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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Intro (for Girls)
         Smiling like a complete madman, Jiraiya stood in front of you holding a large bucket in his hands. "Okay everyone, I have called you all here for a very special type of training. Now I don't want any of you to be alarmed, but serious injury could occur depending on who your partner is."
"Oh come on Sensei, it's not like we all aren't used to getting hurt. It happens all the time." Naruto scoffed.
"I know but this is different. You'll be locked in a closet with a girl for seven minutes." A pervert grin covered Jiraiya's blushing face. "And the whole  point is to get as far with her as possible."
Kakashi looked up from his book. "We're playing seven minutes in heaven, aren't we?"
Jiraiya nodded. "Exactly."
Just hearing this was more than enough to cause Hinata to faint. "You are some kind of sick, pervy sage, calling this training." Naruto laughed. "But I like it."
"Good, them we'll play. Just one more thing, I invited over the Akatsuki too. Figured
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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Gaara
         You are called to the center of the room to take your turn. You press your hand through the massive amount of items inside the bucket and start the search. Something with many different textures captures your attention. After picking it up, you identify it as a puppet made in the likeness of Gaara. "Is this yours Gaara?"
Gaara shook his head, but Kankuro answered. "Yeah, that's his. He wouldn't put anything in the bucket, so I put something in there for him." Gaara glared at Kankuro, but said nothing.
Jiraiya let out a loud laugh. "That was pretty smart. Nice job there Kankuro. Now come on Gaara, I know your a Kage, but you still have to play." Gaara didn't say anything. He just slowly stood up and walked to the closet. His face was covered in a deep red blush. You and Jiraiya followed close behind. Well I do hope you to have some fun in there. I'll see you both in seven minutes." Jiraiya shut and locked the door causing immediate darkness to fall over
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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Kakashi
          Jiraiya leaned down close to you with a wide perverted smile on his face. "It's your turn to play. Why don't you come up here and pick an item."
Jumping from your seat, you rushed towards the bucket and smiled. "Sounds good to me." You felt around, looking for something you can identify. With all the other stuff in there, it turned out to be a lot harder than you'd originally thought. Suddenly, your hand hit something, causing a soft jingling noise. Already sure that you knew what that must be, you drew it from the bucket and held it up for all to see. "Just as I suspected, a bell."
Kakashi closed his book, placing it in his back pocket and walked over to you. "I suppose it's my turn then." He gave you an embarrassed smile.
"I'm not sure if this is going to be interesting or just really boring. With that mask it could go either way." Jiraiya was probably more excited than he needed to be. "Anyway, you two get in that closet, I want to know every juicy
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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Itachi
        Jiraiya glanced around the room, then without any warning, took your hand and pulled you to your feet. "It's going to be your turn next. Good luck, I have a feeling you're going to need it."
"Oh, well, thank you, I think." You felt around the bucket for a moment, trying to identify at least one item. Suddenly a thin cord wrapped itself around your wrist. Deciding you were probably taking far too long anyway, you lifted that item up and out of the bucket. It was a necklace, with circular pendants on it. You knew you'd seen it before, but you can't place the owner. "Not sure who's this is, sorry."
"Hey, Itachi, she got your item. Stop playing with the cat and go play with the lady." Kisame took the cat from Itachi's lap and nudged him off the couch.
Itachi walked over to you and took the necklace. "I thought I chose something rather obvious. But I suppose I was wrong." He placed the necklace back on his neck and continued in the direction if the closet.
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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Deidara
         "Come on up here with me and play beautiful, it's your turn now." Jiraiya signaled you to the center of the room.
You walked up to the bucket and started feeling around. There was way too much stuff in there to really give this any thought. You decided to just grab something. After raising it up out of the bucket you looked at it. In your hand was a small clay heart that had been intricately painted. "Deidara, is this yours?"
"Hm? Yeah, it is, my man Sasori painted it though. I don't have time for that." He stood up from the couch and started walking towards the closet. "I'd be careful with that heart though, it's made of c4, so it will explode, yeah."
Jiraiya looked a little nervous. "I'll take that deadly heart off of your hands. Being locked in the closet with an Akatsuki member is going to be dangerous enough." He carefully took the heart from you and led you to the closet. "Have fun in there, no blood shed okay, we're at a truce, just for today." With that he locked you t
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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Kiba
         You walked up to the bucket Jiraiya was holding and placed your hand inside. You twirled your hand around to shuffle things up a bit, then grabbed hold of the closest thing you felt. It was a collar. It looked like it belonged to a dog, or another large animal. "This belong to you Kiba?" You held up the collar for him to see.
He leapt from the couch and snatched the collar from your hand. "Nope, belongs to Akamaru, but I put it in the bucket, so I get to go in the closet with you. I don't think he'll mind though, he's not really interested in humans." He smiled wide.
"I'm very sure everyone's glad you aren't sending a dog into the closet. Especially one as big as yours." Jiraiya patted Kiba on the back. "Now, let's get you two love birds started shall we?" Laughing loudly he led you two to the closet. "Okay, now only seven minutes, don't you two get too daring or anything. When I come back I still want everything in one piece." He shook a finger at you two warningly, then shut
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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Sasori
         Jiraiya called you up to the middle of the room and held out the large bucket for you. You pressed your hand through the items and felt around for only a few seconds before something rather interesting got your attention. After removing it from the bucket, you gave it a closer look. It was a small piece of wood, with very intricate carvings on it. The detail and time, that some had  put into this amazed you. As you looked up to ask who it belonged  to, Sasori appeared in front of you. You jumped. "God, you scared me."
"That's my item. You can keep it though. I  couldn't get it how I wanted it." Sasori began walking to the closet. "No matter, I can always try again."
Jiraiya placed a hand on your shoulder as he walked with you to the closet. "Careful of that one. He's a smooth talker, I wouldn't want to lose you to him." He gave you a serious look as you walked into the closet. "I'll see you in seven minutes, don't disappoint me." With his warning, he shut and locked the door.
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