaur Riders WIP :iconuncannyknack:uncannyknack 1,053 44 Dead Space: Tea Party by forte-girl7 Dead Space: Tea Party :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 1,219 178 Alphabet All Letters by KuldarLeement Alphabet All Letters :iconkuldarleement:KuldarLeement 1,053 230
The Delivery Girl TG TF

“You’re late, Jacob. Again,” my boss said. He was no fool, he saw me walk through the back door.
“Sorry, boss, I promise it won’t happen again,” I said sheepishly, grabbing the Papa John’s placard from the table.
“You said that last time, and the time before that. I’d fire you right now, this instant, if we weren’t so understaffed. Get to work, we have a couple customers waiting.”
I grabbed the pizzas from the window sill and headed out to the car. I loaded up the back seat with pizzas and added the address to my phone. Soon enough, I had the music cranked up loud and was cruising to the first house.
I was just working this job for the summer.  There’s no way I could do this full time, I just do it for the tips. And tips were okay, I mean, our pizza was by no means extraordinary. I got in, got paid, and got out. I got some pretty decent bucks for working late nights, even w
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For the Kingdom TG TF

I awoke to the sound of screaming. A half masculine-half feminine scream echoed through the corridor, followed by a chilling silence. Then the screech of an open door, then the sounds of heels pounding against the stone.
It spiked my interest to sit up, all groggy feelings instantly gone. I looked up, across the tiny room, through some cell doors, as a well-dressed man and a woman in a long, black ball gown passed by.
“I’m almost there,” the lady said, almost hissing the words.
“I hope you’re there soon, because I’m not sure how much more of this I’m going to allow,” the man said. “I know, they’re war prisoners, and we are running out of time, but still. This feels a little much.”
They stopped outside my cell. “This one’s next,” she said, looking in. “I give it a 50-50 of success. We are almost there, my King.” She turned to walk away, and the King follow
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What doesn't kill you... by Koveck What doesn't kill you... :iconkoveck:Koveck 356 15 Just for fun by andersonmahanski Just for fun :iconandersonmahanski:andersonmahanski 645 19 Lemon by makulayangbuhay Lemon :iconmakulayangbuhay:makulayangbuhay 815 77 D.Va - Overwatch - [Bubblegum] by GeniMonster D.Va - Overwatch - [Bubblegum] :icongenimonster:GeniMonster 158 42 Teen Catwoman by KelleeArt Teen Catwoman :iconkelleeart:KelleeArt 872 28 armpit fluff by Novawuff armpit fluff :iconnovawuff:Novawuff 459 43
Long Awaited Love TG TF

“Ah, another arrival, welcome, welcome,” the man said, smiling at me from behind half-rimmed glasses. “Welcome to the Afterlife, you must have done well to be here. Your name, good sir?”
“Colin,” I replied. “Colin Flowers .”
“Welcome, Colin, please, head inside,” he said, gesturing towards a single door, floating in the cloud we appeared to be standing on.
“Okay, yeah, sure, thanks, dude,” I said, heading towards the floating door.
I opened the door to find a small room, similar to that of an underpaid psychologist, with a nice, middle-aged woman standing with a clipboard. She greeted me warmly with a handshake and a polite, “Please, have a seat.”
I sat down and reclined in the ridiculously plush armchair.
“Let’s see what we got here,” she murmured, pouring over the pages on her clipboard. “Hmm. Very interesting. Well, suffice to s
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A Skyrim Christmas
'Twas the night before New Life Day
When all through our house
Not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.
Shrouded armor was hung
by the fire place with care,
In hopes that the Listener
soon would be there.
The assassins were nestled
all snug in their beds,
while visions of knives
danced in their heads.
The Night Mother
in her coffin,
and I in my cap
Had just settled down for a long winter's nap.
When outside the sanctuary
there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed,
to see what was the matter.
Out through the secret entrance
I flew like a flash.
Tore open the cover
and ran out in a dash.
The moons on the breast
of the new fallen snow
gave a lustre of mid-day
to Dawnstar below.
When what below
should appear below the stars
but the Listener and a dragon
and a number of dead guards.
The Listener threw back her head,
and Shouted, “FUS RO DAH!”
The dragon landed in the snow near by
and snapped at the Listener with it's enormous maw.
As dry leaves that before
the wild h
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Catz by DustyLeaves Catz :icondustyleaves:DustyLeaves 797 138 DitzyDash by Tobibrocki DitzyDash :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 851 125
Challenge: Santa's Elves Need New Outfits


Deadline: December 17th — Wrap Up: December 20th

By techgnotic
Saint Nick by CrazyAsian1
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Challenge Wrap Ups

