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Red Autumn by JennRobinEvans Red Autumn :iconjennrobinevans:JennRobinEvans 168 63 Jareth + Sarah by Nonsensicle Jareth + Sarah :iconnonsensicle:Nonsensicle 124 40 Suiseiseki in her garden by JennRobinEvans Suiseiseki in her garden :iconjennrobinevans:JennRobinEvans 52 31 Moonlight by JennRobinEvans Moonlight :iconjennrobinevans:JennRobinEvans 58 79 To the stars above by MistressAinley To the stars above :iconmistressainley:MistressAinley 40 5 Piotr and Jenny by Chup-at-Cabra Piotr and Jenny :iconchup-at-cabra:Chup-at-Cabra 47 23 Going green by Damon1984 Going green :icondamon1984:Damon1984 36 10 Two persons in love by JennifferRiddle Two persons in love :iconjennifferriddle:JennifferRiddle 10 10 jean grey by rainingcrow jean grey :iconrainingcrow:rainingcrow 7 1 jennifer beals by KateGirl90 jennifer beals :iconkategirl90:KateGirl90 7 10 Remi -request- by JennifferRiddle Remi -request- :iconjennifferriddle:JennifferRiddle 3 8 Five days in danger by JennifferRiddle Five days in danger :iconjennifferriddle:JennifferRiddle 5 24 John Mayer by iReap John Mayer :iconireap:iReap 3 1 Red Ballerinas by JennifferRiddle Red Ballerinas :iconjennifferriddle:JennifferRiddle 4 69 Rain by JennifferRiddle Rain :iconjennifferriddle:JennifferRiddle 3 3 9 kisses is my limit... by JennifferRiddle 9 kisses is my limit... :iconjennifferriddle:JennifferRiddle 4 23
Sarah clicked off her car radio as the song Within You by David Bowie started up. It seemed to be playing a lot lately, and it reminded her too much of Jareth. For almost a year after her adventure in Jareth's realm, she felt like he was watching her. She would be nervous when she'd go to the toilet or to take a shower, and every night before bed, she would latch her bedroom window. After doing that and locking the door, Sarah would look under the bed and in her closet and anywhere Jareth could be hiding in the form of an owl.
She had been frightened of owls for the longest time. She avoided them like the plague. But now…
Sarah was twenty. She was no longer a scared, young teenager. The way she figured it, if Jareth would have come back, he would have done so by now.
Sarah pulled her second-hand Turcell into the car-park for the apartment building where she now lived. She glanced at the picture of Merlin she had clipped to her rear-v
:icondanielmolloy:DanielMolloy 4 1
Katniss's Bow and Arrow by Lindeuh Katniss's Bow and Arrow :iconlindeuh:Lindeuh 2 2 Welcome To Sugarland by Bugsbabe Welcome To Sugarland :iconbugsbabe:Bugsbabe 2 0 How's It Goin' Bros by ChainOfLight How's It Goin' Bros :iconchainoflight:ChainOfLight 12 12 Four Generals LineArt by Mejinomaru Four Generals LineArt :iconmejinomaru:Mejinomaru 1 0 Super Jenn by Razata Super Jenn :iconrazata:Razata 1 5 Sarah by littlenemo48 Sarah :iconlittlenemo48:littlenemo48 1 0 Senior Ball Pitures by Frenchielover4ever Senior Ball Pitures :iconfrenchielover4ever:Frenchielover4ever 1 2