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Naruto Kushina Minato Water by BotanofSpiritWorld Naruto Kushina Minato Water :iconbotanofspiritworld:BotanofSpiritWorld 2,028 273 Naruto Movie Theater by osy057 Naruto Movie Theater :iconosy057:osy057 11,247 1,045 Naruto Movie Theater II by osy057 Naruto Movie Theater II :iconosy057:osy057 10,037 1,234 Commission-Jiraiya and Tsunade by osy057 Commission-Jiraiya and Tsunade :iconosy057:osy057 1,462 112
Let's make it out alive. SASUKE X READER
You'd just joined team Taka. Sasuke was so serious, far too serious for you. You could barely be around him. You usually stuck by Jugo and Suigetsu. They were so much more like you, but they'd been taken. Your last mission, all but you and Sasuke were taken hostage.  You and Sasuke would have to work together for the good of the team this time.
"Alright. I hope you're ready. I'm not going to give you any slack; you'd better know that." Sasuke jumped to the first tree, heading swiftly to the imprisonment cell.
"H-how far is it exactly?" You were anything but an athlete. You didn't even know how you were asked to join. It must've been some sort of streak of luck to survive.
"Stop complaining and well be there sooner than you think.  I don't want to hear another peep from you."
"What the HELL did I just say? Shut the hell up. If they hear us, were dead." His veins became more apparent with frustration, he began to perspire. You apologized silently in your own mind. Ju
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Jiratsu_Never been so happy to lose a bet. by LadyGT Jiratsu_Never been so happy to lose a bet. :iconladygt:LadyGT 1,573 127 JiraTsu_I'll_be_waiting by Warrior-of-Ruin JiraTsu_I'll_be_waiting :iconwarrior-of-ruin:Warrior-of-Ruin 427 133 Jiraiya's revenge by Umaken Jiraiya's revenge :iconumaken:Umaken 332 93 Naruto - Sailormoon Omake by sora-ko Naruto - Sailormoon Omake :iconsora-ko:sora-ko 1,361 190 Scroll - Sakura by Vegigi Scroll - Sakura :iconvegigi:Vegigi 1,162 31
Never grow up. NARUTOXREADER
"Gosh, Naruto! When will you grow up!" Sakura stormed from the bath in her towel, a look of frustration covered her blood-red face. "I hate him, ____! I don't know how you tolerate him!" Sakura rushed passed you, grabbing her clothes and leaving the springs.
"Hm...I wonder what he did this time?" You continued to the bath. You weren't phased by Naruto's constant stupidity and pranks he'd continued to pull throughout your knowing each other.
"Hey there...____" Naruto was it the girls' bath. Was that it? That's what she was all worried over?
"Hey Naruto. Why're you in here? You really pissed Sakura off." You gave out a laugh.
"You think I care anymore? I tried for too long. It doesn't matter anymore." Naruto slid in the spring with you. "She's such a drama queen...I mean seriously. It's kind of sad though...liking her for so long and wasting my time! Believe it." He gave a hardy laugh. "No use crying over spilled milk, right?"
"Especially if it was already rotten." You joked. He smiled a
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_Jiraiya_ by Raidenss _Jiraiya_ :iconraidenss:Raidenss 440 98 Naruto Fan Comic 35 by one-of-the-Clayr Naruto Fan Comic 35 :iconone-of-the-clayr:one-of-the-Clayr 2,345 646 young couple by Lantern6 young couple :iconlantern6:Lantern6 453 15 Rest by Lantern6 Rest :iconlantern6:Lantern6 391 17 Jiratsu by ilaBarattolo Jiratsu :iconilabarattolo:ilaBarattolo 1,405 47 Sannin Daycare by Faiyuuhi Sannin Daycare :iconfaiyuuhi:Faiyuuhi 697 146 Their time by Lantern6 Their time :iconlantern6:Lantern6 391 16 Chibi Maid Hinata by VietBBoyTobi Chibi Maid Hinata :iconvietbboytobi:VietBBoyTobi 412 68 Tegaki-blog SANNIN by Lantern6 Tegaki-blog SANNIN :iconlantern6:Lantern6 256 32