After many years of heated negotiations, only the threat of unionization and a crippling holiday season strike by worker–elves could finally bring Santa Claus, the ultimate traditionalist, to the barga
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Digital stained glass coloring tutorial by longestdistance Digital stained glass coloring tutorial :iconlongestdistance:longestdistance 766 90 DitzyDash #2 by Tobibrocki DitzyDash #2 :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 962 124 Astronaut color sketch by Koveck Astronaut color sketch :iconkoveck:Koveck 109 7 Ditzy Rises by Tobibrocki Ditzy Rises :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 794 47 northgate color for fun by Absurdostudio-Krum northgate color for fun :iconabsurdostudio-krum:Absurdostudio-Krum 320 35
Mechanic TG TF

Becoming a mechanic just seemed like what I was meant to do. My father was a mechanic, and so was his. The only solace I could find in school was the Auto Shop class. I took 6 classes throughout high school, and it was probably the only reason that I passed. It was where I found my friends, my favorite teachers, my life at high school. My dad had taught me so much, I didn’t really need the classes. But they were fun nonetheless.
I graduated just last week, just above failing. I had no chance of going to college, so it only seemed right that I started working full time for my dad. I had been working there on and off, but a week into my first summer without worry of school inevitably coming, I was in the garage, working under cars.
It just felt natural. “Hey, Samuel, how’s the ignition system terminal coming?” came my father’s voice from outside.
“Almost done, Papa, like 2 more minutes,” was my response.
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Which Mythical Being are You? by Lighane Which Mythical Being are You? :iconlighane:Lighane 161 615 Derpy Costume by Tobibrocki Derpy Costume :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 394 57 Doge by AyyaSAP Doge :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 393 18 Beach Muffin by Tobibrocki Beach Muffin :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 396 24 BOOM Biceps! by Tobibrocki BOOM Biceps! :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 469 71 Happy Holiday's 2012 Wallpaper by Tobibrocki Happy Holiday's 2012 Wallpaper :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 351 41 Rainbow Dash Portrait by Tobibrocki Rainbow Dash Portrait :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 260 12 How To Train Your Dragon by MaggiART How To Train Your Dragon :iconmaggiart:MaggiART 138 2 Mona Lyra by Tobibrocki Mona Lyra :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 247 15 Dashpool by Tobibrocki Dashpool :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 554 88 The Legend Of Derpy by Tobibrocki The Legend Of Derpy :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 726 60 I AM MADE JUST FOR FUN by Poof2507 I AM MADE JUST FOR FUN :iconpoof2507:Poof2507 48 11 Meet The Griffons! by Tobibrocki Meet The Griffons! :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 390 30 Tomb Raider 2: Valley of the Kings. Lara Concept by TheEnderling Tomb Raider 2: Valley of the Kings. Lara Concept :icontheenderling:TheEnderling 91 16 Rainbow Dashing (Paintchat) by Tobibrocki Rainbow Dashing (Paintchat) :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 187 11 Derpy Cat! by Tobibrocki Derpy Cat! :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 367 27
Berserk d20: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World
Berserk, as fictional universes go, is not a particularly nice place to live. 

In this universe, every single one or thing wants to maim, kill, rape and eat you. You're lucky if you manage to get only one of those fates, luckier if you somehow manage to survive to avoid certain death altogether. The world is beset by demons and eldritch horrors, the vast majority of which are psychosexual and sadomasochistic sociopaths who are positively enthralled with your misery. One of the greatest heroes of the age sacrificed his own men just to achieve godlike power, but he's hailed as a Christlike saviour by an otherwise terrified and ignorant public. The other great hero of the age is a reviled wandering swordsman. The Powers that Be, the closest thing to God and His Angels, are cosmic demons who embody personifications of despair, vice and sin, who can control
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Sub-Zero Cosplay Just For Fun - Home Sweet Home by LeonChiroCosplayArt Sub-Zero Cosplay Just For Fun - Home Sweet Home :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 82 32 Spike Portrait by Tobibrocki Spike Portrait :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 352 27 PewDiePie animated icon by Green-EyedGhost PewDiePie animated icon :icongreen-eyedghost:Green-EyedGhost 223 21 --S O N I C ' S- L I T T L E- M O N S T E R-- by Amii-Art --S O N I C ' S- L I T T L E- M O N S T E R-- :iconamii-art:Amii-Art 109 9 Sally in Glass by Tobibrocki Sally in Glass :icontobibrocki:Tobibrocki 71 16 One Punch Sans! by MaskedGolem One Punch Sans! :iconmaskedgolem:MaskedGolem 345 85